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Home invasion (job/plot/solo)

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Job Name: Burning Homes Part 3
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward:3,000 huang, 50xp
Job Prereq:Burning Homes Part 2
Job Overview: Guards have come for gilles who must rather escape or defeat them. She will take this chance to try to figure out more about the guards and their headquarters.

Enemy Name: Guards x5
Description:Simple guards in guard attire and armed with spears.
Abilities: Spear throw:Throws the spear 5 meters to deal d tier damage
drill spear: Thrust the spear while twisting it to deal d tier damage.

Enemy Name: Guard Captain
Description:Slighty better guard with a sword and shield.
Abilities: Perfect block: thrusts out shield to block c tier or below damage.
Cross Slash: The user slices twice in a cross formation dealing c tier damage.

Gilles was in the abandoned shack currently cleaning up the blood and mess left by the body she had in here. It looked like the person would have survived the whole ordeal but he ended up succumbing to his wounds. She ended up discarding of the body nearby her shack. She was now trying to plan her next move. She could do two different things, one of them being setting more fires and look for more crusaders of flame. The second option was to openly preach about her god, the flames and try to recruit people that way. This would get her a lot more willing people but she would still have to test them to see if they were worthy to serve their god.

She would be thinking of these two options when her door is forced open causing the ram shod door to crash into the floor. Standing in the doorway gilles could see a small group of Kou guards all armed with spears besides the one in the back, he had a sword and shield, he must be the leader of this group. The would look at her and hold their spears towards the ghostly pale woman. "Woman dont move! we know that you are the arsonist. Witnesses mentioned a pale white haired girl with crimson eyes laughing as she butchered those poos people. Also we have found the remains of one of them near this very shack. Come with us and we wont resort to violence."

The woman would just smile as she looks towards them, this was perfect! she did not realize that there was a third option all along. She would use the guards. The guards protect this whole city so what better way to burn the whole city then by using its protectors! She would make sure to test these men and if they survive use them to gather information on the guards of this city.

She would watch as the all enter ready for them. They were not taking a risk so they raised their spears right as she jumps over them grabbing a lit oil lamp that he had. she would run to the door and toss the lamp at a large barrel that was in the small shack. The barrel would explode as it was full of slime that Gilles had produced over days upon days. It quickly caused the whole shack to catch in flames and soon she would hear that sound that always accompanies fire, screams. She would smile laughing waiting to see if any are chosen by the fire.

After a few minutes the captain would appear covered in a few burn wounds and grunting in pain. He had survived but he didnt escape getting burned by the flames. There were no signs that the other 5 guards had survived. She would grin ashair blade activates covering her left arm in hardened hair and charges at the guard thrusting out her blade just for it to become blocked by the captain's perfect block. She would jump behind him before slicing his left leg clean off. This would cause the captain to collapse as well as pass out do to the pain. She would smile as she looks at the man. She had finally found one! for so long she was alone, even in her own homeland but now she had found another crusader of her god, their god. She would use some of her hair to cut off blood flow from his new stump so he would not bleed out and drags the man off to find a new base.

WC 500+/500

Hair Armory:Blade
Tier: d
Class: Body Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hair can be destroyed easily by bladed weapons, acid or flames.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

The user has their hair wrap around their left arm and hardens into the shape of a .5 meter long sword extending from the users arm. It lasts for 1 post and deals d tier damage

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