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Music In The [ Job | Solo ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
”Job Details”:
Job Name: Music In The Air
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Reward: 50 XP 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Must be Jumanah Or Be With Jumanah
Job Overview: While in the streets a local retailer over hears Jumanah humming and asks her to preform something.

Part 1 of 3: Music In The Air

Jumanah smiled happily as the store owner handed her a mask he had made for her based on her design choices. “Well?” he asked as Jumanah gently held it close to her chest in a hug.

“It's way better than I expected! It was certainly worth the money and time!” She said unwrapping her face from the cloth she had kept on it while her new mask had been in the works and put on the new mask. “Thank you sir!”

The man chuckled “You’re quite welcome after what you paid to have that made. AN Odd request but I am glad you enjoy my work given how important it seemed to you. Feel free to come back anytime if you need adjustments or a patch job. I’ll have those carrier straps for your other gear soon  come back in a day or two and they should be ready.” He said with a soft smile and nod.

“Okay!” Jumanah excitedly said before waving goodbye and made her way out humming happily a little tune of a song she had been working on since the battle in the plains. As she passed one stall owner in the streets she heard him call over to her blinking. She looking over and walked over when he waved her over.

“Hey you sound like you may have a good set of pipes on you my dear. WOuld you mind singing me a song? It’s been a long day, I could use the pick me up.” He said with an encouraging smile Jumanah was a bit hesitant but after some pep talk and nodded.

“Fine but only one song alright?” She offered sighing a bit before clearing her throat. She had sung in battle for spells before but never in public… what if others heard and were annoyed with her? She thought to herself as the man waved over some of his buddies that seemed intrigued with what she had to offer making her a bit more nervous. But there wasn't any going back now.

She focused her mind on music while filling her staff with magoi allowing the orb to form as she aimed it up towards the sky placing the bottom of her staff to the ground resting it off to the side of her. She then cast Music Of The Rukh for 20 Magoi allowing music to start to play in the area. The music started off gentle, almost hesitant but slowly picking up in a more confident manner as a few people looked over in interest. She smiled gently under her new mask and gently unhooked the mouth to allow better vocals and to show her soft smile. She then started to sing out in a near sorrowful manner.

“What would you need to have done, To finally see the monster you have become.
The beast in which kills the town, the one that made you in the end frown?
How far would you go, with so many slaves in tow.
In hopes to overthrow…”

She motioned out with her hand that held her mouth cover of her mouth getting more into the song seeing others in the area looking over to her singing She smirked as the song slowed before picking back up more intensely as she spoke the name of the person she sang of. She flicked her arm up into the air as she put in 5 magoi to her staff to let out small little ember flames around her and her staff drawing in a much bigger crowd.

“What would you need to have done, To finally see the Bloody Tyrant you have become.
Oooo oh oooo oh.
The Bloody Tyrant you have become.
Oooo oh oooo oh.
Do you see now what you have done.”

She brought her hand down towards her clenching her mouth part of her mask as she put in 5 more magoi and closed her eyes letting bubbled flow out of the staff and pop along side form small ice particles to add a shimmering effect as she sang out louder making those in the crowd rock back and forth to the song.

“The forces against you too strong it’s too late to admit that you were wrong.
The falling warrior, the flying mage, both of which talents shall never fade with age.
The noble caster, the erry dead crafter, those who will be remembered forever.
Many others come and line up in a row, to fight against those slaves you're forced to take the death toll.
To fight against your blood magic, in which you used to wreak havoc.
Oh my had it been so tragic.”

She rolled her head to one shoulder, then to the other tapping her foot she opened her eyes as she moved into the next section of the song motioning the sky with her hand that held the part of her mask once again.

“Oooo oh oooo oh.
Peel back the layers, to see how it fairs, against the non benevolent…. Bloooooody Tyrant…
Oooo oh oooo oh.
Watch the blood flow, from those brought in tow, used like lambs to the slaughter, look at all the good it brought her.
Oooo oh oooo oh.
What would you need to have done, To have finally seen the monster you have become.
The beast in which kills the town, the one that made you in the end frown?
How far would you go, with so many slaves in tow.
In hopes to overthrow…”

The music slowly went slower once more and her singing was far more gentle.

“Only to fail…
As your face grows pale…
Oh the non benevolent… Bloooooody Tyrant.”

She finished off the song holding out the last musical note for a moment to make a humming like sound bowing as the crowd cheered and clapped tossing her some huang. She smiled lifting up her staff letting all its effects fade as she collected the Huang the retailer chuckling to her. “See I know a singer when I see em kid”

( 1,013 / 500 Words )
( 170 / 200 Magoi )

”Profession Perk Used”:
Captivating Performance: Jumanah can use her other forms of magic to create small harmless effects such as a mist, bubbles, etc to make her performances look more captivating to the surrounding area helping bring out the mood. This will cost 5 magoi each post it is used.

”Spells Used”:

The Music Of The Rukh
Tier: C - Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Social
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must aim their staff and wait for the orb to form and fully grow to its proper size.
Scaling: The area of effect may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 2
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Magoi | 10
Description: The caster can focus on the Rukh around them and manipulate them to give off different sounds. The caster then sets them off in different sequences, speeds, and patterns in order to create various different songs that could be summed up to the caster using the Rukh to act like an instrument. All who are within range and are able to hear will hear whatever the caster tries to perform.  The caster does not need to perform a song but the rukh can only make simple sounds (That do not/can not turn into words.) that they can control.

This can allow the aster to set different sequences to be codes for different things thus allowing the caster to communicate with others that they can not normally do so. The sounds tend to only be able to go as quiet and loud as the casters normal voice. This spell takes quite a bit of focus thus making it one that can be stopped by losing one's focus. The spell takes a few seconds to prepare but after it is ready the caster and make the sounds as they please for as long as they have focus and magoi.


Music In The [ Job | Solo ] Recowl-staff-update

Name: Staff Of The Reclow Tribe
Tier: C
Material: It's outer parts are made of simple metals while the inside core is now a reinforced metal. The colors on it are painted on.
Appearance:  The staff is a total of  154.94 cm (5'1”) in length, in width it is about 2.54 cm (1 in) it has been resized to better fit the height standards of Jumanah Necowl. It’s base of the staff is 2 separate kinds of metals mended together the inner more reinforced then the outer, it also has several stripes painted on it. Towards the bottom and the top are 2 thick blue stripes with a normal metal non colored one between them on both ends. Between these near the center where one would hold there are 2 yellow stripes that are significantly bigger. Then the space between those ones is just normal metal.

At the top of the staff there is a strange looking ornament that comes off the top and sides of the staff. It has been damaged from its mirrored like design and has been roughly reformed and had its edges cleaned up leaving just one side full of what it used to look like with slightly sharpened edgings that have been painted over with blue and a hint of yellow on one side.


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