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Finish One Wish, Make Another [ Solo ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

She finally made it to the camp, it wasn’t too large but large enough to show they had lived fruitfully off the bounties of the people they had attacked for so long. She smiled with a giggle walking up to the front entrance where two men rushed to their feet aiming their blades at Jumanah. “Back off or die woman!”

“How about we just kill and loot her instead?!” The other offered making them both smirk before they rushed her. She giggled tilting her head to one side quickly drawing her staff she ducked between the town making them stumble as their slashes missed her. She then aimed her staff scaling up and casting Roaring Wave for 30 Magoi causing them B Tier Damage as the tunnel sound wave hit them both and letting out a loud piercing sound causing those inside to stir and star to shuffle out towards her.

She looked over catching the eyes of those making their way out. She widening her eyes as she smiled widely under her mask focusing on her spell scaling it 4 times for 60 Magoi Casting out Buzz making a low tone buzz sound shoot out up to 35 meters away freezing a lot of them in place alongside a good chunk of the camps grounds. She then laughed walking forward. She knew that her people had just been weak but… the level they must have all been at… for these people to have taken them out if she so easily were handling them. Tears rolled down her cheeks under her mask at the realization as she laughed.

She aimed her staff as she laughed casting out Sound Breaker at them for 40 Magoi for A tier Damage taking out a large amount of them all making them collapse as the Buzz spell passed allowing those She didn't just take out run at her. She then hunched forward and angrily screamed at them filling her staff with 40 Magoi to cast out Music of the Rukh to play out battle music as she filled in 5 more Magoi To amplify her scream of anger to spread out across 800 meters in all directions with her Louder Draw Perk Telling everyone in that range a fight was about to break loose.

Those inside all rushed out as those closest to her sang at her, she barely dodged them as they grazed her in all directions. She started to sing out a chant then. “The fear that freezes you up, Will beat you down, To make you feel as though you may drown, Will tear at your will, And may even kill.” The music of the spell flooding out over the battle music she had going playing racey and angry music as her voice kept echoing over the lands. Water flooding out into the air as she fully casted Drowning Fear for 30 Magoi Dealing B Tier Damage to those swarming her taking down a large amount of them.

She watched as the last bits of them that she could see ran at her only slowing for a moment to realize what happened to their people just in time for her to sustain Drowing Fear for 15 more magoi For another B Tier Damage remainders that were left with that final move… All but one. She looked at the man’s face carefully then.

Jumanah panted as her vision blurred blood leaking from her eyes it now at a concerning level begging her to not use any further magoi. She though studied the man before her. He was aged… but his haunting face was the only face she fully remembered from her childhood… This man… who had put her in a coma when she was 7. “Who are you…?” The man said calmly but hesitantly. “You clearly have something against us… Who-” He started as she set down her staff on the ground gently and then removed her mask setting it down next to it looking up to the man letting him see the blood flowing from her eyes that looked unfocused. He stared at her carefully, shaking his head softly.

“I thought you may not remember me… but 14 years ago your group attacked the Reclow Tribe. A small tribe not too far from here. You Attacked it enough times that everyone but 3 were wiped out, and the grounds abandoned with no one left to bury the bodies. That first attack.” She stood up fully. “A little girl tried to talk you into stopping the assault and just taking some of the good not all… to share.” She drew her sword back handedly. The man’s eyes grow wide piecing it together.

“I chased you down a hill and you fell… I thought you died after the 3rd rock so I left you.” He looked remorseful. “I only meant to scare you… I’m sorry.” He said honestly, making Jum smile and start to laugh as her eyes watered, of course... She tilted her head to one side as she smiled softly to him and walked up to him. He didn’t move, didn't budge, it seemed that he was willing to take whatever she gave him. She thought she held her hand out to him which he took and she gently shook it.

“My name is Jumanah Necowl, Last of the Reclow Clan. And I forgive you.” She said softly as he shook her hand back tearing up and nodded to her.

“My name is Rowlan, Last of the Tong Bandit Tribe. And I humbly thank you for this.” He said as she let go of his hand walking a few steps away from him entering a battle stance watching him carefully as he nodded back to her grabbing a sword from the ground that used to belong to one of his comrades. He entered a battle stance.

“May those who even live from this be able to move on from our past.” She said softly.

“And return to our people in the next phase of life.” He added.

