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The Pistil... [Chain/Solo]

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Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Job Name: First Bloom
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Entering the forest of flowers
Job Overview: After arriving at the Morihana clan's main temple you find yourself amongst a few others that wishes to help them spread their prosperity with the rest of Kina. A mid-ranking priest with fox ears comes to meet you and give you a tour of the grounds. Show Him some of your skills in order to prove your worth. Takedown the disciple one way or another to show off your strength.

Enemy Name: Clan Acolyte
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: A young mage dressed in priestly grabs in white and navy blue, with gold threading and a black hat adorning their head in which their hair was tucked until. Being able to fly with C-tier fly and carrying a 2m black staff with a gold ring with two smaller gold rings hanging off of the edge.

  • Water Lily- The user points their staff at a target location up to 15m away causing water to explode upward 3m in a 2m diameter area dealing C-tier damage to anything caught in the blast zone.

  • Water Chesnut- The user forms a dome of water around themselves 3m in diameter in the shape of a hard shell, this protects from damage C-tier or below.

  • Slipstream- The user blasts forth to a target location wrapped in swirling water up to 15m away in order to avoid incoming damage.

Eight was warmly welcomed as a VIP to the alliance. The Morihana had the lower cast clergy of their religion waiting on Eight and his crew of 5. They welcomed him and were very kind and warm, there was a certain difference in their demeanor compared to normal people, they seemed to be genuinely happy to take care of Eight and his people. They seemed to realize that Eight as a Foreigner was at the center of all the actions being taken, normally this sort of appreciation would be great, but this sort of spotlight on himself made it harder for him to complete his work, so he would have to take overt actions hidden in plain view to protect himself and his plans. Normally Eight would want to keep himself in the shadows and act behind the curtains like an evil mastermind, but being behind the curtains made it much more difficult for him to act on his own and he was a powerful actor, able to change the course of action. Building up his reputation without being able to use it in fear of scraping his stellar reputation. No, he couldn't think like that anymore, he would have to walk head first into the den of the lion. Acting out on his own, and garnering recognition and making full use of his own strength. Once able to use the power of surprise to outmaneuver and out-calculate his enemies, he would have to rely on his reputation to push people into different situation and beat them while skillfully utilizing this new found glory.
The six had paired off, Leona and Diana, Naruto and Sasuke, and Eight and Eighty-Nine. While he was unsure where Leona and Diana, Naruto and Sasuke would end up, Eight and Eighty-Nine were offered massages. A pair of acolytes came out with tables. These sort of tables were cushioned and meant for someone to lay a top of them face down, as indicated by the face-shaped whole at one of the ends. Eight and Eighty-Nine were directed to strip to full nudity. Eight's precaution sense would normally override his behavior, but having had to immerse himself in tasks that have forced him to throw caution to the wind time and time again, he eagerly and without question went buck naked and laid on the table for the massage, squeezing a nod of approval to Eighty-Nine as well.

The Slaver and slave were sent to heaven with divine touches across their body, but unfortunately, there was the sense of betrayal in his heart that prevent him from truly enjoying the massage of the Morihana attendants, but his slave was enjoying the tender touches in true bliss. Eight kept his senses alert for the most part to make sure everything was still okay.

At the end of the soothing masseuses work, they were properly taken care of and assisted with their attire and given sufficient privacy. After they got dressed, the acolytes would return to speak with them. "You're Eight, right? We were wondering if you would show up, but you've already passed the first test with flying colors. Since you've been joining every clan in the alliance, would you like to see the next part of our morihana test?" Eight nodded and asked for some time to gather his thoughts as this whole thing was rather sudden and he'd like to unite with his allies before commiting to anything. A sensible ask to to confirm that his team hadn't been harmed. There was just something suspicious about the Morihana clan, and he needed to make sure everyone was accounted for.
They were reunited in the main hall of the building, all of his crew was satisfied and very eager to see what was next. Then the acolyte who had given Eight his massage came to speak to him directly. "Well, this is a preliminary task. If you're unable to even show me what you can do, it'll be a waste of time for you to pursue a relationship with the Morihana any further. Our gods will look down upon you if you can't even do this much, but if you act with great skill, our gods will bless you and bring great fortune at your footsteps.

