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Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin

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Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari's Vault 1060812_enigmaticsaint_thoth-caduceus-gm

Name: Bakari Al-Amin
Country Affiliation: Heliohapt
Race: Magician
Tier: D
Black Magician
Age + Birthdate: 18, November 16th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Bakari is a lively soul. He talkative, and filled with energy. In his speech he is exceptionally polite, and refuses to be negative on most topics. Other than when he is enjoying coffee, listening to Azhar, or playing chess it seems as if he cannot stop moving. Even for a moment. Having had a rather sheltered existence and home schooling Bakari is rather nervous around females. Playful to a fault Bakari's need to be the "funny guy" in the room is often annoying at best and rage inducing at worst to those that meet him. For the ones that can tolerate his pranks and incessant talking however he is quite the joy to have around. Never a dull moment at the very least.

Bakari is empathetic to a fault, and will more likely than not offer to help someone in need before considering himself. In line with his impulsive and playful nature he often sees other peoples problems as personal challenges and gives his all in solving whatever he can. When it comes to himself however he is not as proactive about improving his situation which can make him appear lazy at times.

Things shift a bit when Bakari is around his elder brother Akram. He is tense, and quiet. He prefers to distance himself whenever possible, but also makes him the target of many of his more embarrassing pranks. More so than anyone else however he seeks Akram's approval, or at the very least his acceptance that Bakari is not worthless as a human being.


-Coffee: With cream and sugar, Bakari truly enjoys this dark caffine loaded beverage. Not only does it's rich earthy and bitter flavor excite his pallet, but the conversations with other academics and the opportunity to listen in on coffeehouse rumors really add to the appeal. Whenever there is time, and money available you can probably find Bakari slumped back in a couch with a cup in hand.

-Tobacco: A recently acquired habit Bakari often enjoys a good smoke from his pipe (which he carries everywhere in a small drawstring bag), or even better a hookah alongside a sweet cup of coffee. Without out a good smoke roughly three times per day he tends to get a bit cranky. He tends to whip out his pipe in stressful situations saying that it "helps him think better".

-Chess: The game of Commanders and Kings. Bakari is a novice still having only been playing the game with his tutor for the last four years but enjoys it greatly. He values the strategic and social training that it offers, and will often be seen playing by himself if no one is willing to join him.

-Pranks: Filled even into adulthood with childish gleeful mischief Bakari finds great joy in playing practical jokes on others. Trip wires, objects engineered to fall as a door opens, and bowls of cool water for the hands of sleeping victims are all favorites but he is creative with each new trick since becoming an adult and never does the same one twice these days.


-Physical Labor: Being a son of a Nobleman has it's benefits, namely that one never has to get their hands dirty as there is often a servant to do it for them. Having grown up in such an environment Bakari is not used to any type of physically demanding work, and when confronted with it he attempts to find any way to get out of it or to accomplish it without losing a single drop of sweat. This frequently gets the young man into trouble.

-Alcohol: Despite having access to wine, mead, and fine spirits due to his parent's wealth Bakari never quite aquired the taste preferring instead fruit juices, teas, and above all else coffee. He has experienced getting drunk however, and does not enjoy the feeling and loss of what little self control he exercises. Nor the hangover the morning after.

-Overt Rudeness: As a noble you not only represent yourself, but your family and in that one must always put their best foot forward. To this end Bakari is polite in most situations, and gets frustrated with those that refuse to remember their manners.


-Become a powerful Magician:
In line with his father's desires for his future Bakari wants more than anything to prove himself a skilled sorcerer. He sees each spell and type of magic learned as another step on his way to greatness and will not be satisfied until this goal culminates in him designing his own type of combination magic.

-Impress Akram: Bakari and his brother have been at odds since he was born and it has taken a heavy toll from him. Akram sees Bakari as inferior and takes any opportunity to tell him as much. Bakari seeks to change his brother's opinion of him either through financial success or notable deeds.

-Become wealthy: Bakari lived a lavish lifestyle few can afford outside of the nobility and wishes to continue living in that manner. He wishes to do so independent of his brother. Bakari will not be satisfied in this goal until he is wealthy enough to own his own home worthy of nobility and business.

-Prank a King: Bakari feels as though the highest level of the prankster's art is to prank royalty and somehow manage to not be beheaded for it. The nature of the prank must be more embarrassing than harmful and Bakari must escape without being harmed. He will not be satisfied until he is able to pull off something that people talk about across the world for years to come.


