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An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
In the corner of his wrinkled, worn down, elderly face, rose the sun upon the land of the magic arts and greatest academy of magic of any land. Its golden brilliancy and radiancy shined bright on his magic reinforced clear panes, refracting a colorful array of colors upon his office. Lying his beneath down within his chair, the greatly revered and legend of a magician would breath in for two seconds, and all at once, would let his breath out. His face was only aging with each and every passing day that befell Magnostadt. It was coming to be time the title of his was passed unto a new and hopeful future leader of Magnostadt. However, not now was time to quite think about such a thing yet. It was definitely a thought though that ever so lingered within his aging noggin of his.

He lived through quite a fair deal of interesting experiences during this blessed time as the Chancellor, albeit a difficult position with many troubles and burdens one must carry. Yet, the elderly magician still felt obligated to serve his people and hopeful students. It was though, not the only reason for why he resumed his duties as Chancellor, as there existed one other main reason. It had to do with his pa- "Ba ba ba" a sound of two knuckles lightly pounding against the wood of the office door, a morning report for the Chancellor of the academy. It would have interrupted a brief thought he was having. He would sigh and ignore what thoughts had begun to enter his head, for they truly had no place in this moment and time. With the fingers of his hands intertwined, Ephraim spoke to the woman behind the door.

"You may enter. "

Voiced the withering old sage, whom looked on at the door with a stoic expression. It could be quickly deduced by any ordinary observant person that the Chancellor had been through much in his time as the leader of Magnostadt. His astute and scholarly reporter and assistant was a young woman who easily saw this. Zivah, Ephraim's assistant spoke of the happenings of the city and neighboring towns and villages as of recent as Ephraim himself listened intensely to her words. He would cusp his wooden cup with tea resting in it, and bring it up to his lips, sipping it. Minutes would pass, and with it, the different reports for today. Until arriving to the report of the young but talented magician Noir Ecryola who had returned to the city some not too long ago.

It would be good news for the Chancellor whom had found himself impressed and amazed at the young lady's magical prowess over the years. Ephraim would pick up a parchment paper from within a drawer, and dip his pen in ink, before beginning to color the paper in letters and words to the young mage. Ephraim would close his drawer, finishing the paper he wrote. He would look up at his assistant with a tired face, gesturing for her to take the freshly written paper. "Go on, take it. It is time for the lady to become more than just a student." Said the elderly man, as he would had came to the conclusion a week ago he would begin implementing a brand new position. This new position was one for 1st Kodors who were not of age to become a Professor, yet would benefit greatly from being an assistant of one. It would prepare Noir and any other high excelling magician for being a Professor here at Magnostadt's magic academy.

"Yes, Sir. I will have this to her at once."

"Please do. I hope she will be content with this position request."

Zivah grasping the parchment that would now be rolled up, would see it out that Noir Ecryola received this message and request of Ephraim's. If she were to accept the position, she would visit the Chancellor's office tomorrow morning as it would be detailed in the letter to her. Telling the guard of the letter before the door to his office, she could be admitted in to speak with Ephraim himself. It was a small meeting of sorts with Noir if she accepted. Anyhow, with pep in her step, Zivah led the letter down the hall to another magician subordinate of Ephraim's. He would take the letter, and be sure to deliver it to wherever Noir may be within the academy itself. It would be a man in magician robes and dark blue hair, and a frail stature who would be the one delivering the letter to the well respected and noble young woman. It was the morning time of the day, with the sun having just rose only an hour or two ago when Noir were to be delivered this important message.

Dear Noir Ecryola,

I am very pleased to inform you of your excellent performance as a 1st Kodor student. Therefore, as a result of your great work and dedication as a student of Magnostadt, I am personally offering you a new position within Magnostadt, as an Assistant Professor. An Assistant Professor may be still a student in a sense, however, with the benefits and privilege of learning from a Professor and working closely with one to teach and guide other students learning how to wield magic. You will have access to the Labyrinth as well, under supervision of a Professor that is. If the offer of this position is satisfactory, please visit my office upon sunrise tomorrow and inform the guard of my message to you.

Kind regards,
Ephraim Alharizi

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
She did it again...and it was worse than before… After putting down the book she had just finished reading, the magician rubbed her tired eye as she slowly brought her head up, looking at the window. With one hand she guarded her eyes from the piercing morning light and she groaned as she covered her face with her hands, slowly giving it a rub. As she leaned her back slowly, the girl once again paid attention to the scenery outside of her window, a breathtaking view that let her see the garden of the academy that fits perfectly with the clear blue sky above. A sigh escaped her pale lips before she climbed down from the window sill and went to her bed table to grab a cup of water, re-hydrating herself.  