Jum looked at all the Black Rukh she had formed throughout all of this shedding tears into the blood that had come from her eyes and giggled, smiling widely. “May you. Return to your people.” She corrected warmly. She no longer could return to her family. It was funny how that man by killing her last family member killed her only way to see her parents' faces again.

She slowly drew her sword with a back handed hold  flipping it to a front handed on as she entered her own battle stance. They both locked eyes, Jumanah with his, his on the eye holes of her mask wind gently blowing their hair in the air as they held their stances. Rain front the gray skies above started to gently fall on them and the bodies on the ground. Jumanah slightly tilting her head down as the man gripped his blade a bit tighter.

And with a single lighting flash they darted forward, as the thunder followed so did the clashing of their swords. Just as quickly as they collide they both shoved the other back. As she braced herself form moving backwards further she kicked off the ground with her toes that dug into the bloody and wet with rain dirt and began to spin towards him to use her Take A Bow dropping to one knee as she slide flipping her blade to a back handed hold. She reangling his own to just barely block the slash as she would assume a bowling like pose sliding by him trying to slash his midsection.

She twirled once more, getting back to her feet just in time for him to  start slashing at her. She  barely missing the blade that grazed her mask that easily protected her face. She backing up doing her best to dodge every slash he set at her with a step forward with each swing. He kicking forward with his foot planting easily in the midsection as another lighting flash was sent out into the sky. She stumbled back and tripped over a body tumbling a bit as the thunder came soon after.

She quickly got up to one knee and ran forward as the man did the same running over the bodies eyes locked on the other. As they reached each other the man went to swing his sword as Jumanah leopard up blocking the blade with her own planing her foot square on his chest running up the length of his body before back fliping off him with her Take Back spinning her sword as she landed 2 meters away. As she looked up he was stumbling but quickly recovered running at her again.

She ran back towards him again and swung at the same time as he did though his blade hitting hers at a better angle then she could tending her sword flying and her stumbling backwards falling to one nee to brace herself. She looking down to see a sword next to her from a dead body looking back up in time as she moved to stable down at her. He eyes widened as she screamed out in pain. But blocking the blade before her could get her vitals with the flesh of her very own fore arm that the blade slotted right into between the natural gap of her forearm’s bone.

She though quickly jutting her own arm forward before he could pull away with the blade on the ground piercing right through the mans throat just as efficiently as he had stabbed into her arm. She panted as she watched with wide eyes as the man fell to his knees and smiled softly to her coughing up blood and fell limp to the ground. Jumanah smiled sadly under her mask holding the same position still as she started to laugh slowly pulling off her mask and tilting her head up to the sky letting the rain hit her bloodied smiling face. Tears streaming down her face as she laughed and laughed. She had finally done it.

She gently let go of her mask letting it drop next to her and gripped the handle of the sword with a gasp trying to pull it out but couldn't get a good enough grip letting go as she panted and laughed more with a wider smile hunching forward a bit with wide eyes. She clenched her teeth with a frown  gripping the blade itself drawing blood on her fingers as she felt the blad dig into them. She shaking as she yanked out the blade cutting her fingers deeper as she screamed out in pain blood flowing out onto the ground from her arm. She tossed the blade aside pulling off the red cloth on her bicep her brother had once gave her and tied it over her bleeding fore arm tying it as tightly as she could onto the injury with a wince using her teeth and her already bleeding opposing hand.

Her shaky hand slowly brought up to her face only getting more blood on it would smearing the rest. She slowly sitting down in the dirt and grass and let herself cry and cry, clenching her face. She frowned as she sobbed for a long time before clenching her eyes shut and slammed her fist into the ground roaring out in anger finally allowing herself to feel all the anger she had been building up for so long now her body trembling before collapsing in on itself from all the exhaustion and trama. Her eyes slowly closed as she laid in the grass her  freezing arm throbbing in the rain as her fingers on her other arm started to feel cold as well.

This was okay… she would accept this. She slowly curled into a ball on the ground weakly. She wouldn’t see her family on the other side but if this was the end… she would be happy with everything now… “Good night…” She whispered allowing herself to pass out.

