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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP

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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP YfekYBz

High school has ended for a lot of the teenagers in Mystic Falls and college life is moving at a rapid pace. Lucifer has been freed from his cage and has finally made his way to Mystic Falls using Sam as his vessel leaving the Winchesters and their extended family with no choice but to band together to save him once more. Elsewhere in town Dahlia's arrival is already having drastic consequences. A number of children around town have woken up as sixteen-year-olds and those around them who are aware of the supernatural world have both real and fake memories of what happened. This turn of events has seen Ric and Jenna open the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted early as a safe haven for those affected and other supernatural teenagers across the country alike. Klaus has started his hybrid army to protect his family while they all try and find a way to stop Dahlia once and for all. Meanwhile, the book explaining the existence of the Dread Doctors has been circulated around town by an unknown source as they ready to move on to the next step of their plan having successfully managed to resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan and the hits on supernatural creatures that have been causing havoc throughout Mystic Falls have now moved to Whitmore and have been broadened to include those who sympathize with supernaturals as well.

With so many dangerous liaisons right around the corner, devastation is sure to follow.
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Most needed characters:

Esther Mikaelson
Malia Tate
Kira Yukimura
Hybrids for Klaus' Pack
Tom Avery
Penelope Park
Vernon Boyd
Melissa McCall
The Heretics
Kinsella Pack

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