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Julius Scouts the Field. [Job]

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1Julius Scouts the Field. [Job] Empty Julius Scouts the Field. [Job] 20/07/20, 03:43 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

Job Name: Fleeing Prey | Kogata
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: 50XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Pledge fealty to the Kogata.
Job Overview: To join Kogata, Kina's infamous shinobi clan, one must prove useful. They assign you a job pursuing and capturing a rival shinobi who has just been found eavesdropping on the Kogata but escaped. The shinobi is injured, leaving drops of blood for you to follow to him. If you can defeat and capture the shinobi, they will recognize you as someone capable of working with them.

Enemy Name: Injured Shinobi
Enemy Tier: D
Damage Required to Defeat: D
Description: A cloaked wounded ninja who is trying to escape deeper into the forests and avoid capture.

  • Smoke Bomb: The shinobi throws down a bomb, causing a cloud of smoke 10m in diameter to appear.

  • Kunai Throw: The shinobi throws a kunai at you in hopes of dealing D-Tier damage to you.

  • Shuriken Throw: The shinobi throws a shuriken at you in hopes of dealing D-Tier damage to you.

After doing some searching around for a bit he learned that these clans were just a smaller group of power like parties in the political markets in Reim.  He thought nothing less from his own people of Kou holding onto traditions from long ago.  It seemed Kina was no different, the only thing different was their clan's vast amounts of different fighting styles.  Perhaps this would be the perfect first place to attack Kou, or the perfect place to lay in hiding while he planned his attack, perhaps even use the Clans of Kina to be his physical movement and troops so he could use his magoi elsewhere.

Julius would sigh and lean his weight onto his stave as he took a moment to scan around. Unlike those with swords or bows, simple martial weapons, Julius, on the other hand, had twin pistols on his belt in their holsters set up for a cross draw. Tucked away within the inner jacket pocket of his suit was a Plague wand he had found while destroying Reim.  

Out of all the Clans, the Kogata seemed like the best for him to work with on the principle of he has seen more types of warriors coming from them than any other, perhaps this was just his lack of caring for his ultimate goal of not caring what they truly did.  

Walking into their area he would hear a rather loud interaction of people yelling and grunting, it was the sound of a fight. A cloud of smoke would be seen as he moved towards the area.  While the smoke clouded the area it was thrown in Julius could see a man fleeing from his position.

"After him!"  

This seemed to be a good way to gain their favor.  As he thought this one man came running out.

"You there, if you capture that man for us I will see you rewarded!"

Perfect, Julius would nod his head and give him a smile.
"Of course my good sir. I shall see it is done."  He'd tip his hat and gather his magoi around his body.  

"Lightning Reflex"

Commanding the Ruhk as he spoke the spell name while simultaneously the user coats themselves with their Magic supercharging their legs with black lightning allowing their legs to go beyond their natural limits moving in a straight line for 5 meters.  Taking another step and scaling his spell he'd move another 5 meters, he was now 10 meters in two instants.  

Julius would spot a good trail of blood on the ground, this would be making the task of searching for the guy much easier.

Out of nowhere, a Kunai would come flying towards him, cutting his left arm for D tier damage.  Groaning as the blade sliced him Julius would stop in his tracks.  This was a foolish act, Julius did not care about being cut, however, his suits were hand made and expensive for its style.  

Looking from the Direction of the attack he would see a wounded man holding his gut, blood dripping from his wound.  Julius had a few options but the one he chose was direct contact with the enemy in a way he thought would impress the Clan.  Lifting his stave he would start channeling his magoi once more.  

"Lightning Blade"

Once speaking the name of his spell while commanding the ruhk the user holds their weapon in hand and covers their weapon in their magoi. The Magoi is then converted into a blade of black lightning that reaches out 3 meters from their weapon. The weapon sings with voltage, as the blade of the spell is only  4 cm thick mirroring that of a short sword. When the sword finds its mark it applies at Tier level Arc burns. Deal C tier damage.

Sustaining his Lightning Reflex the magician would take a step forward dashing for 5 meters instantly getting closer to his target, now that he was 3 meters away he would strike out with his Lightning blade cutting at the Shinobi's left leg. The black lightning would strike out paralyzing the target.

The shinobi would scream out in pain, Julius would place the lightning blade to his throat.  This was just a show of intent to kill, he knew there was no way for him to move at this point. Julius would call out.

"Over here I have him.

The Kogata members would walk up and tie the man up, looking over to Julius they would smile and nod. "Ah you have done well young man, I offer you a seat with us. You have done well and honored us with this task. We could have more for you if you agree to work with us."

Looking back to him Julius would nod as he allowed his magoi to calm and his stave return to normal while he sat it onto the ground.  

"Of course"

120/180 Magoi
40/40 Stamina


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