It felt warm soft and fuzzy… it smelt nice and clean and gentle on her cheek as she nuzzled into it. It felt similar to the blankets she grew up with and it brought a sense of ease and the feeling of being at home. She smiled softly and sighed gently, was this the end? She slowly opened her eyes to see the inside of a medical tent, he eyes slowly going down to the blanket she was covered with likely hand crafted and looked like the creation of a local tribe. No this was not the end… this was the result of- “When you left saying you were going after the bandits we decided to follow you… we didn't want to see you die.”

Jumanah looked up to see the familiar face of a young woman, one that she recent saved along with her brother. Her family had let Jumanah rest in their house for the night before she had set out to the bandit camp. She smiled gently to her. “When er saw you collapse we ran over… we didn’t expect you to be so strong we thought you were dead… but you weren’t” She said gratefully with a teary eyed smile.

“So they brought you back, you lost a lot of blood from your arm and your overexertion from using so much magoi but despite your foolish efforts you were still kickin. Looks to me like you're a survivor kid, count yourself lucky.” An old woman said carrying in her clothes that looked freshly washed along with her wraps, chest and shoulder armor, mask…. And Amiz’s arm band. He gently set it down beside her on a table with a nod it looked luke her weapons and their holders were also beside her leaning against the table.

Jum let out a soft chuckle as the woman continued. “Kids even got your sword for you too… I think you should be just fine with enough time to rest… so don’t go killing any more bandits for a while child… as much as we are in debt to you for taking out those bandits before they wiped out our entire tribe.” she said with a soft smile. Jumanah looking up to her with tired eyes then the girl.

“Thank you both.” She said with a horsed voice unable to fully talk normally yet from how long she likely had been sleeping and all her screaming from earlier.

The young girl shook her head. “No its okay really but I doubt they could have taken down our tribe were pretty strong after all.” She said proudly. The old womans shaking her head.

“Child I can assure you one of our old tribe allies thought the same before they were wiped out by those awful people.”

“Wait they actually wiped out a tribe before?” The girl asked shocked as the woman nodded.

“We offered to join with them to give us all a better chance at survival but they were foolish an-”

“Gran! You should not speak ill of the dead!” The girl protested as Jum smiled sadly.

“She isn’t wrong though” She cut in making the two look to her as she looked to ehr staff. The older woman eyeing the staff carefully before her eyes slowly widened as if peacing it together, its missing parts and what it could look like if altered a bit. “We were foolish…” The young girl catching on with those words as the old woman looked remorseful  shaking her head. “But with those men gone they can finally sleep in peace… and the local tribes as well knowing theres one les threat to them... “ She said softly as the woman gently pat her side.

“I’m sorry dear… but you are not wrong… I didn’t think anyone survived that attack from how it looked….” She explained as Jum shook her head.

“Its alright… only 2 of us did… my twin brother and I… and we didn't even know this for years… he didn’t get to see the day where those bandits would die though… Honestly I’m not sure what to do now…” She admitted  looking to her hand from under the covers that was all wrapped up  now but looked away quickly upon seeing a glimpse of her own  chest that was currently unbound. She wiggling the covers up higher as the old woman spoke again.

“You rest… after that then worry about the next part.” she advised calmly. Jum supposed she still had to go and see her tribe again so she’d likely do that after her-... wait supposed…? That was a definite why did she only suppose…? She sighed, she must still be tired She though nodded.

“Thank you mam…” She said gently letting the woman go. For the next week she let the people stay with her here and there while she rested letting herself heal up more and more she actively avoiding looking at herself while she was covered up and when ever she had to bathe, thankfully after the first night the young woman who had helped save her with her brother had caught onto her issues with herself and blocked any mirrors from her line of sight. Soon though the day came where she felt strong enough and was mostly healed up after some mages helped her in her healing process that returned later on in her time resting from a trip out.

She slowly getting up as grabbing her wraps resting on the pile of her clothes and looked off as she unrolled them and began to wrap her chest curling her mouth into a frown as she did so only glancing down to the wraps when absolutely necessary. Once that was done she grabbed her second set and did her hips and upper thighs looking on with tired sad eyes. “... I know its nothing you can control.. But there's nothing you should be ashamed of” The young woman’s voice called out from the tents entrance.

Jumanah looking over to see her reassuring smile. “I thought I heard movement so I came to check on you… sorry.” She said with a soft smile. Jumanah blushed a bit realizing the girl likely had seen her before her wraps were on… then again she likely was the one to help take them off… based on her casualness though she likely didn’t have the same feelings Jum tended to towards other girls. It was odd how little she saw other girls and boys were with their same gender, were she and her brother just odd like that? It wasn’t like she could ask her mother about such things.