As much as Noir wanted to just go to sleep, she thought to herself she couldn't do it due to the upcoming classes she has to attend after missing so many of it. After some preparation, the girl would head out from her room, leaving Kuzunoha who was still enjoying her sleep alone after giving her a loving pet. Well, she was still not fond of the uniform she had to wear, but it did bring some kind of a nostalgic feeling so… she didn’t mind wearing it today.

The class for today would be a short one though and it was about abbreviation magic as she remembered on the schedule she received. Being a 1st Kodor didn’t really give her a lot of classes anymore, but thankfully she could still attend other classes if she wanted to although it would be too much work and she would rather stay in her room to read books. However she saw someone who caught her attention though and this man with dark blue hair a frail stature was walking towards her with eyes locked into her own golden orbs. As he called her name, the girl only tilted her head before continuing to walk towards the man, wondering what kind of business he might have with her. But he just handed a letter and informed that Noir might find more information after she read the letter. “Oh… Thank you.” Noir would say towards the man as he bowed slightly and left.

The golden eyed girl stared at the letter she just received, wondering who sent her the letter. But it was no use to make assumptions, she could just open the letter and find out. The information written there made Noir’s eyes widened though, it was a letter from the Chancellor himself… and...he wanted to offer her a position as Assistant Professor. She couldn’t believe this, she was literally away for a year from the academy, doing her own things but the Chancellor noticed her and even offered her a new position within the academy. Not only that, she would have access to enter the labyrinth… Noir never thought she would be able to enter the labyrinth unless she tried to sneak her way in…

To be able to get up on time before the promised schedule, Noir made sure she went straight to bed after the classes were finished. She was going to meet the chancellor after all, she couldn't be late...and she couldn't show up with big black bags under her eyes either. Well, it was hard to restrain her mind from not reading more books, but for the sake of meeting the chancellor, she forced herself to just get some rest and to be ready for the next day. The last time she met him was at her 1st Kodor test, but she never really met him directly. Noir couldn't really believe herself though, she was awake before the sun was rising and was already walking towards the Chancellor’s office.

“Good day.” The magician would greet the guard, she could tell that they were tired from being awake all night and that might explain why they have a stern face. “I was summoned by the Chancellor.” She would also give the guard the letter she received if they ask for it, but for now, she should brace herself, she was about to meet the most important man in Magnostadt...


An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] GONhvwv

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
While his words wouldn't betray him as the guard had looked down to the letter it seemed his eyes would be weighed shut by the bags underneath them. Without letting even a second past his eyes had already opened and without his stoic expression changing read the letter. As he finished reading the letter he folded it back up before handing it back to Noir under the occasion she wished to hold onto it. Seemingly in an attempt to keep professionalism he slowly opened the door holding it open as if he was some form of gatekeeper.

"Good morning miss."
The guard spoke giving a tip of his hat to her as he held the door waiting for her to walk in."He's been waiting to meet you for some time now."

As Noir would walk into the office she would first find herself overwhelmed with a scent that any academic would, the smell of old paper and fresh ink. In every corner of her eye, she would see some sort of book or scroll that was either open or in a case. However, his collection of literature was seemingly dwarfed by a collection of artifacts and specimens. A hoard of knowledge gathered from the relentless pursuit of anything one could learn driven by a man who has had plenty of time to concern himself with the matters of his people and the world.

The only thing that could be heard from within the office was the sounds of scribbling followed by the shuffling of papers. It was then that the near silence was ended as the door closed behind her as she entered. Click the sound of the shutting door drawing all attention towards the end of the room. Setting his pen down Ephraim looked up the early morning sun shining a light on him as his eyes would immediately lock onto Noir's own. His face while obviously elderly held a joy to it as he looked up her and an inviting smile cracked open on his weary face. He had gestured for her to walk closer before he ever spoke, but it seemed like he was in no hurry despite this.

"My apologies my student, but my eyes weren't what they used to be and I would rather give you the attention and respect that you deserve." While his words sounded tired it was more likely out of age rather than energy itself as his hands kept on working. "Just let me finish putting away these documents and then we will discuss the implications of the letter."