-Akram: Bakari remembers his childhood duel with his brother well and is more than a little afraid of him. He tries not to be in the same room most of the time but whenever this isn't possible he tries to be as quiet as he can. This fear is not extreme but notable as it is widely known among the nobility of kemet.


Since his father's death, and the knowing the feeling of losing the one person that ever believed in him Bakari becomes uneasy when he is not accompanied by at least one person or animal that he is familiar with. This can lead to irrational behavior, the inability to speak, and poor choices when stressed in this way.

Maybe it's their too many legs, or all of their creepy eyes but Bakari just does not care for the little eight legged freaks. He will do anything in his power to get away (preferably) or destroy them (if there is no escape). The mere mention of a spider being present brings him great unease.

Face-Claim: Thoth Caduceus of Kamigami no Asobi.
Hair Color:White
Eye Color:Amber
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 59 kg

Bakari is slender and of average height. His skin is olive in stark contrast to his bright white hair. His facial features are soft, and so are his hands. It is obvious by his appearance alone that he has never seen a hard day's work. His muscles while untrained are deceptively toned by the grace of good genetics.

Bakari wears Jewlery, and lots of it. Relics from a time when he enjoyed status as his noble father's favorite if not first born son. Gold set with various colored stones is the norm for bracelets rings necklaces. His clothes are often white, fine cotton or silk, and generally as breathable as possible to combat the heat of his homeland. He will typically go shirtless unless the situation requires otherwise. As far as his feet Bakari wears a pair of boots fashioned from cobra skin with oxhide soles and a gold painted silk lining. The boots are trimmed with gold silk and are custom made; requiring no laces.

Bakari is outgoing and energetic. As such there is rarely a time when he is not moving or fidgeting. When situations dictate that he must stand still he often twirls a lock of his hair or play with his tongue in his mouth. He is always ready to greet a stranger or anyone for that matter with a wide smile, and usually a hug or emphatic handshake. He is rather clumsy however and bumps into objects, walls, people, and livestock more often than he would like to admit.

Rukh Alignment:White
Special Features: N/A

"The First Steps"

Born in Kemet, a vassal city to Heliohapt Bakari was the second born son of a minor noble family. Al-Amin was a famous house; known in Heliohapt for producing fine soldiers, wise priests, and fair judges. Bakari never truly belonged. A impatient and boisterous runt of a child his parents and older siblings could never manage to keep him in line. He was found of pranks, and quick to flee from the consequences of his mischief. He was clumsy, unnaturally slow and of poor constitution. His mind was different matter. He was witty, and able to from a young age fool many of the adult targets of his practical jokes. Despite most people around him having a rather poor opinion of his chaotic antics he always seemed to maintain a cheerful demeanor, and strives to lift the spirits of those around him.

From the age of six his father Amar saw to his basic education. Under the watchful eye of this stern judge he became literate, proficient in arithmetic, and knowledgeable of the laws and customs of Heilohapt. At the age of ten however a slightly different form of education became the norm as his brother Akram assumed the role of teacher, and his tools of the trade were a pair of worn wooden staves. Each morning the pair would rise early; just as the sun crept over the dunes to the east and practice defensive forms. Akram was five years Bakari's senior and cruel in his teaching to his weakling little brother. He would admonish Bakari constantly for his sloppy form, and lack of speed.

"Discovering the Gift"

One morning sometime after Bakari's twelfth birthday however things changed. rather than than their regular routine Akram demanded that Bakari prove that his time had not been wasted. The young man drew a fierce looking curved sword and pointed it's tip towards his quivering younger brother. The look of horror that crossed his face was never before nor ever since been matched. Bakari could not believe that his older brother would ever really draw a weapon against him.

"You will defend yourself or die." Akram commanded, and took the hilt in both hands. He raised the sword in a high arc as if preparing to cut Bakari down from right shoulder to left hip.

"You can't, Father will beat you if you strike me Akram." Bakari sobbed as he backed away from his brother.

"Who do you think told me to do this?" Akram growled, and sprinted forward. His telegraphed strike falling swiftly into it's intended target.

"Crack! Clang!"

Bakari lifted his stave, and assumed a defensive posture but had squeezed his eyes closed in fear of his brother's attack. When he managed to open them a moment later he caught sight of Akram's face; eyes wide and mouth agape with disbelief. A dome of force now separated Bakari from Akram, and the edge of his blade pushed against it with no sign of penetration. Within seconds however cracks began to form in the surface of the dome, and it shattered in a brilliant display of light.