She never really realized it until 2 years ago when it seemed like only she got flustered over odd things that others never bat an eye at until it came to boys in which she never really felt the same. “It’s alright.” She said grabbing her dress and  pulled it on looking at the stitching on  the palm it looked almost seamlessly patched up.

“My mother saw some holes from the fight and sewed it after we washed it.” The girl said supportively walking in a bit more. Jumanah grabbed her chest and shoulder armor snapping it in place to her dress before tully putting it in their places holding up the dress more while the dress kept it on her body correctly.

“That was sweet of her.” Jumanah said gently putting on her satcsh on her stomach wincing a little when she moved her still healing arm and hand wrong. The girl hurrign over to help tie it in place offering a soft supportive smile before helping her with the arm band next. Jumanah holding eye contact with her for a long while making the girl look about a little awkwardly. Jumanaha looking over a bit grabbing a hair tie she usually wore now avoiding eye contact. “Thank you I should be able to handle this from here…” Jumanah said softly as the girl nodded and started to walk away but stopped before she fully left.

“Thank you for everything Jumanah… please know you can always have a home here with our tribe…. Please just be careful in your travels okay…?” She asked with a bright smiled. Jumanah looking over as she tied her hair in place and almost felt her heart sink a little, it had been a while since shed seen that sort of face from someone to such a personal degree, one that felt of that of a friend not just a friendly stranger.

As she smiled back with a warm smile her heart just felt like it sank more… was it something more past just the smile and look she gave her that made her feel this way…? Jumanah though let out a giggle with a nod. “Of course.” She said letting the girl leave before her smile fade to a sad one as she grabbed her leggings and pulled them on next. She attached the holders to her weapons ensure they were all in place closing her eyes as she put on her mask, she luckily never saw her face the whole time it was off but that had been the longest time she had her mask off by choice before… It felt odd knowing that but she pushed the feeling aside as she put the mask back on  opening her eyes gently once it was in place.

On her way out of the tribe some of the locals gave her some traveling food as a final thank you and friendly smiles and waves She collected her brothers body that they had kept safe once she had came back before her traveling to the bandit camp and set off with it. She returning her own and made her way on the the path to her old tribelands. She was able to help so many by just standing up for something that happened to her own people so long ago… she was able to stop the same thing from happening again to another set of people who weren’t strong enough to do it themselves… it was rare that anyone was ever so strong enough to be able to save themselves…

But what if there was someone who could save them for them… they wouldn't be able to save them all of course but even a single life being saved could change so much. Could she be that for others…? She couldn’t do much even now but...what if she could find a way to ensure she was more then strong enough to help more people? She looked on past the horizon that would lead her to her old tribelands. This would be her path now. She would try her best to be that force to help save those who could not save themselves.

She saw the burn and ruined tribe lands late that afternoon, faint memories filling her mind as she walked trough the grounds of the dead some of their bodies still about even now covered in weeds and grass looking at peace amongst nature untouched by foriegn forces like the bandits that likely long since lost any interest in the tribe since the resources were all gone. She approached her owls home that looked mostly in tacked still and the skeleton that looked like it died holding its throat and dragging itself towards her house… based on the tattered clothes remnants, and its size… it was her father.

She stared at him carefully set down her brothers body walking over to her father’s kneeling down as she gently touched the back of his skull caressing it with a gentle smile looking to their old back yard area where her mother had once taught magic to see her grave there. She got up and looked around until she found a shovel and took off her weapons resting them against the ruins of her house and  with a strained face from the pain in her hand and arm from exerting them further she dug two graves.