Despite his apologies, it appeared that it wouldn't take all that long for him to finish putting away his papers and writing tools. He stacked a few of the papers before opening a drawer on his desk and sliding them in. He put his quill into a holder with other tools before moving it to the side with the last of the documents and specimen of the iridescent moth with eyes that seemed to be watching Noir just as much as the Chancellor.

"I've been waiting to make your acquaintance since I saw you at the 1st Kodor Exams, but all good things come with time as they say." Ephraim spoke clasping his hands together before resting his elbows on his desk and returning focus to the student with his soft smile and stillness belying any intentions that he could have. "First of all, I imagine that the letter and its content came as a surprise to you. However, before I go any further I must ask if you have any questions for me, my student?"

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
As the guards checked the letter, Noir would be looking towards the door, staring at it as if she could see through it. But she was just... not sure, about how to react, what kind of face she should show the moment she meet the chancellor directly, and a lot of other silly things. The guard would finished checking the letter and he would open the door, letting her in as he hold it open for the young magician.

The moment she went in, it was... heaven... it was totally a heaven for her, perhaps she went into the wrong door and accidentally entered a heaven by mistake? But if it was where she would spend the eternity, she would be so happy about it. The scent of old paper, her favorite... she thought she might be weird, but she just love the smell of old papers, old books... those kind of scent always calmed her. Her eyes would sparkled a little bit although her face would remain expressionless as usual, but she wouldn't try to hide her excitement in her eyes as she saw all the books and scrolls in the room. How much she wanted to see what kind of literature that the chancellor, the greatest man in Magnostadt was reading, and if he was also thirsty for knowledge, just like her.

Noir loved the sound of someone writing on the paper, the scribbling sound, the paper shuffling sound, it sounded like a greatest symphony in her head and nothing could ever beat that. But she had to snap from her own euphoria for now, as the chancellor, the number one person in Magnostadt, Ephraim Alharizi, sitting there behind his table, eyes locked to Noir's. She didn't expect that the older man would make that kind of joyous expression, such a warm smile appeared on his face as he looked towards the girl. The young magician would begin to walk towards Ephraim after he gestured her to come closer, apologizing to her because he asked her to walk closer towards him. Noir shook her head, responding to the chancellor. "I don't mind, Sir. Please do take your time."

The black haired girl eyed every movement that the Chancellor made, but it was just an innocent stare, she was just curious on what the man was doing at the moment. She would be flustered when she snapped back the moment she saw that specimen that was staring at her as well, worried if she was staring too much and she would look down awkwardly as she kept waiting. Thank the Solomon that it was not too long, Noir would feel more awkward if it took much longer.

"Why did you suddenly created this Assistant Professor position?" Noir would lock her eyes towards Ephraim's, before asking another questions, "Moreover, why did you choose me for this position? My attendance record and probably my scores were not perfect since I took a lot of absence due to my frequent travelling." She would nod after she finished asking her second questions, implying that she was done with her questions. Noir would be waiting for the man's answer for now, however, she hoped that she didn't ask stupid questions... it was simply what she was curious about.


An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] GONhvwv

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
As Noir had begun to speak and express her inquiries and concerns the Chancellor would simply keep his soft, kind, and calm demeanor until she was done speaking. He gave a few nods to her giving a soft acknowledgment to her questions as he thought of the best way to answer them for her. A moment after she was done speaking he cleared his throat before addressing her questions.

"Indeed, there has never been a position like this before in the academy and it's very true that in terms of record you aren't a perfect student." His words might've seemed critical but he held a held in the air to stop her from speaking if she might suddenly feel worried or the need to defend her actions. "However, life is life and your ability to show up to classes is not a reflection of your ability to practice magic. Instead, I've been watching not only what you've been doing here, but what you've been doing in the rest of the world."

His words would likely come as a shock to her since he had never spoken to her before, however, this was all intentional on his part as he hoped to know as much about the promising magician before he could offer her such a position within the academy. Soon enough he began to explain himself further. "I am aware that you've conquered a dungeon and I'm aware of the magic you've produce in this time."

"Before you assume we've been watching you unnecessarily I want you to know that I know these things through clairvoyance."
His words were the truth and his entire intention was to respect her and show that she was a worthy mage from the fact he had taken time to use his magic to learn more about her.

