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First Step in the Path to the Throne (Rank Up D - C)

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Menat took deep, steady breaths as she stood with a firm hand around the shaft of Piercer with the spear's tip pointing towards the ground. Scattered around her were various large rocks in varying stages of damage. Some had been shattered, others had been cut deep and some even stood with barely a scratch at all. Sweat dotted her face from the hours she had poured in to her self training so far. She was upset with herself. She had been stuck dealing with her siblings so much she had begun neglecting her own personal growth as a warrior and it was clearly starting to show. But regardless of that it was a fact that having her spear in her hand was a comforting feeling. A natural one even.

There was something organic about holding a weapon for her, especially her weapon. Which was odd when she thought about it. Her mother rarely used weapons and if she did resort to them she tended to use a sword. It made her wonder where her attachment to her spear came from. Perhaps the father she had still yet to actually meet? Her mother didn't exactly talk to her often about how her father fought and Bast didn't talk about him beyond the kind of person he was. Well. She supposed it didn't matter in the end. At this point the young girl just wanted to be herself and not the nanny her mother had made her be for her siblings.

A swift movement of her arm thrust the butt end of Piercer's shaft forward, slamming into another large rock by her side and taking a chunk out of it on impact. It wasn't enough for Menat though. She needed to be faster, to hit harder. She needed to demolish these rocks in simple motions. The nation her mother had just built would need a defender and their ruler wasn't supposed to be the one carrying every burden. Plus there was those very siblings of hers that she begrudgingly looked after. They were still young and they themselves would need protection until they were better capable of defending themselves. It only made sense Menat would take that role as she already watched them more than their mother.

Another swift, smooth motion of her arm brought the tip of her spear slicing into the very rock she had just broken a segment from. It wasn't as deep as she wanted, especially considering she wanted to slice through the entire stone in one slash. It was still something that could potentially be fatal should a normal person be cut as deep. Or at the very minimum they could lose a limb. Her momentum didn't stop there however. Rather she turned it into a continuing force to drive her attacks. This time, aiming for the one rock that so far remained untouched, she used the energy of her slash to carry her body around in a full spin before transferring it to a single foot. That one motion would launch her forward, spear tip ready, and drove her weapon as deep into the center of the stone as the young girl could.

Despite the hardened surface the weapon, true to its name, pierced into the natural material until the shaft was roughly one third deep into the stone. Cracks traveled outward from the impact site, nothing overly noticeable, yet the distribution of excess energy being made clear. With a sigh the young redhead simply pulled her spear back out. "I need mama to build me a training hall while she works on the manor."

WC: 599 / 500


First Step in the Path to the Throne (Rank Up D - C) QtRTjIE

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