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Akatsuki (Complete)

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Akatsuki (Complete) AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Akatsuki
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 20 | 19/05
Nationality: Reim
Race: Fanalis-Human
Specialization: Strength

Akatsuki (Complete) JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Akatsuki is a joker, he's never shy nor nervous around people he's meeting for the first time. He would rather make a joke or say something outrageous to break the ice or an awkward silence. He is a very out going person, though he likes to relax and just enjoy the moment. A pretty easy going and laid back kind of person. He also likes to tease people a lot, besides a sword, sarcasm is his favourite weapon.

Akatsuki has never really been one for politics and usually tries to stay away from it, his view on the government has never really been one of favour. He finds that most governments like to exploit the people and use their laws to justify their own actions yet punish those that don't seem beneficial to them. He is the type that would walk up to a guard or government official and hit him if he saw that person mistreating someone who didn't deserve it.

He is somewhat hot headed when it comes to things like this, and he is easily enraged. Being half human he can somewhat keep his emotions in check, but only to a certain extent before his Fanalis half takes over and he is ruled by these emotions.

Overall he's a pretty straight forward and nice person who loves to be around friends and have a good time.

He likes to fight a good fight always gets him riled up.

Akatsuki likes to lay in the shade of large trees and sleep or relax.

Sake, he never turns down a drink

And last but not least, women. Pretty women always grab his attention, especially the Fanalis.
Oppression - because of his past he grew up disliking oppression of any form, he finds it quite hateful and disgusting

People who hold themselves upon a pedestal - He believes that all people are equal in stature regardless of skill or talent and should be treated as such. He finds those that put people down to be scum or cowards that hide behind their money or status.

Betrayal - Trust is something that he holds at a high value, and though it isn't something he gives out easily once he does trust you he feels as if he is placing his life in your hands. So betrayal to him is the same as taking a life.

Being Alone: Not being alone in the immediate sense, but more of knowing that everyone he cared for and loved is gone. Never to return, that he'd never see them again

Becoming Crippled: he couldn't imagine his life without being able to fight. Fighting itself is a part of him and he would rather die than lose that.

Being Powerless: Akatsuki feared being in a position where he was unable to do anything, even with the strength and ability he would have amassed. He fears being helpless and not being able to do anything, especially for those he cares about as he has already lost some one in that way and it still terrorizes him to this day.


First and foremost, he wishes to find his the sword that his master had passed down to him, which was stolen from him by a group of bandits.

Akatsuki wants to build an empire where everyone can get along and be treated equally, though he'd probably leave all the political decisions and such to someone that he trusts and figured would be a better ruler than himself.

He also wishes to stop the war and nonsensical conquest which the Zou Empire pursues. While he does love to fight, he doesn't see the need in senselessly killing everyone just to have the world bow at your feet.

With that being said he also wants to become one of the strongest around, though he'd rather not kill anyone in his quest to do so. After all what's the point in becoming strong if he doesn't have any sparring partners

Akatsuki (Complete) ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Souji Okita - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Height: 6'2"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:
Appearance: Akatsuki haas reddish-brown hair and emerald green eyes. He stands at a height of 6'2" and has an athletic build to his body. He's usually wearing a loose red, grey and orange top, with green taping around his legs. Though he does have a specific outfit he wears in actual battle, i.e if he ever has to go to war. He wears a green top and throws a brown closer fitting shirt over it, after which he places a yellow coat with ornamental stitchings over that. He wears a pair of brown boots a pair of brown pants which go down into the boots. He also always carries two katana on his person, the first being Fenikkusu no Hane and Doragonkurō, though at the moment he can only use Fenikkusu no Hane as the other has been stolen.

Usual/Casual Wear:
Akatsuki (Complete) Souji_Okita
War Uniform:
Akatsuki (Complete) Okita_Souji_png3_by_mhdaisuki

Akatsuki (Complete) YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Akatsuki was an unexpected birth. His mother was a Fanalis that had been taken as a slave by the Zou Empire. His father was a soldier of the Empire that had raped his mother. This was the conception of Akatsuki, he wasn't planned, but merely a small miracle that came from a harsh and traumatizing life of a woman. When his mother found out she was pregnant with him, she began to devise a plan to escape from the clutches of the Zou, not wanting to have her son killed or worse, fall into the same fate as her. One day during the night, when the guard had come to find her again she waited for him. She knocked him unconscious and took the keys for her chains from him freeing herself. She escaped from the slave camp which she was being held in, though she was very weak and didn't get far, so she hid herself until the next day. Once morning came she wandered off, looking for game to hunt as food. She found somewhere in the forest that she could build a shelter close to water and stayed there. She lived like this until her son was born. She raised Akatsuki on her own, teaching him how to survive in the wild and about his Fanalis ancestors and where she came from. She also spoke to him about the Zou Empire, and that he should never venture within their cities, especially as a child. Whenever he would ask about his father she would simply clam up and say that he was a soldier from the Zou Empire and that it was unlikely that they would ever meet each other. They lived together for ten years before she became terminally ill, and all Akatsuki could do for her was feed and care for her until she passed four years later. He felt guilty for her death, for not being able to do more to help her. For being powerless at the time she needed him most. Akatsuki lived in the same place for a year before he decided to go out and see the world.

He went to many places over the years, collecting various treasures and riches. Gaining knowledge and skills as time passed. He met an old man one day from Reim whom taught the young halfling how to use a sword. While he learned to use the sword, Akatsuki settled in Reim and called it home. As a graduation present, for becoming able to use the sword without his master's guidance, the old man presented Akatsuki with two swords. Fenikkusu no Hane and Dorangokurō. Akatsuki cherished these swords, though through unfortunate events the second of the two swords was stolen from him one night when he had been careless on his way home. He is now trying to find the man that took his sword and get it back from him, after which he will carry out all his other conquests.

Role-Play Sample:Harsh and rushed breathing could be heard along with the sounds of swords clashing in the air. The sweet song of metal on metal as they danced a bloody requiem echoed, the rain fell from darkened clouds and lighting struck time and time again, followed by the boisterous thunder booming. The blades clashed and locked, both sliding against each other until reaching the hitls, forming a 'V'. "I won't lose, not this time," the words barely escaped his lips before his guard was suddenly broken. The person he was fighting was his sensei, and he was seriously getting the crap kicked out of him. As Akatsuki was losing his balance, his sensei quickly thrust forward hoping to finish their bout. The young Fanalis human had other plans though, he inverted his right foot, pushing to the outside of his master and shifted his weight onto the foot, pulling the rest of his body along with him in a quick half step. As he positioned himself to the right of his sensei he swung his sword horizontally, but the old man had already ducked and dodged it.

Before Akatsuki knew what was happening the hilt of his masters sword had already connected with his chin, the shock of the blow shaking his brain rendering him unconscious. An hour later Akatsuki woke up to find his master sitting beside him sipping tea. He sat up slowly, a groggy look on his face, his ruffled from him moving around in his unconscious state. He rubbed his chin and glanced at the old man, "You know, for an old geezer you're pretty damn spry." His master chuckled and looked at him, "And for a young whelp you're pretty slow, but you're getting better."

Akatsuki smiled and sat up straight, his legs crossed as he and his teacher conversed about various topics. He enjoyed his time with his teacher, and these were days he hoped wouldn't end.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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