"How on earth did you do that runt? Is this another one of your games?" Akram screamed as he performed a swift series of downward drawing slashes. Bakari was just barely able dodge or deflect each strike. When the final blow fell the splintered stick Bakari had been defending himself with was cut cleanly in two, and Akram seeing the opportunity raised his sword for a final time.

"Stop!" a stern voiced called out from the house. It was Amar their father and he carried an expression on his face somewhere between excitement and horror. "I told you to test what he had learned not kill him Akram. Put your sword away, and get in the house. I will deal with your later" Amar chastised.

Father and younger son then sat there in the garden talking about all of the changes and possibilities that awaited Bakari now that they knew of his gift. Amar swore that from this day forward Akram would no longer be his teacher, but instead he would seek out a new tutor. One skilled as a Magician.

"The Tutor"

For his fourteenth birthday Bakari was presented by his father a special gift. Amar threw a party and among the family, friends, and various nobles that attended one person stood out among the crowd. An old man wearing tattered grey robes, and leaning on a battered old walking stick. As the other guests presented their gifts for the young man the elderly gentleman stood silently at the back of the line with nothing in hand. When finally it was his turn Amar got up from his seat at the table, and clasped a hand on the old man's shoulder.

"For your final gift, son I give you your future. This man has taken me two years to find, but I believe we have your teacher. This is Azhar. He calls himself a black Shaman and from the stories I've heard of him I think he will serve you well." Amar said before nudging Azhar closer to Bakari.

Bakari stood, and gave a slight bow in the direction of his soon to be Tutor. "I am glad to meet you Azhar" he started extending his right hand out to the old man. They clasped hands. "I am Bakari Al-Amin, and I am grateful for your help".

"We will see how grateful you are tomorrow child. I expect you awake and dressed before the sun, and awaiting me outside. Don't disappoint me" Azhar grumbled before producing a long tobacco pipe, packing the bowl and igniting it with a single word. The pipe glowed with an orange light, and thick smoke began to fill the air. After a deep draw, he blew a cloud of the smoke at Bakari before turning to leave. "Remember, before the sun."

If this conversation was any indication Azhar was quite strict, and this reflected in his teaching. At first the use and even discussion of learning magic was forbidden to Bakari. He was told that before he would learn even the simplest spell he would have to prove he could be calm and learn without incident. Azhar had been well warned of Bakari's chaotic and mischievous nature, and would permit none of his antics. So for the first few months of his teaching Azhar had his pupil learn of the plants, animals, and minerals native to this part of Heliohapt. After that they moved on to watching the night skies, and tracking the movements of the heavens. After a total of six months with Bakari on his best behavior Azhar finally agreed to start teaching the boy how to command the Rukh.

"Amar's Wake"

Amar passed away around two years later unexpectedly. The Physician that saw to him said that his heart had failed, and that his death was quite quick. This set off a reaction in both of his sons. Akram was quick to deal with his inheritance and began shifting the family finances toward aggressive expansion into the arms and mercenary markets. Financing men to be trained, equipped and hired out to other countries. Bakari on the other hand fell into a deep depression. Other than his daily lessons he scarcely left his room, and took on average only one meal a day for nearly a year. After emerging from the confines of his grief Bakari set himself to more leisurely activities; carousing at the local coffee shop, and taking up smoking like his mentor.

Since the passing of Amar and his older brother Akram's ascent to the head of the family Bakari has accomplished very little. There was a fund set aside to pay for his continued education and he was allowed to maintain his residence in the family home so he has had little motivation to strike out and make something of himself. That however is primed to change as Akram grows weary of his lazy little brother "laying around all day, sipping coffee, smoking and discussing nonsense with senile old men", and the money Amar set aside for him is all but spent. If the bitter words and cold glances exchanged the last few months are any indication Bakari could very well have to fend for himself in the near future.

Role-Play Sample:

"Watch where you're walking!" a voice laden with fatigue echoed out into the desert.

Bakari turned to find his tutor and friend Azhar behind him pointing ahead with his walking stick. At the place that he indicated there was a stone sticking out of the sand, and in it's shadow a small hole barely 5cm wide. For a moment Bakari swore that he saw something pop out of the hole, and then back in but dismissed it a moment later as it didn't seem to come out again. Once more he raised his gaze to the horizon. He and Azhar had work to do in the desert and he couldn't let mere shadows keep him from it.

