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Bakari's Primary profession

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1Bakari's Primary profession Empty Bakari's Primary profession on 04/09/20, 09:25 pm

Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin
Before I post I fully understand the power of the profession I am proposing and as it is both powerful and complex would be not just willing but eager to have to do a job chain/plot thread in order to obtain it.

Primary Profession
Related Class: Magician
Profession Title: Artificer

The Artificer is one whom specializes in creating lasting commands in the physical structure of an object that the Rukh within may read and and act upon when given Magoi to work from. Typically this is in the form of a complex engraving or painting around a Magic Circle on the object, but may be buried within the structure of the object itself creating a more covert or aesthetically pleasing tool. In essence one could call them "Magic Tool Creators" but this is a rather simplified definition as Artificers are artists and magical engineers combined. They not only work with the Rukh as any common Magician, but also the metal, stone, fabric, wood, or other medium of the item in question with varying levels of skill. It is not unusual for an Artificer to begin their craft by simply taking existing mundane items and modifying them with the commands, but most endeavor to develop at least moderate skill in the craft of new items which might more effectively suit their intended purpose. As their creations are in essence works of art no two are ever exactly alike.

Profession Perks:

  • Magical Craftsman: An artificer may create assignments in which they create a magical tool for sale or personal use. The design and basic function of the tool must be worked out over the course of the assignment, but the final product (finished tool) must be approved by staff. The magical tool's function may not exceed the rank and type of magic known to the Artificer at the time of design. Additionally the Artificer may repair magic tools.

  • Catalog: An Artificer that acquires a new magic tool may add it to their catalog after a period of exhaustive testing and experimentation. Once in the Artificer's Catalog the Artificer may replicate the item provided it is of a magic type they know, and of equal or lower rank compared to the artificer. To catalog an item an Artificer must complete an assignment of the Tool's rank reflecting the process of experimentation. The catalog itself is a mundane notebook that must be purchased to use, and can be damaged, destroyed, or stolen as any other item. If this notebook falls in to the hands of another magic tool crafter they may use it to replicate the items contained within or as a means to discover any weaknesses the item or it's magic may have.


    Catalog (Pages used/Total Pages
    Mundane item

    This notebook contains a number of pages based on tier and may be used to facilitate the catalog perk of the Artificer profession. Each item recorded within takes up a number of pages based on it's own tier. Regardless of the catalog's tier it always has D-tier item durability as it is primarily made of paper, parchment, papyrus, or vellum and ink.

    Cost: As mundane items by tier

    Pages required by rank of magic tool

    D-Tier: 5 pages
    C-Tier: 10 pages
    B-Tier: 20 pages

    Pages in catalog by item rank

    D-Tier: 25 pages
    C-Tier: 50 pages
    B-Tier: 100 pages

  • Arcane Sabotage: An Artificer is an expert on magical tools, and may disable them by targeting the source of their commands (typically a magic circle on the item) applying 50% or more of the damage required to break them with a damage type that would logically damage the material that the item is made of. This renders the item mundane, and suppresses the magic within until it can be repaired by a magic tool crafter with the skill to do so. A magic weapon in this state is still a weapon, and will still deal damage/can be used to parry as normal.

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Catalog: Very interesting trait and I like it a lot, tho I want to run it by the other staff and see what they think. May need some tweaks but should be fine.

Arcane Sabotage: I'm going to say no on this one as its rather strong for a perk and seems more like a super-strong trait. I will ask other staff but I would prepare a back up perk since right now it is unlikely even though it is a great and interesting idea.


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