Eight wasn't quite eager to perform for gods that whose existence he questioned, but he would politely bow graciously. "Of course I accept the wisdom of the Morihana if it is blessed by the gods." Doubly rejecting the morihana and their gods, but he had already grown found of the power of religion having experienced it in Kazeharu and the Morihana were twice as devoted to their deities. Eight was not having this, he wasn't about to be TESTED to see if he could take the real test, it was time for the underling whom he trusted most to handle this issue for him. "Naruto, this is all on you. Don't kill the acolyte, he has a great gift." Eight subtly complimented the acolytes touch. Naruto was eager now having a katana instead of his traditional sai that Eight first saw. Naruto still had all of his old tricks despite that change. The Acolyte was a bit surprised and tried to protest but he somehow feared talking back to Eight and his crew, and it made sense, if someone under Eight could impress the gods, of course Eight had more experience in the matter, or perhaps having strong people around him.
Once outside, the Acolyte revealed himself to be a magician and seemed to get into a combative postition. Naruto teleported right in front of the acolyte with his fanalis-like speed, spooking him, but he continued with his incantation, using Slipstream to create some distance between himself and Naruto. Naruto walked slow and menacingly to the acoltye, which was all the more intimidating. "Water Lily!"[b] the acolyte would cause water to explode right beside Naruto. The shinobi protected his eyes with his forearm, and shrugging off a majority of the damage, despite taking the blow to the ribs. Naruto would ignite the acolyte with [b] Brooding Metal Clouds. Pellets rained down on the acolyte before exploding. Smoke would remain of the acolytes fainted body, dealing just enough damage to knock him out.

WC: 1000+

Name: Naruto Uchiha
Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier
Description: A ninja trained in the arts of stealth, explosives, and ninjutsu from the Kogata. Wielding dual Katanas they carrying satchels with equipment hidden under their normal haoris. Underneath they can switch into navy blue ninja garb covering their appearance, the clan symbol is on their back.
Weapons: A-tier Twin Katanas, smoke bombs, kunais
B Tier
Able to blend in as a member from any clan in Kina or Kou, through physical actions, pretending for several days at a time without a problem, if the act is held long enough, it is able to deceive certain clairvoyance spells, if it makes sense. Can be instantly uncovered by any investigation traits higher than B-tier or can be uncovered after 3 posts by investigation and sensory traits at B-tier, or the clan leader of the clan impersonated.

Can hide super well and blend in. Using a wide variety of clothing and techniques to blend into any background. Can blend into crowds, or people of several employments within Kina, can also blend into their surroundings, urban and camouflage. Using painted outfits or by adding objects to his attire to break his silhouette, such as shrubbery. Can be detected instantly by sensory traits above B-tier, can be detected after 3 posts by sensory B-tier traits.

Exceptional Speed
User can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed. Naruto learns this trait to help him escape if he gets caught behind enemy lines.


Iron Rain- The user leaps 5m into the air throwing kunais at a target up to 25m away throwing a spray of kunais into their pack dealing B-tier damage in the forms of stabs across the back or front.

Steel Wind- With their katanas the user runs in an arc going out up to 5m out arcing towards a target up to 20m away they end the run with a quick stab which does B-tier damage with one of their katanas.

Brooding Metal Clouds- Throwing down a pellet the user explodes the object which sends out a cloud made from smoke and iron sand with a slight gunpowder mix. If it gets in your eyes it does C-tier damage and those within cannot see for two posts. The cloud is 20m in diameter.

Storm Cleanse- With their mix of explosives the user jumps 10m in the air throwing an air of bombs creating an explosion 30m in width and 5m in height which does A-tier damage to those caught within it.


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