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The Long Travel to Kina [Travel]

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He looked at his ticket, he hadn't been in Reim too long. He was in one of the later crusade groups and now only a few months after the disappearance of his commanding forces, Cas wasn't sure what to do. He had nothing tying him down here, sure there were some small memories but he could always come back.

Sigh hesitation petrified his frame. He knew he had to move and get on the boat before it would set off. He was so excited to leave Sasan. Maybe it's because the Reiman Republic still had so much more left to offer. He knew there was other changes across the world, especially with tales of an isolationistic nation that had just opened its' borders.

"Last call for the Red Strider, I repeat the last call for the Red Strider heading for the plains! " Echoed from the ship-hands.

It looks like he didn't have much of an option. With all of his resolve, he pushed through, leaving behind his anxiety and the scent of brimstone. It would be a long boat road, but it was going to be an even farther journey to the far east.

Clickty Clack clack clack click clacckkk! The rickety shake of a carriage caravan was almost like a pleasant retreat. Sure he'd been dealing with the smell of poorly washed horse for two weeks but it was by far more pleasant than the ride compared to his boat trip. Most of his worry seemed valid upon his first ride upon a seafaring vessel.

It shook with the force of all the world's rage some days. Screaming throughout his body as he sought shelter from sea storms. It provided hours of worry and more importantly vomiting. He hated the seasickness, but at least it meant they were moving. The days in which the sails had no wind to fill their breeze were torturous.

The water reflected burning, the hours passing by as they essentially stayed in one spot. "Well no need to worry, at least I get potatoes, dried meat, and smelly but somewhat comfortable ride." Soon he would be reaching the Jade dragon mountains and soon Kou, his journey was only at its' half waypoint. He'd heard good things about Kou. Sure they had a civil war but from the accounts, the caravaneers had told him, things were getting pretty peaceful.

Well it felt as if every moment of Kou was a lie, at least he managed to make it on one of the ships making its way to Kina. Sadly for him from the way he got here, to the fish which rested on him everything was rotten.

Upon first stepping foot in Kou soon after going through customs he was mugged! They stole his supply of travel food and about 20,000 Huang he had just converted upon entering the country. Despair continued to paint him as he no longer had proper funds to find his way to Kina. He thought, which was his mistake, that when a kind man offered work on a fishing boat for a ride that he would be fishing.

For the young Sasanid, it meant gutting and dealing with the fish that would be put out for sale on a fish stall. It made sense he wanted his wares prepared for sale. The only issue was some of these fish had been neglected for way too long. Their insides smelt like they'd been ignroed for at least a week.

"Eeegh!" Turning his head away from the stench there was one light in this journey. Just ahead, as the sun began to arise as if illuminating the islands themselves, he saw it. He'd made it to Kina, now he just had to make it through today.

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