She set the shovel down and made two markers for the graves looking back to her fathers skeleton, the only one amongst the others that even after all this time just felt restless. She walking over and gently gathering his remains slowly moving them over to the grave next to her mother’s. Next was her brother’s body. She gently setting it down in the grave gently caressing both the remains with a gentle smile and a few tears. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there… I’m sorry you had to take care of me giving up so much of your time to me… but thanks to you both… I can kneel here today beside you all and tell you its finally over.” She said softly smiling a bit brighter. “I hope this sets you all at ease knowing these lands are safer now… and your killers fully paid for what they have done… and forgiven. This… this will likely be the last time I will see you all since I can not go-”

She bit her lip. “I can not go.. Where you went even when I die now. But I will go wherever Amiz ended up going… with our matching Rukh… Even if its false hope I wish to believe with this inability to join you all… that at least this means Amiz will no longer have to be alone again when my life ends. Until then” She smiled sadly “I will ensure that I do everything in my power to help keep people like ours from dying… from facing the awful forces of the world. So unlike our family they don't have to say goodbye to their own.” She said softly “But I must now say goodbye myself… and finally let you all go. I’ll miss you all, I've missed you all for so long… and that will likely never stop. But I’ve come to terms with this fact. I hope where you are now is happy for you all.”

She took off her mask looking down to their graves, “And that I can make you all proud. I love you.. Mom.. Dad… Amiz” she looked at their graves respectfully looking back to the tribelands. “Everyone… Goodbye.” She put her mask back on standing up and grabbing the shovel burying her father and brother’s bodies putting the shovel away and her weapons back on walking into the house to her old room smiling softly at the old memories tha slowly came back to her grabbing the corner of the frame of an old washed out looking painting of her family from when she was 7.

She staring at her and her brothers old faces sheading a small tear finally able to remember the faces… and another tear as she looked up to her mothers. She touched her own face gently as her eyes got more watery. She looked not too much older then what she should physically be now… she felt among her own features while tracing the face of her mother’s with her eyes. They were so similar… did she look like her mother now…? Was all this time… did all this time she look like… her mother…? Not some stranger…?

She slowly turned walking over to a partly shattered and overly dusty mirror gently wiping away the dust. She then reached up wish shaky hands as her breathing became sharp as she gripped her mask and slowly pulled it off looking off before she could see her own face clenching her mask closing her eyes. She felt her heart beating out of her chest as tears streamed down her face. She took a deep breath before looking up to the mirror with scared eyes. Her eyes slowly softened as she saw her own face… she looked a lot like her mother… partly with some aspects from her father like her eyes… blue.

Tears streamed down her face as she slowly tilted her head to one side, She slowly reaching up and touching her own cheek carefully as if its bite her like some sort of animal before gently pressing her fingers into her skin shifting it up a bit then pulling her hand away to let it shift back down. This wasn’t a stranger's face… This was a face brought on from her mother and father… This was her face. She looked down though gently putting her mask back on after wiping off her cheeks, it was still so much to take in  but… she finally did it… after 14 years… she finally looked at her own face again…

She looked out the painting again, to her mother. “Thank you.” Without the thought of possibly seeing her mother's face under the mask...she likely would have never looked at her own face for Solomon to know for how long. She walked over to her dresser and pulled open the top drawer looking at the old wooden box she had kept her shard in that her mother gave her so long ago as a present. She thought back to that woman who crushed hers and gently opened it to see two inside and a letter.

She pulled out the letter and opened it to read it. “Dear Son, If you're reading this it means I am no longer with you and your sister. I found this shard in my travels to find a way to fix your sister. I wasn’t certain how but your mother had always said rumors told these shards could grant wishes. I have yet to figure out how, but please keep these safe and when you find out how to use them use them to help you and your sister. Have a good life son, I know we had our fights but I still love you and your sister with all my heart. - Dad”

She looked at the two shards and pulled out one, turning it from white to black as she touched it and frowned. Would it still be the same if she used it like this…? She bit her lip putting the letter back in the box pocketing it as she walked outside of the house looking to the shard  in her palm. It was worth a shot. She took a deep breath and  held the shard up in her two fingers.

“I wish for the power needed to protect the innocent, the weak, those who can not protect themselves, to give them another chance to live happy lives rather than die. To be the person my tribe, my family… that I had. A protector… I wish for the power to be this for others, even if I must give my own life to do it.” She said with a determined look letting go of the shard before grabbing it mid air with her hand  clenching down to shatter the black shard.

( 20 / 200 Magoi )
( 50 / 100 Stamina )

”Abilities Used”:

Roaring Wave

Tier: B Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must be focused and aim the spell with their staff.
Scaling: The tier of damage dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 Magoi | 15

    The caster creates a sound wave that is shaped like a tunnel that has 2 meters as its width, and 2 meters as its height. This tunnel moves towards the target and deals a sharp pain on the target's ear and eardrums by giving out a loud piercing sound, dealing B Tier damage to the target(s). This spell uses sound magic.