As the duo continued to walk however Bakari became more uncomfortable by the minute. There was a stange sensation in the right leg of his pants as if something were crawling its way up. Without warning he stopped, eyes full of dread and turned back to his tutor.

"Sp-sp-Spuh-Spider!" Bakari cried, tearing off his pants revealing his undergarments and running in circles. His pants fell to the ground and a small black mass emerged from the right ankle. It was a scorpion, black armored and roughly the size of a man's palm. A common variety and mostly harmless to humans other than a moderately painful sting.

"You idiot, put your pants back on. The thing is harmless unless you try to hurt it." Azhar urged as he lifted one hand over his eyes. His expression was one of great shame on behalf of his pupil.

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Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin


  • Primary - Magician
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -



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Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin

D-tier Abilities

Rada' tarabi
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks:Must know strength magic. Must be able to speak. Must have a staff. Must have dirt, sand, or small stones in close proximity.
Scaling: Defense
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 magoi|5 to Sustain

    The magician says the incantation "Rada' tarabi!"and pounds the butt of his staff into the ground commanding the rukh to convert magoi into a force that will gather dirt, sand, and small stones within the area (1 meter radius around and below the caster) and compress the gathered material against the Magician's body. This creates a barrier that will absorb D-tier damage before being destroyed. Once cast this spell lasts 1 post unless sustained.

Alsaahir alyad
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must know strength magic. Must be able to speak. Must have a staff.
Scaling: Range
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi| 5 to Sustain

    The Magician points his staff at an object, and speaks the incantation "Alsaahir alyad!" commanding the Rukh to convert magoi into pure force and take hold of the target. The Magician may then move the object through the air by directing it with movements his staff. The object must be within 10m (scaled up to +5m for each 10 Magoi spent.) to be effected, and may never go outside of that distance or the spell ends. An object being moved in this way can vary in speed but at the fastest is slightly faster than a man running. This spell does not cause damage, however thrown or falling objects may deal damage of their own. This spell lasts for 1 post unless sustained

Muhnat albina
Tier: D
Specialization: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must know strength magic. Must have a staff. Must be able to speak.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: -
Cost: 10|5

    The Magician taps a large stone or area (no bigger than 5 meters in any dimension +5m per 10 magoi spent scaling) of stone with their staff and speaks the incantation "Muhnat albina!" commanding the Rukh to direct magoi into the microscopic cracks and defects in the stone according to the Magician's will and convert it to expanding kinetic force. When converted into kinetic force the rock shatters leaving behind cleanly carved stone of the desired shape. This spell was never intended to create works of art, and by itself can create nothing requiring great artistic skill without the caster having a profession that imparts that skill. It can however create crude but identifiable forms, and useful objects like stone tool parts or bricks. Cannot cause damage to creatures, but will deal D-Tier ability damage to structures/objects made of stone.

Risasat harakia
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be a Magician. Must know strength magic. Must have a staff. Must be able to speak.
Scaling: Hits (+1 projectile per 10 Magoi spent)
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Magoi|5 to Sustain

    The magician aims their staff at a target, and speaks the incantation "Risasat harakia!" commanding the Rukh to convert magoi into a black sphere (1cm in diameter) of pure force at the tip of the staff, and launch it forward at a speed of sling stone being hurled. This orb deals D-tier damage upon impact. If the sphere travels more than 10m without striking a target the spell ends.

C-tier Abilities

Alnabd alharakiu
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium (5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be a Magician. Must know strength magic. Must have a staff. Must be able to speak.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Magoi|10 to sustain

    The magician grasps the staff with both hands and pulls it in tight against their chest while speaking the incantation "Alnabd alharakiu!" commanding the Rukh to form a black ring of force around the Magician's midsection. This ring rapidly expands at the speed of an arrow out to 5m with the Magician in the center. The ring deals c-tier damage on contact, and pushes the target back to it's outer edge.


B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Bakari Al-Amin

Bakari Al-Amin


Bakari's Vault 84145_3_grande
Name: Grandpa's walking stick
Tier: D
Material: Black Tourmaline set in gold with smaller quartz stones in the same setting facing the shaft. The shaft itself is made of lacquered Black Beechwood. A golden ring is inlaid around the bottom.
Appearance: 91 cm long and 5 cm wide at the widest point. A roughly polished Black Tourmaline is set in a crudely made gold setting in the top, and 64 smaller quartz points are set facing the handle. The lacquered shaft is tacky and provides a firm grip.



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