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Recruitment and Preaching (Job/Plot/Solo)

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Job NameCome and tast the kool aid!!! Pt1
Job RankD
Job LocationKou
Job reward3,000 huang, 50xp
Job prereqnone
Job descriptionAfter getting her first member she decided she might try getting some more members by preaching about her religion and trying to recruit that way.

Gilles was gathering some materials in her shack for her next idea. She had spent the past couple days helping Dusk transform and figure out how to move on 1 leg. It was important that she helps her follower adjust to his new form. He was like a deer that had gained wings and trying to figure out how to use them. She had also supplied him with a mask. Besides for herself the face no longer mattered, the mask symbolized the new form that they have, that they have been reborn like a phoenix. She did not wear masks because her whole body showed her pride for her god as it was a masterpiece covered in burns yet she still had a pale skin complexion. She was a walking testament to the will of her god. However, since she was beginning to be well known by by the guards of this city so she would have to disguise herself. She would cover up everything with a cloak she had found leaving her face exposed. She figured a pretty face would possibly be able to attract more people to her cause. She was not above using multiple means to gather followers.

Gilles and her first knight Dusk walk out to the middle of the town square in the center of the city. She would stand up on the side of a fountain raising her arms into the air as the masked guard stands besides her protectively. "Listen to what I have ti say good people of the city of Kou! I am Gilles, the priestess and voice of our lord and his flames. I am here to tell you of the majesty of his flames and how you all can be reborn by his touch just like me and my knight Dusk have been!" she would say watching the audience. Some were watching her but most seemed of view her words as ravings of a mad person. "The touch of our lord's fire will make you anew and you will become a pillar of this world no longer tied by fate! no longer being the gravel for those with power and money to walk on! If you follow me and out lord you will be the ones in power! You will no longer have to be afraid of death as you will become something above life and death!" hearing her words several people were actually starting to become interested. These were all people that were just peasants that have never had much fir themselves to begins with. Others were low ranking nobles or merchants that liked the idea of a god that gives more power and wealth. Finally there was another group, a darker group that would be intrigued in being in a group like this, they could tell that the pale girl and masked man were unhinged and killers like themselves. This final group would be the minority but probably the only group fully excepting this idea. "If you want to except his touch then meet us outside of town tonight underneath the moon!" she would say purposely leaving out the trial by fire as the crusader and her Dusk leave.

WC 500+/500

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