"You are a 1st Kodor, and while all people can learn until the day that they die I think with what you know there is a better way for you to expand your knowledge." He pulled out a scroll from his desk, it was sealed with gold wax that had the stamp of the Chancellor on it. He would reach out to hand it to her before he continued speaking. "As the head of the academy and a teacher at one point, I understand that there is much one can learn from trying to teach others. It is for your growth and your representation of our academy that you are being rewarded with this."

"This document here is your certification to be an assistant professor, you are talented and deserve to be recognized."
He said giving a firm nod as he waited for her to take the scroll from his hand completely. "However, it would be ludicrous to try and put you in charge of a class but with you assisting a professor I believe you will be able to become a better magician and prepare yourself to become one of the greatest professors the academy has seen."

He waited for her to open the scroll, he was telling the truth as to when it would be opened it would obviously contain Noir's full name as well as saying that she had been granted the position of assistant professor. Then at the bottom was another seal, a stamp with an E over what looked like to be a maze. He would wait for her to notice this seal before he suddenly spoke on it. "At the bottom is also a seal that you may show to the guards at the labyrinth, while some of them have been informed of you this will allow for access no matter who's on duty."

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Noir got tensed up a little bit the moment he mentioned about the dungeon, a little bit worried that she would be shunned because perhaps some magician thought that their magic was already strong enough and that getting Djinn power would make her look like a weak magician. Although Noir knew best that being a magician only wouldn’t be enough for her to be stronger, so having the power of the djinn would definitely help. The golden eyes girl would nod towards the chancellor, eyes stayed unshaken and full of determination like always.

It was not really surprising that the Chancellor would be using clairvoyance magic to observe some people... observing her… But the magician didn’t really know how to react to that. She didn't really care about being watched through clairvoyance magic however some people might not be comfortable due to something they called as privacy. However, the fact that they offered her the position as assistant professor meant they discovered that she was capable of that position… or maybe there was another thing… like what if they wanted to lock her in the academy because she did something or… possessed something that would be beneficial for Magnostadt? Well, it was just a silly thought and Noir didn’t think it would be the latter… Who knew though…

“I understand.”  The magician would nod towards the chancellor before holding her hand out to receive the scroll. “I will have to be honest, Sir. Actually, I am aiming to be the youngest professor in the academy, and becoming an assistant professor will be a stepping stone for that. So please wait as I make my way to be a professor soon, of course with your approval.”

She would then open the scroll that was given from the Chancellor before, noticing the official statement that she would be assistant professor before scanning down further with her golden eyes, stopping at a certain thing on the scroll. “I understand. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Sir.” Noir would bow down deeply, showing her respect towards the man.

If Ephraim had something more to say, then Noir would stay longer at the room, responding to whatever the man said with respect. However, if the Chancellor finished their session together and let her leave the office, Noir would excuse herself from the room right away. Well, it was not because she was uncomfortable spending time in the Chancellor’s office, but the thing on her hand, the scroll… it would let her enter this labyrinth that she had been dreaming to enter…

Without wasting her time, the magician would directly head to the labyrinth entrance although she would stop by the school’s canteen a little bit to buy a quick breakfast. She had to fill her food somehow, it would be bad if she entered with an empty stomach… she didn’t know what would be waiting for her inside. Once she arrived at the entrance, the magician would greet the guards and show them her scroll while saying, “Good morning, I would like to enter the labyrinth. I got permission from the Chancellor.”

WC: 537


An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] GONhvwv

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
As Noir let her wishes and appreciations be known to the old magician he would simply keep the composed yet joyful look he had for most of their conversation, it was pleasant but it seemed almost like he was impossible to read. When she was finished he would only give a few comments of which he expected no response. "That's an impressive goal, I've given you the road to opportunity all you have to is put in the work to earn it. I expect nothing less than unwavering resolve from someone of your capabilities."

After she would depart from his office he would get back to working on the documents he was before. It seemed that they were blueprints to the labyrinth and there were also some sort of letters from the past. However, his focus turned back to his crystal ball as he seemed to go back to spying on other things throughout his nation. It might've been rude to look onto people's lives but he tried not to peer into more personal moments and focused on topics that would further help him in protecting Magnostadt and its interests. Though still it could be seen as odd as he lost himself in the ball and his acts of surveillance. Only he would truly know all the things that he was keeping his eyes on from within his office as they stayed closed for the day until he would leave eventually.

