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Lending a Helping Hand - The Courier [Job/Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Messages From Home
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: [ 50 XP ] || [ 3,000 Huang ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview:

    As one of the couriers is sick, deliver his messages for him.

Nioh had heard a tell from Tori, the librarian he had been helping the previous day, that there was someone else who had gone to the going away party and gotten sick. He wasn’t a librarian, but rather a courier that was close with the senior librarian they had been seeing off. The man’s name was Elias, and because of how he was feeling he couldn’t deliver any of his packages or messages.

The young yellow magician decided if he was going to help someone else, he would start with Elias. He made his way to the man’s home, and knocked on the door. He waited a few long moments before Elias answered, opening the door a crack and squinting out into the daylight “Y-yes?” His voice was noticeably hoarse, most likely from not using it for so long “How can I help you?”

“Hello, Mr. Elias. My name is Nioh Na’al. A worker from the library, Tori Udiya, told me that you were sick and unable to deliver your missives. I have a few days to myself and nothing to do, really, so I would like to offer my services in carrying out your deliveries.”

The door closed and then opened once more, the man inside waving for Nioh to enter. He looked sickly indeed, his eyes puffy and red and his face covered in a small sheen of sweat. Elias had also wrapped himself in a fluffy robe, possibly to make himself more comfortable even though he didn’t really look the part “Thank you for doing this, my boy. I appreciate it.”

Nioh nodded and held out his hand as a messenger’s satchel was placed into it “There’s a few things in there already, but I haven’t been around the post office to pick up more recent deliveries so you’re gonna wanna stop by there first.” Elias coughed a bit “There’s a few that are going out of Magnostadt, to the plains and such, but none too far. I try not to travel all over the place, far too much hassle.”

Nioh slung the bag over his shoulder and walked out of the door “I’ll handle these for you, please get better Mr. Elias!” There was an affirmative grunt and the door closed behind Nioh softly, the white haired boy turning onto the street and looking through the satchel. There were a few papers that had addresses right on the way to the post office, so he would handle those first.

The deliveries were easy enough, and Nioh was happy to see the gratitude of the people who got the mail they’d been waiting for. It was nice. When he arrived at the office, he informed them he was filling in for Elias, and they gave him the man’s backed up deliveries. There were fewer, because other couriers had offered to take things that were on their route, but there was still quite a bit.

Nioh spent the day milling around Magnostadt, and then venturing out into the plains, delivering missives and packages to the addresses he was given. He did have a run in with a kid who snatched a package from him, but Nioh used a simple Lightning Weave spell to paralyze his leg so he couldn’t run like he was planning to. Nioh felt mean admitting it, but it was funny watching the would-be thief fall on his face after he cast the spell.

Nioh’s day was otherwise uneventful, though fulfilling for him. He really loved helping people.

Word Count: 585/500
Magoi: 170/180
Stamina: 65/65
Spell Used:

Lightning Weave
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The range of this technique requires the target to be within close range, putting the user at a greater risk if they are somehow capable of avoiding it.
Scaling: Duration (Adds 1 Post of Paralysis per 10 Magoi)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

    This spell causes the user to channel electricity into their off hand for a moment before performing a flicking motion outwards with all of their fingers. This sends a wave of electricity forwards in a 90° cone that reaches up to 1m away from them. Targets caught in the wave have pulses of incapacitating electricity sent through their system, causing one of their limbs to lock up and paralyzing it for 1 post, halting all motions they were previously making with said limb as it seizes.


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