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Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Word spreads, even through a wall
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Reward: 7,000 | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The mages from Magnostadt have heard of knights outside the city who have been harassing mages outside the walls, asking for info about dungeons. Go deal with these strange attackers find out their business.

Enemies: Sasan Knights:
Enemy Name: Sasan Knights x5
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: Sasan Knights are equipped in a blue-tinted steel armor which covers most of their body but their heads. Well trained soldiers who've dedicated their lives to fighting for their nation, being able to jog and move at a decent pace. Each Knight is equipped with with a 1.6m long lance which does C-tier damage, a 1m long shortsword and a C-tier tower shield that is .75, wide and 1.5m tall.

  • Brigade Block- The group of Knights, needing 5 or more forms a wall that can block one attack up to A-tier in damage.

  • Lance Charge- A Sasan Knight charges forward 3m dealing C-tier damage with their Lance if they strike someone.

  • Toss- While blocking with a shield or intercepting an incoming attack the Sasan knight tucks and uses their shield to throw their opponent behind them 3m.

It turned out that Nioh was getting quite the reputation around Magnostadt for being a reliable helper, and someone who was willing to lend a hand wherever someone might need it. He was happy that others were able to depend on him and he loved helping out, but it was turning out to be very detrimental to his studying. He needed to prepare for his exams and he hadn’t even tested any of his offensive spells in combat yet.

But, he heard from a few guards that there was trouble brewing outside of the gates of the city. Apparently a few Sasan knights had made their way to the city and were hassling those who entered or exit, being a general nuisance. The guards were looking for someone to help them handle the knights.

When he went to volunteer, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to test out his spellwork in the field, Nioh found that someone else had already offered their assistance. But rather than turn Nioh away, the guard captain looked relieved that he also wanted to help. Apparently the other who offered to help could be a bit of a...handful.

So Nioh was on joint babysitting duties and knight disposal, though he didn’t mind. He now waited at the gate patiently for his mission companion, leaning gently on Hyades as he did so. He hummed to himself softly, a random song that he was making up as it came to him.

Word Count: 245/1000
Magoi: 180/180
Stamina: 65/65
Items Brought:

Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] 480px-Npc_zoom_3030039000_81
Name: Hyades
Tier: D
Material: White Adler; Gold
Appearance: This staff strangely enough takes the form of a large oar, measuring 182cm (6ft) in length. It is made of a beautifully polished white wood, with golden banding and adornments along its paddle, haft and at its pommel. The base of the paddle is also inlaid with a bright glittering sapphire on either side, the gems glowing when channeling the user's magic.
Essence of Dawn:

Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] 350?cb=20160613233757 Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] 350?cb=20160613233753
Name: Essence of the Dawn
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Sunseer [Heat+Light+Clairvoyance]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: On the outside, it is an ordinary flask that is roughly 20 cm tall and 7 cm wide. During the day, the inside is filled with a warm, fluorescent golden liquid that seems to come alive at the touch. It's warmth reminds you of the kiss of the sun on a summer day or a mother's loving embrace. In the night, the liquid turns blue and cold, shining brightly like the moon.

  • The Wrath of Apollo - After channeling magoi into the flask, keeping the flask upright, the liquid sunlight will drain out and seep into the ground. A pillar of scorching light that is 20 meters in diameter will erupt from the ground underneath the target and deal B tier damage in the form of burns as well as applying the effects of the magic type.
  • The Gift of Diana - After channeling magoi into the flask, turning the flask upside down, the liquid moonlight will drain out onto the surface below, creating an icy mirror that is 15 meters in diameter. It will show any past or present the user wishes to see. However, it will be silent and the user many only look into a maximum of 1 threads per use or sustain.


Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] D6580c10a88b48baf6c15c94c75f14bb
"Shall I show you the might of the maelstrom?
The Vault of Nioh

Setekh Fahim

Setekh Fahim
there wasn’t much left for him in magnostadt. after being expelled from the school due to ‘unethical practices’, he was forced to continue his studies in other ways. perfecting his magic was a challenge within itself. however, there were little bits of work here and there that served a dual purpose for him, as much of a drag as it was to do them.

it was amusing to see how ethical his actions were considered in those circumstances. the duality of man was a concept not many liked to see within themselves despite how clear it was. these animals would kill others of their kind but only when it suited them. otherwise, it was wrong, unethical.

today, he was to indulge their flawed nature yet again. he would have to thank these knights before he was finished with them.

it didn’t take him long to reach the gates yet he was late as always, running on his own time. waiting for him was a young man, a bit shorter, with white hair and an interesting staff. he twirled his own between his fingers, letting the blades catch speed with the air.

“are you here to deal with the knights?” he asked as he approached, amber eyes sticking to him.


Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] MX6zHDk
Name: Old Ornate Twinblade
Tier: D Tier
Material: Magnesium (Overall) | Silver (Plating) | Dyed Cloth (Handle)
Appearance: The twinblade is roughly 183 cm long overall with extremely dull blades extending out of either end that make up 61 cm each. Blue cloth is tightly wrapped around the grip and appeared quite worn from use. The blades appear to have numerous scuffs implying it's age.


Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] NMF1dpb



“I’m here to deal with you as well, apparently...” Nioh thought to himself as he gave his mission partner a quick once over. As he observed his partner for the day, it startled him just how starkly different they were. They were almost polar opposite, Set’s dark skin and hair versus his own fair features, their height and even their posture. Nioh didn’t slouch, but he carried himself as though borne on a breeze, but Set moved with purpose and power.

Even their staves were different. Nioh’s was a tool used for travel, completely unassuming, but Set’s was obviously an instrument of war. Nioh couldn’t help but wonder what exactly this man was like in action that made the officials in Magnostadt fear him like they do. He seemed polite enough, if a little on the blunt side. It dawned on Nioh that he had been staring more than talking at this point.

“O-oh uhm, yes! I am here to help with the knights.” He gave a small chuckle and shifted his staff a bit in his grip “Though, I must admit, I have no combat experience. This will be a lesson as well as a mission for me, in truth.” He turned and began walking towards the gate, but then stopped, whipping back around with wide eyes “I didn’t introduce myself! My name is Nioh Na’al, pleasure to meet you!” He took a few steps back and held out his free hand to shake.

Word Count: 490/1000
Magoi: 180/180
Stamina: 65/65


Not all Knights are Chivalrous [Job; Nioh & Set] D6580c10a88b48baf6c15c94c75f14bb
"Shall I show you the might of the maelstrom?
The Vault of Nioh

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