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Koval Estate Improvement V [Job/Solo]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job Name: Flower Garden
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Reward: 7k Huang | 100xp
Chain Reward: 300K / Koval Estate Inheritance
Job Prerequisites: Noir
Job Overview: The estate had a small flower garden with 4 trees surrounding it, however the garden was neglected and lots of the flowers withered. It would be good to restore the garden so people can enjoy them, but how can she plant them by hand would be the question. Go find someone to help and rebuild the flower garden!

“Well, the animal farm and the public library are very well received, we have had a lot of visitors for the past few days and they seemed happy to enjoy the new features of the Koval Estate.” said the man as he showed the visitor’s reports to Noir and Shousui, did not hide how happy he was that the estate was full of visitors now. Business was going well too and they have finally reached the final part of the plans, the flower garden. As much as Jericho wondered why Noir, as a magician who could easily make the flowers bloom, didn't want to actually use magic to expand the flower garden… But he remembered that a long time ago, Zion told him about that garden, his father hand planted them by himself and managed to make a small flower garden, although those four big trees got some magical help to grow.

Jericho admitted that he didn't really pay attention to the flower garden, as he was already busy enough taking care of the outpost before. That was understandable though, how could a single person handle so many things… that was also an issue that needed to be solved soon though or this man would collapse because of the amount of the work he did. So far for the animal farm as well as the public library, he wouldn't need to worry about the management because they already pointed to a person in charge, so Jericho only needed to receive reports on a daily basis.

“Mmm for the flower garden, I need some help from the workers or maybe even the locals… it would also be good if there is a person who has experience to plant flowers too.” Noir would pause for a bit before continuing, “As for the seeds… I can provide them through magic, but as I mentioned before, I want it to be hand planted as an appreciation to Zion’s father.” As she saw the approving nods from the man, the black haired girl would begin to infuse magoi into her staff before stabbing it to the ground. In a second, several flower seeds would pop out from the ground and they would be able to gather it as soon as Noir finished. It took a lot of magoi from the younger magician actually, not to mention that a lot of flower seeds appeared from the ground as well. Noir would save the details on how she managed to do it later though, she took a deep breath before breathing in and out slowly. “We still have to sort the seeds though.” She would say while panting, still trying to catch her breath.

Some of the free workers and even the visitors helped them to sort the seedlings, even the local florist helped as well. They also agreed to help planting it by hand to restore the flower garden and Noir thought that only Jericho could do something like this, his people gatherer power was really no joke… not to mention he didn't need a lot of time to gather all of these people.

After they finished sorting the seeds, they would start to listen to what the florist had in mind on how to plant the flowers and where they should plant it. From what Noir understood, they would put each flower’s type in one separate area and later, they could put a sign to show the name of each flower along with the meaning each of the flowers hold. The young magician liked it so far and she could only hope Zion would come to visit soon after the flower garden was ready, so he could see how beautiful the flowers around his father’s tomb. With that thought, Noir hummed happily as she started to dig the hole on the ground and carefully put the flower seed as taught by the florist. She would look around as she planted several seeds, noticing that some people were enjoying the flower planting, some even said that it was their first time planting flowers and they couldn't wait to see what kind of flower would bloom later.

Noir wouldn't lie but she really wondered where Shousui had been going.... She hadn't really seen the older woman as they started to plant the flower’s seeds, but Noir wouldn't be mad at Shousui if she was just relaxing in the meeting room, considering how hot it was today… But she was pretty grateful that there were so many people helping them to plant the flowers despite the hot weather, so she thought she could treat them to something refreshing. However, like a mind reader, the older magician appeared at the garden, making her entrance with several people holding a tray of what looked like a cold drink. They gave the drink to each person who helped on the hot day though, helping them to feel refreshed as the coldness touched their lips and rehydrating their throat.

“Here you go, Little Noir.” Shousui would approach the girl as she handed Noir a cup of iced tea. “Look at that sweat, though…” The older woman sighed as she sipped some of her own iced tea, “That’s why I prefer to do inhouse work… But we are pretty much done with all the things we planned to do, isn’t it?”

Noir would also take a sip, closing her eyes the moment the iced tea reached her throat, enjoying the coolness. “I think that would be all, yeah…” The black haired girl would take another sip of the iced tea as well, liking how the fragrance made her feel calmer. “Thank you for the drink.”

Shousui chuckled as she heard Noir thanking her, wanting to tease her because of that but she decided to hold herself back. As much as the older woman wanted to tease the younger one, it wouldn't be a good time, so Shousui would only give Noir a nod.

Well, the flower will fully bloom in around 2 or 3 months, so until then, one of the florists will take care of the garden. But rumor said that the flower garden got really popular among the visitors due to its romantic and calming vibes, especially couples.Perhaps it was thanks to the florist idea to put the meaning of the flowers as well!

WC: 1054/1000


Koval Estate Improvement V [Job/Solo] GONhvwv

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