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Essence of Ares [ WIP ]

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1Essence of Ares [ WIP ] Empty Essence of Ares [ WIP ] on 04/07/20, 11:25 pm

Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus
Essence of Ares [ WIP ] O6pbMHc

Name: Essence of Ares
Tier: D
Type: Symbiote
Species: Proelium Ostium: Ares
Appearance: The mysterious being takes no direct form once it is fully assimilated with it's host. It takes on the many different appearances in the psyche. This typically manifests as a large armored humanoid. It has it's own sentience, influenced by the host's brain, often giving advice or speaking in their mind at times.

It's effects on the body are rather constant. It causes the hair and eyes to take on a golden color, fighting against the hosts natural hue. During times when it is active, the disease causes the skin to glisten with small golden flecks of light.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: God of War
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Proelium Ostium: Ares
Trait Description: The symbiote is capable of causing the body to emit pheromones that influence the emotions of those around the host.
Trait Effect:


Essence of Ares [ WIP ] FFEI3pt

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