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1 arm 2 arm (BM training/C tier

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11 arm 2 arm (BM training/C tier Empty 1 arm 2 arm (BM training/C tier 25/07/20, 01:50 am



After a couple weeks of gathering new members, killing guards, and creating fires she had decided that it was time for her to get stronger. There was a big battle right around the corner that she needed to gain power for. Soon She, and her gathering of 8 followers were going to attack the guards of the city at their headquarters and try to take over all of them. To do this she needs more power. To gain this power she would need to get a better handling of her Body manipulation powers . Which this meant being able to control more of her body at once than she is currently able to. Right now she is only able to control on body part at a time which makes her more vulnerable against multiple opponents.

She would leave her followers telling them that she needed to meditate and reflect in order to be able to talk to their god before the upcoming battle. In truth she did not want them to see her using her powers in this capacity. She would travel for a couple of days on foot till she was in a forest a couple of miles outside of the city. She would find a quiet place and stand out in the open. Her mind was always so loud, loud with laughter, with screams, with the noises of the outside world. While she didnt mind the noises she needed the stillness of nature to settle her mind enough to train. This would also probably be the only quietness that she will get before the battles ahead.

She would start focusing on her arms trying to get the skin on both of them to harden at the same time. This was something she had never done before but was wondering if she could do it now. She would spend hours working on this but to no avail. So instead of trying to activate and control them both at the same time she would activate one arm first then try activating the second arm's ability after that. This was still taking a lot of willpower and focus but she was at least able to get half of it down. She would spend a week working on getting a 2nd arm to be controlled by a manipulator ability at the same time as the first. This would take a lot of time and energy so she had to make sure that she was fed and slept enough to retain the energy needed.

Now she was working on activating the, both at the same time instead of 1 at a time. She would spend 2 weeks working on this and would eventually gain the ability to fully use two limbs at the same time with her manipulator powers. Happy with this she would continue a bit longer to make sure she had full control over it. She would then leave the forest ready for adapting new abilities now that she is more capable then she was before.

WC 500+/500

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