However, while he was on his own activities Noir was going about something that Ephraim hadn't expected from the magician. While he had seen some of her achievements he wasn't aware she would be so hasty to head for the labyrinth immediately after gaining a snack. Of course, there would be no problems with her wanting to see it as soon as possible, but he was under the assumption she might want to prepare for academic reasons or unforeseen encounters.

When the guards saw Noir coming up close to their door that was the entrance to the underground tunnel that would lead to the Labyrinth they stepped forward to greet her. The older of the two guards took the letter and would approve its authenticity and hand it back to her. However, they were not quick to stand aside and let her through as it seemed they wished to say something.

"This is indeed the right letter, and we were informed you might show up during one our shifts."
The older guard spoke firmly, but it didn't seem like he had any intentions of stopping her. "However, we just thought we should inform you that it is incredibly dangerous within those tunnels and see if you can handle it."

Suddenly the younger guard decided to butt in, most likely to appeal to Noir rather than to make them seem like they didn't believe in her capabilities. "What he means to say is that it's pretty far down so it takes time to get back and forth and it is dangerous down there, so he just wants to make sure that you know this and have everything you need before you go down."

Both guards seemed to be telling the truth, they were unaware of anything the chancellor might've told her. They only knew that when the chancellor or the few others who have gone in here before they seemed like they were going an expedition, Were she truly ready to go on they would let her pass, and if she wasn't they would go back to their duties. No matter what choice she would make they would offer no resistance, the only thing they would dare offer was advice as they waited for her to make a decision.

Staff Notes: Ephraim's Labyrinth is a death-enabled zone. There will be combat and dangers if you are ready make sure to detail all items you have on you and will be taking in with you in your next post. Due to the nature of the Labyrinth if you exit after going in you will lose all progress and have to find your way through again when you next enter. Make sure you will have everything you need to complete this Epic quest. If you are ready post yourself going down the tunnels, and Solomon's Proxy will post a link to the starting thread for the quest.

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Listening to the guards advice made Noir think twice about her decision, it was true that she was being hasty… she shouldn't underestimate the labyrinth... Come to think of it, they would only let professors inside and judging from what the guards said, someone weaker might face danger by carelessly entering here. The magician did not want to be careless and ended up in trouble because she didn't prepare herself well. “I understand, I will prepare myself for now. I will come back soon. Thank you.” She would bow towards the guards before she went back to her dorm room to think.

The magician thought that she might need to ask Shousui to accompany her inside for now and perhaps bringing Haku inside would be a better option as well. She actually wanted to bring Vritra, her three headed asura dragon, but she thought they would need to bond more before she could bring them anywhere for now… With a sigh, the black haired girl would make her way to the city, visiting the inn where Shousui and Haku were staying at the moment. Well, hopefully they were in the inn because Noir would have trouble looking for them in the entire city.

Luckily for her, the door to the inn room would be opened quickly as soon as she knocked, revealing a woman behind the door. “What brings you here today, little Noir?” The woman would ask the younger girl with a sultry smile before she brought her pipe into her lips. “I would like to ask you to accompany me to” Noir hesitated, she wasn't sure if Shousui would agree to go with her. Haku approached the golden eyed girl and nuzzled her leg with affection as she continued to speak, “Labyrinth of Ephraim, is the name of this place. It is located inside the academy and I don't know what is in there…” The magician wasn't sure how to explain, she couldn't give more information because she really didn't know what was in there.

“I will go with you.” Shousui said in a relaxed tone, smoke coming from her lips as she blew it out from the inside of her mouth. “Well it seems you really want some company and you, being a curious little kitten, wouldn't want to throw the chance to explore this labyrinth… Besides, I would have some fun as well.” The older woman would chuckle as she leaned her back against the wall. “Thank you.” Noir would bow slightly towards Shousui, showing her gratitude. She would tell her that they would go on the next day and they should meet in front of the gate of the academy before Noir went back to her dorm room to prepare as well.

Three of them, Noir, Haku and Shousui, would be standing in front of the entrance of the labyrinth early in the morning. The assistant professor would greet the guards politely before handing them the letter from Ephraim and they would wait until they were granted the access to enter the labyrinth. Noir’s heart was pounding with excitement as she waited, wondering what she might find inside.


An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] FFX_Seymour_Staff
Name: Staff of Storms
Tier: A
Type: Advance Staff
Magic Type: Storm | Lightning + Wind
Appearance: A gray staff will small bits purple of electricity running through it.

