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Answering a request [Plot]

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A letter was possibly the worst way for Ani to communicate unless someone were to invent some sort of written language for the blind, but without that, it was reliant on one of her soldiers or assistant to relay written messages. Usually, she was wary of this method of message sending mostly due to her inability to actually check the contents of the message herself. However, despite her dislike for letters Ani had this correspondence translated by her personal assistant Zahra. After that it was simple to get there, Dragot easily sniffed the letter and was able to find its location so they could easily fly there and record its path in her brain.

It might've seemed a bit foolhardy of her to come alone but as Ani saw it she wasn't completely alone with her wyvern with her. In order to make a good impression, Ani had come dressed in her commander uniform  With her rank shown through her clothing with the emblem of her raiders on her back it would be easier to let them know who she was. That was if any of them had already heard of her from the Raider's work in the plains.

With her trip spent in darkness, the rest of Ani's senses had been tuned in to the world around her, listening, sniffing and feeling all she could as she entered a meditative state. It had become a habit for her since she had started her Djinn training which had gotten her in tune with herself, her djinn, and the world around herself.

However, her trance would be ended as she felt herself slowly down significantly as Dragotsennyy let out a series of chirps to signify that they had made it to their location. As they moved onto the ground Ani dismounted as she gave Dragot a pat on the side of her head before speaking a command. "Bring me to the people."

Almost as if she understood her easily Dragot would nudge into Ani leading her with Ani using the reins as a way to make sure they didn't get separated. Once it was obvious that people were looking upon her she stood still waiting as she heard the number of voices rise along with the volume. Once it had appeared to be a crowd Ani suddenly clapped her hands together snapping through the crowd as she made an announcement.

"While a letter isn't the best way to talk to a blind woman I got your message, and I'm here to meet you." Ani smiled as she spoke with one hand on her hip and the other on Dragot. "I am Ani, Commander of The Azure Raiders and Conqueror of the Dungeon Gamigan, who do I have the pleasure of meeting?"


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Chakramattan Village, one of the few tribes which managed to avoid Tenza's furry. Closer to the southern half the plains worry filled their heads that the Tyrant would eventually come for them. The fear of what was happening to other tribes plagued their thoughts, so they had sent a letter in hopes someone would stop this monster of a person. It took some while for words of the bloody battle to reach them. Being the dry season most of them couldn't afford to lose anything or even go off to fight. To hear that someone had successfully stopped what seemed like an impossible force, they had to invite them!

Aadrik was the one who personally took to writing the letter, one of their most promising warriors he lived in the country of Kou for 2 years where he learned to read and write. His range of written vocabulary was limited but he seemed to show decent proficiency for the language. The hot sand curled between his feet, the gate of the village was near the beach after all. His eyes scanned, and from afar something seemed out of place.

Could it be their hero? He would quickly turn his head, calling out "Quickly quickly, a visitor is arriving! They seem to be coming by air!" The excitement in his voice bounced as he would stand with the others waiting to greet those who arrived. Taking a knee with his hands clasped over his head he took a traditional pose of gratitude.

He would roar "Welcome to Chakramattan! We offer nothing more than simple fishing and little fruits, the dry season is hitting us hard this year so we humbly apologize." Like a bolt of lightning he would jolt up into standing position walking towards the arrivals.

"Well is true! Did you defeat the great Tyrant? Please if you have such strength I would love to see. I am our best warrior and I'm trying to increase my skill." He shouted out again. His energy was unrivaled, it could only be explained as a mixture of youth and naivety. He didn't know what type of person they really were, or if they were dangerous or not.

His village had rare contact with outsiders besides the few kind traders that came by. Unaware of what their guest was like they all stood there greeting with warm smiles, the smell of freshly grilled seafood rolling by, up towards the wyvern.


Answering a request [Plot] 2f25ac375618d084ecc5fa610718ff33
Name: Aadrik
Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: The strongest warrior of the Chakramattan village. Standing at an exact 2m tall, with skin deeply tanned and firm muscles he acts with boundless energy. Having been one of the few people to have left his village before he's learned to read and write, this knowledge only expanding his curiosity for the outside world. He is capable of doing B-tier damage with his basic strikes.
Traits: 3 Trait Points Left

Trait Name: World Enthusiast
Trait Tier: B-tier
Trait Requirement: Plot Npc Trait
Trait Description: Excited to see the world this person desire to travel, gaining more strength and allies.
Trait Effect: This npc is capable of using his naive and enthusiastic nature to distract or draw the interest of NPCs in their players stead. This npc will be upgraded to A-tier after completely three thread each in a different country with a word count of 1500 each.

Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect: The character can now perform feats just as breaking down walls and large stone structures with their bare hands and deal B-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a C-tier fanalis.


  • Emerald Gate: Viper Strike- The user attacks with two powerful strikes on each side of someone's neck, this sends vibrations through their nerves causing disorientation for 3 posts

  • Emerald Gate: Mamba Dance- The user performs a series of rapid strikes towards a target's chest dealing B-tier bruising across the entire torso if landed.

  • Emerald Gate: Keelback Kick- Using one of their legs the user kicks off of a target dealing C-tier damage and propelling the user 10m in a direction of their choice.

  • Emerald Gate: Cobra Requiem- Gathering their magoi in both arms the user crosses their arms swinging them out in arc creating arcing magoi blades 10m long which close in on a target dealing A-tier damage.

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