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Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The Black Spiders

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] 19-196740_drawn-spider-web-lambang-red-back-spider-logo

Affiliation: No Country - Worldwide
Type: Economic
Status: Invite or Recognition Only

  • Entry: The user must put in work as a slaver, showing their dedication despite the illegal trades threat, will then be given an invitation or dmed thread
  • Departure: An official resignation thread, mages from the organization will still watch your movements the best they can.
  • Activity: One thread a month detailing current work within the organization.

Description: A global organization that can trace its roots back 50 years ago to when its current and original founder began to spread his venom.
Leader: Arachnid Imperium:
Remus Roma:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] 82d
Name: Remus Roma
Country Affiliation: None
Race: Magician
Tier: Omega
Class: Magician [Omega-Tier] | Beast Tamer [Omega-Tier]
Age + Birthdate: 68
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Face-Claim: Dracula - Castlevania Series
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Black
Rukh Alignment:
Special Features: Black Spider Tattoo on right palm which fades in the sunlight.
Role-Play Sample:

Leg of the Northwest-
Rex Rhine Lestus :

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] 6a91017698c34768df0ff1c6713d7458

The Leg of the northwest, the Goliath Bird-Eater Tarantula, he oversees the slavers of Reims underground and also maintains various compounds spreading out across the continent, towards the mountains of Sasan even. He is An A-tier Assassin and beast tamer. A soft acting boy with great acting skills, he puts up a sad face to eventually see what reactions others may produce, his only love in this world being animals. He has two major compounds with a head Tarantula at each, and one head Tarantula located in Reim.

Leg of the North-
Kinara Soto:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] 9dc21d1be36c66543b9e6822c12e4f03

Leg of the North, the Rabid Wolf Spider, overseer of all slave interactions in the cold north. With no compounds, she solely runs hunting operations all the way to Immuchak. This mighty A-tier Warrior, B-tier Ranger, and C-tier Assassin rules ruthlessly in her lands. A native from the northern islands shunned and rejected by encountered Immuchaks and other tribes she's decided to conquer all that inhabit the cold. Commanding the poaching of animals and those who stray from their tribes she rules the wolf spiders, with two head wolf spiders one for the seas and one for the northern islands.

Leg of the Mainland-
Tu'wah Ata:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] 1862ee55dc0dd7b98ffbff1118e462e8

Leg of the mainland, The Giant Huntsman Spider, the man who controls the slave trade from Magnostadt through most of the northern central plains. He runs multiple trade networks connecting trade to his fellow spiders. A calm man who has worked as a slaver his entire life kidnapped from his tribe with the only exposure to his culture from what Remus showed him. An A-tier Beast Tamer and A-tier warrior he does what needs to be done. With one head Huntsman in Magnostadt hidden and one other overseeing trade in the plains he helps manage the bulk of trade and supplies additional resources to his fellow spiders.

Leg of the East-
Baozhi Feng:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] E0d61e94882dc64172256d5118d49fe9

Leg of the East, The False Noble Widow Spider, daughter of Remus and the previous Widow. Having been in the position for 10 years. Using her body's natural toxins an A-tier body manipulator and an A-tier assassin she uses her skills to keep a hidden web. Her sly and sweet personality hides motives similar to that of her father yet with a lot more sugar coating. Leading the widows of her area she manages a large information and control ring. With 4 head widows, 1 for the plains in the east, one for northern jade mountains clans, one for Kou and one even in Kina supplying rare and exotic slaves from land until only recently untouched by anyone except Kou.

Leg of the Southern Seas-
Andrea "The Scar" Suzerain:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] UBDE16Z

Leg of the Southern Seas, The Sea Spider, the leader of a special cargo operation started 20 years ago. Now flourishing in a full trade operation she has a pirate network interrupting trade all across the southern board. Acquiring both cargo and crew for sale. An A-tier Beast tamer, B-tier assassin, and C-tier warrior she owns the seas. She and the water spiders use most of their wealth to upgrade their network, inhabiting a few of the islands in the southern seas. With the size of her operation, she only has one 1 head water-spider who deals with island trade kidnapping natives from southern islands.

Leg of the South-
نيلي ريبر Nylirybr:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] Tumblr_n9w8i2rOe61sjfiqho1_r2_500

The Leg of the South, the Phantom Recluse, a hidden figure of Balbadd. One a prominent leader of the trade-in Balbadd he had to go into hiding, even furthermore upon the appearance of the shadow leader. An A-tier magician and an A-tier Ranger he dominates his enemies from afar. Having his hands reach from his home country, across the desert tribes into the connecting part of the south plains separated by a thick jungle to Meridia. With three head recluses one in Balbadd acting as his mask, one in the desert tribes and one in the southern plains. With the secondary two handling capture operations, the mask in Balbadd heads most trade operations and helps generate capital for the spiders even further in the casinos.

Leg of the Southwest-

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] Ed65d9d3ae53987e722d15f9c4bb0c5b

The Leg of the Southwest, The Ridged-Fang Trapdoor Spider, an excommunicated priestess of Heliohapt. A powerful woman in her time she was kicked out when the pharaoh had acquired "Gilbert" Having lost her power she joined in the slave trade, gaining a quick rise but finding struggle as the country saw a declining trade, but revitalization in her bosses efforts to boost the economy were in naught. Despite being a powerful A-tier mage, B-tier body manipulator, and C-tier assassin she had to flee the capital. With her base destroyed along with one of her head Trapdoor spiders she now rules from whats left of Helio to the desert tribes of the southwest. With now only two heads left one handling the struggling trade of Helio and the other scrambling around the desert of the lost souls.

Leg of the Outsider-
Merble Spider:

Nigrum Araneae [The Black Spiders] Tumblr_o8v1ad15fO1tgo4amo1_1280

The Leg of the Outsider, The Marble Jumping Spider, the eldest daughter of Remus. Born 40 years ago, to a woman of the Morihana clan he and their Patriarch experimented on his daughter. Giving her features similar to that of a spider along with an elongated life span. Despite her age, she is an Omega tier body manipulator and an Omega tier Warrior. She doesn't have either clans efficiency for magic but she does wield a lethal force of slave catchers, training the best for elite jobs and Head Spiders special units. With a Left Fang and Right fang, the two heads of the outsiders serving her she is the elite outside normal operations. The left carries out her word hunting out the most wanted she can't get, while the right fang leads training operations for other jumping spiders.

Members:The Diving Bell Spider, Hyperion Tol Baelsar

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