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United Snakes [ Solo | Job ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

”Job Datails”:
Job Name: Feller’s Troubles
Job Rank: C
Job Location: The Plains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The local fellers, people assigned to cut down trees for wood, have been having an issue with troublesome forest creatures. Help remove the creatures so the fellers can continue their work.

Enemy Name: Forest Snake x6
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Forest Snakes are 2 meters long, with fangs capable of inflicting C-tier damage. Forest Snakes tend to dangle from the branches to await their prey.
Crushing Squeeze - Forest Snake wraps around an appendage and squeezes, cutting off circulation and dealing C-tier damage.


United Snakes [ Solo | Job ] Recowl-staff-update

Name: Staff Of The Reclow Tribe
Tier: C
Material: It's outer parts are made of simple metals while the inside core is now a reinforced metal. The colors on it are painted on.
Appearance:  The staff is a total of  154.94 cm (5'1”) in length, in width it is about 2.54 cm (1 in) it has been resized to better fit the height standards of Jumanah Necowl. It’s base of the staff is 2 separate kinds of metals mended together the inner more reinforced then the outer, it also has several stripes painted on it. Towards the bottom and the top are 2 thick blue stripes with a normal metal non colored one between them on both ends. Between these near the center where one would hold there are 2 yellow stripes that are significantly bigger. Then the space between those ones is just normal metal.

At the top of the staff there is a strange looking ornament that comes off the top and sides of the staff. It has been damaged from its mirrored like design and has been roughly reformed and had its edges cleaned up leaving just one side full of what it used to look like with slightly sharpened edgings that have been painted over with blue and a hint of yellow on one side.

”Spells Used”:

Tier: D-Ω
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi

    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

The Deepest Cut

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range:  Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires both Sound And Water Magic to cast, Alongside this the caster must sing the chant investing emotional drive into the occurring song/spell. Disclaimer, you don’t have to sing well but you have to be notably trying to sing.
Reality cuts deep, and so I weep, The cruelty of others can not be bore alone, It will surely break your bones, Alongside all of the sticks and stones, You should never leave yourself prone.

Scaling: For an additional 10 Magoi she can make this scale from a C Tier damage to a B Tier
Sustain: 2 Times Per Casting
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Magoi | + 10 Magoi Per Sustain

    As she begins to cast this spell music will start to play with her Sound magic and till game a more bassy background to the music as the Water magic is added. The Sound magic plays as a separate effect from the one produced from the water magic and simply here exists to add a music effect to the main spell. Large sharp shards of ice will gather around her in the air roughly 1 Meter in size each and will form a set of 2, 1 more will be added if she scales the damage up. Each shard doing D Tier damage, 2 of them would add up to C Tier damage and if the tird is added with scaling up it would add up to B Tier Damage. It will then fire off at the given target of the spell. The sound hitting a climax as it fires off then fading away as the shards attack ends. This song being one more sad slower song until it hits its climax where it picks up a bit to sound like more of a racing heart before it ends with a fading away at the climax of the racing heart almost like a flat line.

Loss Of Time

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range:  Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires both Sound And Water Magic to cast, Alongside this the caster must sing the chant investing emotional drive into the occurring song/spell. Disclaimer, you don’t have to sing well but you have to be notably trying to sing.
To those who need a savior, To those who run out of time, With those who weep for a champion, I give to thee another song, to help your waiting be prolonged.

Scaling: For an additional 10 Magoi she can make this last an additional round.
Sustain: 1 Time per casting
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20 Magoi | + 10 Magoi Per Sustain

    Music starts to play right away at a fast pace as she sings with her Sound magic It then will become distorted with an added Water magic forming bubbles all around the affected area of a 15 meter in diameter dome on the ground. The now occurring music will then slow drastically down as intense vibrations are sent out going through the muscles of those inside using by using the Sound Magic. The Water magic being used for more of a display to visualize the affected area. Body manipulators at C Tier or higher may be able to ignore this effect due to their skills with their own body control, this though is up to the player to decide if they have this kind of skill or even to just lessen this ability. This spell will last for 1 round unless scaled then it will last for an additional round. The song will quickly speed back up to its original racey pace as its ending before fading away.

Sound Breaker
Tier: C - Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must aim their staff and wait for the orb to form and fully grow to its proper size.
Scaling: The tier of damage dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Magoi | 10

    The caster casts a sound orb with 2 meters in diameter that will travel up to 20 meters away and will explode once it touches its target. It then lets off a loud screech as it tears at whatever it can reach dealing C-tier damage. The loud screech will disappear unless the spell is sustained. This spell uses sound magic.

