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Delivering a letter

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Job Name: Messages From Home
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: [ 50 XP ] || [ 3,000 Huang ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: As one of the couriers is sick, deliver his messages for him.

So, here he was walking down the street, letter in hand to god knows where. He had been sitting in class, studying when a teacher had picked him to go to the office and talk to the lady behind the desk, she had given him a letter and told him he had to deliver it to one of the staff members on the opposite side of the city as the courier who usually did it was sick and he could consider this apart of his training. Azazel took the letter and saw it was a thick piece of parchment with a seal on the front, he also felt a bit of magic in it, it was probably warded.

He took the small map that had the direction and headed out. Not such a bad gig really, he got to see the city, the lady said he would be paid, and he got to experience more magic that was around him. Stepping out of the academy he had breathed in the fresh air of the wonderful place known as Magnostadt. The air was clean here because they used magic instead of technology. He had read that other lands could be polluted with their growing use of technology that billowed out smoke. He was glad he didn't live there and instead lived here.

Well, onward! Back to the present, Azazel found himself looking around the city with admiration and fascination. There were stores with magic tomes, concotions, potions, objects, and mysterious. Pet stores for familiars, shops on robes and even a shop for magic staves. The city was never dull, everyone here was a magician. He had heard that those who were born without magic were raised seperatly from the mages than put in the plains to work as farmers for the city.

As someone who worked on a farm he personally believed it to be a good and honorable living. Had he been born like his brothers with no magic ability or access to the Magoi than he would have spent his life doing the same. He would work the farm, get married when he turned seventeen to a girl his father and mother picked, build his own farm next to theirs and increase the size, have kids and settle down. That was the life of a farmer but not the life of a Magician. He had a whole new world to explore and explore he shall. His eyes turned to the large house that he had arrived at. So, this was the home of a Magician staff member of the college.

Azazel shook his head admiring the place, it was spectacular and grand. The gates were gilded, the door was polished red oak. He rang the bell and a man appeared, obviously a servant. Azazel bowed just a bit, respecting the man's station while also holding onto his. He cleared his throat. "A message for your Master." Azazel handed the letter over, got a signature and walked off. Job done. He returned to the college, got paid and went back to his class.

WC: 515

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