  • By feeding the staff magoi magoi the wielder can cause a massive amount of wind to build up in a 5 meter radius around them leaving an eye of the storm at the center that is 1 meter wide. A tornado will form that will have bits of electricity running through it causing all those in it to receive B tier lightning damage across their body resulting in several 2nd degree burns. The wind will sweep anything that is below 500 pounds off their feet and thrown 10 meters back once the attack is done. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] Preview_ArtefactMagicShield
Name:Shield of the Red Star
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magic Shield
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A shield 1m in height and and .25m wide. It’s made of wood with metal trimming and a crystal star across the front of the object. The bright red crystal emanates with power. A powerful object protects its user with great force.

  • Glaring red gaze- When the user fills the shield with magoi it gives a strong glow, surround the object in an aura of magic. Each time the shield blocks damage it builds it up, storing energy. After taking up to A-tiers worth of damage the next time the shield is struck the red star will let out a strong beam of strength magic 20m long and 10m wide. 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] VSOmKPG
Name: Raijin, The Lightning Hammer
Tier: A
Type: Magic Weapon - Hammer
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance: A heavy hammer made from steel that has this following measurements: 431322cm. This hammer could create a spark of lightning when the magic infused inside is used, the magic circle is engraved at the handle.

  • Paralyzing Cask – By feeding magoi into the weapon and hitting the ground, the user can make a funeral cask with varying dimensions up to 2mx2mx1m. However this casket is made from electricity, trying to touch any of the walls will cause B-tier damage and paralysis lasting 3 turns. The casket can form from below an opponent up to 10m away from where the ground was struck. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] 8HD0wOU
Name: Dream Catching Bangle
Tier: A
Type: Item [Bangle]
Magic Type: Nightmare Magic[Light+Strength+Clairvoyance]
Appearance: Carved from the fang of a terrifying creature and well polished, this simple bangle looks like it is made of metal at first glance. Inscribed into the design is a magic circle which shines with a dark orange light once activated.

  • Longing Fear - Feeding magoi into the bangle causes it to emit up to 8 D-tier beams of light orange black light which can turn and twist their trajectories outwards in a wild spiky movement. The beams seek out nearby targets up to 10m away and brand them with a symbol resembling the designs on the bangle. The brands are like black tattoos that can't be scrubbed off unless magoi manipulation is used and they can be spread across targets or focused on less. Those marked with the symbols will experience physical manifestations of their own nightmares emerge for each brand received. These nightmares are of the target's own creation and possess D-tier durability. The nightmares do not attack or deal damage, but will cling onto the target and drag them down with D-tier strength stacking up to A-tier strength if focused. The symbols will continue to spawn a new nightmare each turn, fading after three turns. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] Pbucket
Name: Toran Tome
Tier: B
Type: Book
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: This book appears to be blank on the interior, and has a black exterior with strange Toran script written upon it. For those who can read it, it says 'Past. Present. Future.'
  • The book automatically records information on the abilities of magical objects that the user has come into possession of. The user must hold the magic tool for 1 complete post before the tome records information on it.
  • The tome can be used to decipher, learn, and teach the Torran Language. Requires 1000 words to learn the language and an additional 1000 words for each person you wish to teach the language to.
  • This item does not take up any of your item/magic tool slots.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] Webmaster-MagicFlyingCarpet_Ilustracije_full_2251_19259

Item Name: Flying Carpet
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
A magical flying carpet that allows the user to soar through the sky. It measures 2 meters in width, 3 in length, and about 20cm in terms of thickness, making it quite flexible.

  • This magical carpet gives a 25% word count reduction on traveling topics.
  • The carpet can fly at great speeds equivalent to an A-tier flight spell, up to a height of 60 meters. The carpet can hold up to 5 people at a time before being weighed down. This function is free in social situations but costs magoi to be used in combat or when under attack. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] 4zzMg8F
Name: Cat-Shifter’s Amulet
Tier: B
Type: Necklace [Magic Tool]
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: This 20 cm pendant hangs from a golden chain and is in the image of a cat with glowing green eyes. The magic circle is located on the back.

  • Feeding magoi into the tool causes purple light to shroud the users hands and mouth. In a short time, the flesh is altered temporarily to mimic a cat. The hands become clawed and the teeth become fangs. The new "weapons" are capable of dealing B-tier damage. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] ZTvHF5k
Name: Healing Bracelet
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The delicate silver bracelet is approximately 15 cm around and contains a blue gem. The magic circle for the item can be found hidden on the inside of the silver surface.

