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Shards of Illah Systems

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Shards of Illah Systems XhmwIm2

After the fall of Solomon Shards around the beginning of the Kou Civil War, a certain individual of immense power, The Contractor, came across the crystals of Fate. He noticed their purpose and sought to replicate them. Knowing that a person’s rukh could be corrupted, this man began to corrupt the Shards of Solomon, tainting the white rukh inside and the gem casing to black. The Contractor looked pleased with his newfound creation. Each tainted shard is a crystallized manifestation of the rejection of fate itself and is heavily influenced by the will of Ill Illah or the individual that crushed the shard. By breaking one of these small translucent crystals, it will tap into an individual's rukh and grant them guidance or power based on their darkest desires.


Before you crush a shard, you want to keep these factors in mind:

  • To crush a Shard of Illah successfully, you must be depraved.
  • Prior to use, you should always contact a staff member to discuss what you want from the shard.
  • In order to crush a shard, it must be in character within a thread.
  • However the shard reacts to the user crushing it is up to them.
  • You should make sure that whatever you want from the shard has meaning to your character. Whether you're being guided to a plot opportunity, an item, or being granted a trait, it should have value.
  • When writing about crushing your shard, make sure your posts have content that relates to the meaning. We should be able to tell why your character had the urge to crush the shard.


Upon crushing a shard, it may grant you to one of these opportunities: (list subject to change)

  • It may guide the user towards important plot opportunities. (ex. meeting a powerful NPC, locating a hidden ruin, items of interest.)
  • It may guide the user towards a custom-tailored magic tool that is unique to them. The user may choose the look and theme. An assigned staff member will create the function.
  • It may be used to guide a user towards obtaining a powerful ability or trait from Alma Torran. The user may have input but staff will create the final ability or trait.
  • It may be used to protect the user by allowing a player to survive an otherwise lethal situation. Upon use in this manner, the user is protected from any harm for the rest of the thread and may not be targeted by others. However, they may not attack as they are deemed too weak to fight.
  • It may be used to teleport the user out of a dungeon or event area that is inescapable by normal means.
  • Control a Dark Djinn Assimilation form
  • Flood an area with Dark Rukh/Malice (granting a full 10+ Black Rukh Counter for Black Rukh Perks)
  • Interfere with White Rukh Perks by flooding the area with Black Rukh


Here are some rules regarding what they may not do:

  • It may not be used to locate the exact location of a dungeon or an undiscovered plot area.
  • It may not create or destroy any objects, places, or individuals.
  • It may not alter or transform any objects, places, or individuals.
  • It may not control or manipulate any objects, place, or individuals.
  • Keep in mind, there may be exceptions to these restrictions as they are vague and staff has the right to add onto these restrictions as needed.


All characters start with a single shard and may obtain additional shards through these methods:

  • EVENTS: They may be granted as a reward for certain events.
  • CONTESTS: They may be granted as a reward for certain contests.
  • PLOT: They may be granted randomly through certain achievements or by participation in plot.
  • SHOPS: They may appear in Fate's Fortune for lower tier players or Ω tier players in small quantities and a high price.
  • TRADES: They may be obtained through another player through in character trades for a price of their choice.

[b]Description:[/b] A corrupted shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their rejection against fate. Please see the [url=][b]Shard Systems Page[/b][/url] for more information.
[b]Amount:[/b] 1

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