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At Natures Beck And Call [Training/Private]

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Two months had gone by since Ren had entered the Jade Dragon Mountains. A lot had happened since then so I think it’s about time we do a bit of recapping to explain what our young Fanalis had been up to. After finally seeing his father he had begun undergoing heavy training to prepare for whatever was to come within the future. Training was necessary for the Fanalis seeing as how whatever they had released from the cavern back in Imuchakk would eventually find them. Spending time with Raidon and Jenshi has proved to be a necessary thing for Rens growth.

During their time training, Raidon had decided that it would be best for Ren to finally acquire his own companion. A companion which could assist him in battle no matter the cost and he had just the animal in mind. He had received word of a creature who was caught a few days ago and was being transported to an underground slave trading organization in Zou. It was apparently going to travel through the valley before reaching the capital which was the perfect time for his son to strike and gain a new companion. After explaining the details to Ren, they set off on a journey to save the creature. Making their way through the forest was easier this round then the last seeing as how they now had a perfectly good grasp of the valley itself. As they got closer to the main road sounds could be heard, the sounds made seemed to be of horses and a wagon of sorts. Perched up above a tree, Ren and Raidon spotted the wagon. There! In a rather large cage was a large green female wolf. That must’ve been the creature!

As the wagon came closer towards their direction Raidon stuck his hand in the air to signal Ren begin moving. Leaping off the tree, he braced himself and landed with a thud on top of the wagon. The man steering the wagon turned around and cursed once he saw Ren. Pulling out his gun he aimed it at Ren only to receive a swift kick from Raidon as he landed alongside the driver. Ren unsheathed his blade and stabbed the cage’s lock. The door popped open as Ren jumped into the cage. The wolf roared as Ren took slow steps towards it to reassure it that it was safe. ”It’s alright little buddy, I’m here to save you.” The wolf calmed down a bit but made sure to keep its guard. Ren smashed the chains around it’s legs and smiled. ”Let’s get out of here. ” The wolf followed slowly behind Ren. Raidon ceased the horses movements and signaled for Ren to head out before more arrived.

Just as the cages door closed, Ren perched himself on top of the wolf and grinned, ”Charge! So we can get out of here.” The wolf didn’t hesitate, Lowering its head it charged at the door and lifted its head as it ripped the unlocked door off its hinges and sent it flying. Ren grinned as he could already see the bond he was creating with the beast.

Nature's Charge! Learned!

Word count: 547/8000

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