  • Heal All – Feeding magoi into the item causes a pulse of purple light to spread from the user in a 3m sphere. Anyone inside the sphere experiences B-tier healing. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Name: Beast Tamer's Bracelet
Tier: C
Type: Communication Item
Magic Type: Sound
Appearance: A silver bracelet engraved with various animals around the outside and a small magical circle inscribed on the inside.

  • Beast Speak - Feeding magoi to the bracelet will allow the user to understand the noises of an animal within 5m of them as if it were human speech. However, the beasts intelligence will determine how complete/complex the sentences are. The user's own words will also be translated for the animal in question, however they will not understand purely human concepts or words such as "boat", "weapon", or "fortress". 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] BiyEqKw
Djinn: Dantalion
Theme: Dehydration Magic (Heat + Wind)
Type: Metal Arm Cuff Bracelet
Appearance: Dantalion Metal Vessel is a metal snake arm cuff bracelet with Garnet orb embedded on the middle. The arm cuff is 15cm long from the upper head to the lower head, 10cm across and 5mm thick.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] 8eWfuJ5
Name: Juicy Sirloin
Tier: B
Description A large sized meal.
Effect: Allows the user to recover 100 magoi while resting.

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 3

Beast & NPC:

An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] Tumblr_inline_mto2i02XWK1roj9wu
Name: Haku
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Thermal Liger
Appearance: Haku is a ruby-eyed Liger who has tiger-like black strips and white colored mane that is similar like a lion's. He is 3 meter long and 2 meter tall while standing on all fours.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Hypirus Gland
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has an extra organ within its body which gives him a control over its body temperature, allowing him to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts.
Trait Effect: Gives Haku ability to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts

Trait Name: Fur of steel
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku could harden its fur, making it as hard as steel
Trait Effect: Haku's fur can protect against up to B-tier physical damage. It will follow item durability rules and once the steel fur "armor" is broken, Haku takes damage normally. (Defensive power (B-tier shield) | 300) Unfortunately, this makes his body act like a lightning rod making lightning based attacks within 1m of him attract dealing direct damage into his body through the steel fur.

Trait Name: Quiver Feet
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has a faster movement speed and can run as fast as a B-tier Fanalis in speed
Trait Effect: Movement speed is the same like like B-tier Fanalis speed

Name: Soushui
Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier Health. A-tier Borg
Description: Shoushui is a an Assassin who used to work for the royal family. She specializes in the use of water light and life magic. She carries around a knife and her wand which she uses for combat.
Weapons: She carries a small steel wand 3cm thick and 36cm long, it’s durability is A-tier. She also carries a standard knife, 45cm long and 8cm wide, the knife is capable of doing A-tier damage.
  • Assassins Contract~ This is a free trait that Soushui gets access to as a plot NPC. By roleplaying a thread of 1000 words with their ally they can put out a hit allowing the NPC to attack or invade a players open thread in their masters stead.

  • Graceful Movement~ The user can effortlessly move through the air, leaping in great bounds higher than a house. These leaping movements can be done at speeds of equivalent to a C-tier fanalis. This is a B-tier trait.

  • Master Precision~ The user has trained their eyes and such in order to look indepthly at vitals, weak points locks and other things. They have an eye for detail better than most living things. This is a B-tier trait.

  • Tandem Magic~ This NPC can register one ability with their user, it takes up one of their slots but allows for the use of magics or weapons presented in the characters info. This is an A-tier trait.


  • Illusion of the lost~ Shousui creates 4 butterflies of light which she sends outwards towards her targets. If it touches them it creates illusions altering their sense of time, feeling as if everything had slowed to a near stop. These illusions last for 4 posts.

  • Now You See me~ Shosui Creates an illusion that looks like her, it can travel 20m within her and lasts for three posts.

  • Now You Don’t~Shousui makes herself invisible to the human eye, blending in completely with her background for three posts.

  • Snaking Stab~ Shosui drives her knife into her target dealing A-tier damage. She can choose to withdraw her attack as a feint choosing to switch her blades angel and quickly attack from it’s new position changing the angle of attack.

  • A game of chance~ Ther user uses magic to create four illusionary knives similar to one they are holding. They mix up the knives throwing them in order, choosing which one is the real one. The knife travels up 20m and deals B-tier damage to whatever it strikes


An Epoch Begins, Ephraim's Labyrinth! [Epic Quest|Noir] GONhvwv

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