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Lending a Helping Hand - The Plains [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: A Peasant's Medicine
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Mainland / The Plains
Job Rewards: 50 Exp. and 3 000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: None
Job Overview:

    A small family made of two kids and their mother work in one of the smaller farms on the east coast of Magnostadt. One day however the mother of the two young children falls ill and the only one who can save her is you. One of the children appears to have basic knowledge of herbs but is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Can you save the peasant family?

Elias had recovered in the few days since Nioh had helped him with his deliveries, but he still wasn’t feeling well enough to travel out into the plains. Luckily, he only had one delivery to take care of out there and Nioh was more than happy to cover it for the courier. After all, Nioh had been planning on taking a long walk and maybe even having a picnic as well.

He packed a basket, filled it with some fresh bread, cheeses, fruits and a cooled jar of honeyed milk. He also tucked the letter into the basket and went over the directions Elias gave him for the house in his head before setting out. Nioh enjoyed a quick walk through Magnostadt and out of the gates, then slowed once he was clear of the city proper.

As he walked, he contemplated stopping for his picnic before he delivered the letter, but dismissed the thought rather quickly. He didn’t want to keep whoever he was delivering to waiting, especially if the information was important. He contented himself with taking in the sights around him, picking out a few spots that may make for a wonderful picnicking area on his way back.

When he got to the house, he noticed a very somber energy around it. He walked up slowly and knocked on the door. After a moment, a small boy around the age of ten opened it. His eyes were bleary and red, his nose running despite his efforts to clean his face on his sleeve “Hello?”

Before the young boy could answer, another older one came to the door and pushed him to the side. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen, and he leveled Nioh with a skeptical and untrusting look. His eyes trailed down to the basket in Nioh’s hands and then back up to his face the staff on his back “Who are you?” He asked bluntly.

“Oh. I’m Nioh, a courier.” He offered the letter from his hand.

The boy took it and placed it somewhere off to the side, then looked back at Nioh “Are you one of the magicians? From the city.” Nioh gave the boy a curious look, but nodded in answer “You have to help me.” He opened the door fully, revealing the entirety of their house. It was a one room affair, with a kitchen and dining area off to one side and beds to another. In one of the beds was a woman, though she looked deathly ill.

“My mom is sick. She gets like this every so often, but usually not this bad. She gets better when we give her tea brewed from a plant that grows nearby, but I can’t leave them here alone to get it…”

“I’ll help, don’t worry.” Nioh moved into the house, the boy giving no objections as he did so, and set the picnic basket down on the table in the dining area “You two must be hungry, all this worrying you’re doing.” He pulled some things from the basket and set them on two plates, pouring both boys a small cup of the milk “Tell me where the herb is and I’ll get it while you two eat.”

The older boy told Nioh where it was and the magician set out, finding the herbs growing not fifteen minutes away easily enough. He returned with more than the boy had said he needed, just so they could have some for later in case their mother grew worse again. When Nioh returned, he brewed the tea himself, though he allowed the boy to give it to his mother.

The boys had polished off most of his picnicking foods, but Nioh didn’t mind. He waited there with them, talking with them both while he ate the rest of what was in his basket. When the mother woke, she was appraised of the situation and gave him her deepest thanks. Nioh accepted graciously before excusing himself from his home and returning to Magnostadt.

It wasn’t the picnic he had planned, but he didn’t mind any.

Word Count: 680/500
Magoi: 180/180
Stamina: 65/65


Lending a Helping Hand - The Plains [Job/Solo] CkEI8gv
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Approved and rewarded, a nice gentle read.


Lending a Helping Hand - The Plains [Job/Solo] OJgAYLo

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