Tier: D - Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The cater must remained focused on the spell while casting and preforming the spell.
Scaling: The area of effect may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 1 posts
Cost: 10 Magoi | 5
Description: The caster creates a low tone buzzing sound from their staff. The immediate area around the caster(.5m radius) is silent, however those within the ten meters will suddenly become very dizzy for a short instant halting their movements for a single post. To take a step in this condition will cause the target to trip and fall making it ideal for use on charging opponents. D-tier attacks and higher that are capable of producing sound or shockwaves can nullify this spell's effect. This spell uses sound magic.

Sound Breaker

Tier: A - Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must aim their staff and wait for the orb to form and fully grow to its proper size.
Scaling: The caster can form an extra Orb of D Tier Damage for every 10 extra Magoi Invested.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40 Magoi | 20
Description: The caster casts a sound orb with 2 meters in diameter that will travel up to 20 meters away and will explode once it touches its target. It then lets off a loud screech as it tears at whatever it can reach dealing A Tier damage. The loud screech will disappear at the end of the spell.This spell uses sound magic.

The Music Of The Rukh

Tier: B Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Social
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must focus on the music playing and what should be played next.
Scaling: The area of effect may increase by 10 m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40 Magoi | 20

    The caster can focus on the Rukh around them and manipulate them to give off different sounds. The caster then sets them off in different sequences, speeds, and patterns in order to create various different songs that could be summed up to the caster using the Rukh to act like an instrument. All who are within range and are able to hear will hear whatever the caster tries to perform. The caster must tell the Ruhk what to perform to play the song. Each song will last for 2 posts, and the user can release the staff after sticking to a ground or propping it up to allow the music to play on its own though she at that point must still focus on the music as it plays, and pre plan the entire song as she's casting the spell. The spells base distance goes to 15 m in any direction away from Jumanah.

Drowning Fear

Tier: B
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range:  Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires both Sound And Water Magic to cast, Alongside this the caster must sing the chant investing emotional drive into the occurring song/spell. Disclaimer, you don’t have to sing well but you have to be notably trying to sing.
The fear that freezes you up, Will beat you down, To make you feel as though you may drown, Will tear at your will, And may even kill.
Scaling: For an additional 10 Magoi she can make this go from B Tier Damage to A Tier Damage
Sustain: 2 Time per casting
Cool Down: 3 Posts | 4 Posts if Sustained And Scaled
Cost: 30 Magoi | + 15 Magoi Per Sustain

    As she chants music will begin to play with her Sound magic playing a very racey song that sounds fairly angry in a way. The Sound magic plays as a separate effect from the one produced from the Water magic and is used to just provide music for effect and to signal when the spell is in affect or about to be once more. As she finishes chanting the aoe will start out from her in a circle will form a massive amount of water that will trap anyone in the area inside water that will start to spin in opposite directions violently crushing those inside. This Aoe a cylinder of water 7m in diameter and 5m tall. Those caught inside take intense damage to the lungs in the form of torrential waters swirling in doing B Tier damage. If scaled it will do A Tier Damage instead. The water will flow out when the spell finishes though if she plans to sustain the spell the music will continue warning those around that it will strike once more at the start of the next round giving them time to try to flee or counter.

Take A Blow

Tier: C Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must build up speed while spinning to allow them properly slide by the opponent.
Scaling: Scales for one higher damage Tier for every 10 stamina invested.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20 Stamina | 10

    The user will spin like a top on their toes towards the target before dropping to one knee in a slide. Touching one hand to their own belly and extending the other arm out holding their blade back handedly to slash at the opponents mid section at their side for C Tier damage. As their slide would slow to a stop the user now  passed by their opponent will twist their legs and torso to spin back up to their feet and face back towards their opponent.

Take Back

Tier: B Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive | Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The attack defending against must be a physical attack that she can block while getting up close enough to the target to allow her to execute the rest of the move.
Scaling: Scales for one tier higher blocking capability for every 15 stamina invested.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 3 Posts
Cost: 30 Stamina | 15

    The user moves toward the enemy that is attacking with a physical strike and jumps at them blocking up to C Tier Attacks with their blade. As they do so they run up the attackers chest, and  back flipping off them up to 2 meters away spinning their sword as they land.

