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Chasing Yesterday [jcink New Open-World Animanga RP!]

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Chasing Yesterday [jcink New Open-World Animanga RP!] FGcx0s
Image is linked!

Earth is dying, but with the last bits of functional technology we humans have the means to travel to a new world far larger than earth where everything that was once thought fantasy is true! If your world was dying and you could travel to one out of only your wildest dreams, would you go?

Chasing Yesterday is an animanga FC themed site where the possibilities are endless. Lacking a focal plot, our members are the ones who can shape our world. Through various events and actions of important characters the world of CY can be changed at the drop of a hat. Our story is only driven by the endless possibilities of creativity that our members bring to us! Discover new lands, find new species, create your own race of sentient beings and more. On CY you have creative freedom (within reason!) to shape how you want your characters to live in this wild, wild world.

Our community will be here to promote mature behavior and adult coping behaviors, this means that while we're still available for the members, we also wish to see our members grow and mature as people just as much as their characters may develop. We have no tolerance for hatred, but nor do we appreciate self-entitlement either on CY.

Join our discord here to see about getting started and introduced to the community!

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