”Profession Perk Used”:

Primary Profession

Related Class: Magician / Warrior
Profession Title: Performer
Description: Using her skills drawn from her musical based past with magic, and her more recent dancing skills with her warrior class. Jumanah will perform music, sing, and even dance in a ballet battle like dances to entertain others for tips and or pre-agreed upon payments.
Profession Perks:

  • Cool Tone: When Jumanah speaks now her voice can instill either a soothing feeling and emotion into others or a chilling one based on the situation. If she tries to be calm and soothing in normal situation it can calm and sooth others, but if is is in a more unsettling one that she is likely contributing to where one should not act this way it can chill and possibly even creep others out far more then usual situations would cause.
  • Louder Draw: When performing and using her Sound magic to create any form of music she can use her sound magic will amplify her voice much like a microphone and amp to allow people up to 800 Meters away to hear her voice, and singing. This will cost 5 magoi each post it is used.
  • Captivating Performance: Jumanah can use her other forms of magic to create small harmless effects such as a mist, bubbles, etc to make her performances look more captivating to the surrounding area helping bring out the mood. This will cost 5 magoi each post it is used.

”Items Used”:

Finish One Wish, Make Another [ Solo ] XhmwIm2

Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. [Link To System Page]
Amount: 2


Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

As the shard cracked fate would answer her call. With its whispers and winding ways, she would see the rukh guide her. The trek was longer than it seemed hours going by quickly as it trailed around outside. Winding around in her surrounding path. Leading into winding woods within the plains, with crooked tree torn asunder, plenty scorched and scorned. Yet the magic guided, called to one within. In the dark oaky woods there sat a staff its' tree trunk. It's gourd ringing softly with the sound of a storm, calling out as she would approach. Fate had guided her towards the silent storm.

Finish One Wish, Make Another [ Solo ] Ea9548bd2b43d6d2287c566d0e0a5646
Name: Staff of The Silent Storm
Tier: A-tier
Type: Advanced Staff
Magic Type: Perfect Storm [ WATER + LIGHTNING + WIND + SOUND ]
Appearance: With a winding, crooked base made of a dark ancient hardwood the staff is 2m long. With atop its frame, as if hanging of a branch are its ornaments. Feathers, and spider silk cord attaching a small gourd filled with a wooden bead. The magic symbol for the advanced staff rests on the gourd which is 20cm in diameter.

  • Quiet Riot- For 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain the user can create a localized Storm in the form of a 30m in diameter sphere. On the initial cast the storm strikes enemy targets inside with lightning dealing B-tier damage. However, the clouds and storm persist for three posts. The flash of the lightning, and the following thunder removing sound from the air as the clouds obscure sight within.

[b]Name:[/b] Staff of The Silent Storm
[b]Tier:[/b] A-tier
[b]Type:[/b] Advanced Staff
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Perfect Storm [ WATER + LIGHTNING + WIND + SOUND ]
[b]Appearance:[/b] With a winding, crooked base made of a dark ancient hardwood the staff is 2m long. With atop its frame, as if hanging of a branch are its ornaments. Feathers, and spider silk cord attaching a small gourd filled with a wooden bead. The magic symbol for the advanced staff rests on the gourd which is 20cm in diameter.
[*][i]Quiet Riot[/i]- For 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain the user can create a localized Storm in the form of a 30m in diameter sphere. On the initial cast the storm strikes enemy targets inside with lightning dealing B-tier damage. However, the clouds and storm persist for three posts. The flash of the lightning, and the following thunder removing sound from the air as the clouds obscure sight within.

Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah looked up from the remains of the shard she crushed to see rukh gather to guide her. She smiled softly and followed after them. As time passed her body grew tired from the previous day’s activities but she held steady keeping pace as she kept onwards. She moved into the woods looking to the Rukh and where it was leading gently touching a low branch of a tree to see a crooked tree that looked like it easily had seen better days. She saw the staff next and the sound it let off she walked over and kneeling down as it called out to her. She gently caressed its shaft smiling softly as she gently picked it up with both hands resting it on her lap closing her eyes.

“Thank you for this gift… I shall not disappoint you…” She said as she stood up with it staring at it for a moment sighing softly before nodding and walking off it was time to head back to Magnostadt where she unknowingly soon would see her life change drastically through one dream that would lead to a trip, one where she would find out soon who she really had truly became.

[ EXIT ]


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