Jumanah stretched her arms as she took a deep breath, things were going according to plan or as close to them as possible. She had yet to mess up in a long while, and she had to keep this streak up… or at least not let it slip on anything too big. For now she was healed up enough so she had to make sure she started earning some more Huang to pay for her elongated stay at the current inn she was in or forever hold her peace on the streets given this inn keep unlike the last wasn’t too keen on freel meals or stays. She didn’t blame them but she did miss how the other innkeeper spoiled her already. She made her way past the inn that was giving her a stank eye knowing she is likely running low on money and made her way out  looking around town for any job postings or chatter of those who need assistance.

Thankfully, or regrettably there were some people in need of some help amongst her asking around. Eventually she got someone to agree to give her a task that recently developed. While doing some work on the local trees some of the workers seemed to deal with some problem child animals and had to back out of the area for safety. They apparently had yet to find anyone else willing to deal with the situation before her so she ended up with the job. She thanked them and bowed to them, leaving with a wave. It took her a bit to get out of the area and a bit more time to find the area having gotten lost a few times. She was still not used to the area so she still had some learning of where to go to get to places.

But she eventually did ask for help and a local merchant was more than willing to help her in order to stop her from pacign by his stall for a 47th time that afternoon. Soon enough she arrived at the area and looked around, there weren't exactly any animals roaming the grounds… so maybe in the trees? She wondered looking up in time to see 6 forest snak- She jumped out of the way as they dropped down towards her with their fangs extended. Thankfully her Borg protected her front, the few that would have landed on her but shattered her borg. “Nope nope nope why did it have to be these things!” She and her brother used to joke and call these things tree danger noodles to make them less scary… it didn't fully work when there was a swarm of them all coming at you.

She needed something fast. “Reality cuts deep, and so I weep,” She started to sing as a few lunged at her and she tucked and rolled away the best she could as music started to play from her staff. “The cruelty of others can not be bored alone, It will surely break your bones,” She turned around to them then as ice spikes started to form above her as she went to finish The Deepest Cut for standard 20 Magoi with D Tier Damage with each shard.  “Alongside all of the sticks and stones, You should never leave yourself prone.” She said as one shot at her wrapping itself around her face and eyes making her fall over flailing and the ice spikes shot forward barely clipping one but pinning it in place  and missing the others.

She stumbled backwards pulling on the snake as it dealt C Tier damage to her forming and shooting out more ice spikes as she went to sustain the spell. She aiming the spikes down this time as she flailed aim form around her feet shouting into the muffling snake. “This is not okay! This is not okay!!!” The shards stabbing one with both of its sides taking it totally off as she sustained the spell once more as one sake tried to slither up her leg but this kicked her leg forward to fling it off pulling at the one on her face that was now tangled in her hair. The last two shards of this round of the spell shot out and pinned two more of the snakes spinning in total 3 snakes and killing one leaving thus far the one in her hair and the other one she kicked at a tree.

“Gaaaaaaaaaah!” she hollered out stumbling left the right wrestling the snake in her hair. She spotted for a second a worker likely coming over to check on her progress who promptly turned on his heel and walked back to the kingdom's gates. “Wait nu!” She whimpered out, god this was so embarrassing. She turned around and used one hand as she held her staff with the other trying to hold the snake's body at bay as the other started towards her again. “To those who need a savior,” Her eyes streaming tears form all the hair pulling the snake was doing. “To those who run out of time, With those who weep for a champion,” She looked over to the one getting closer as her music played speeding up as it got closer.

“I give to thee another song, to help your waiting be prolonged!” She sang out as the song suddenly slowed down making everything around ehr slow down as the snake lunged at her. She having casted Loss Of Time for 20 Magoi. She moved out of the way just in time as she got the snake out from her hair letting it fall. She then moved away from them to a good distance muttering to herself. “Big Spells Jumanah good on crowds moron.” She muttered to herself aiming her staff forming an orb from her staff casting Sound Breaker for 20 Magoi firing off a large aoe sound orb at the snakes for C Tier Damage on each one finishing them off. She panted and walked over to the snakes picking up their dead bodies slowly making her way back to the workers now waiting at the gate and slowly held up the snakes with a pout that looked defeated. “I got em…” She said, sounding just as defeated as she looked. The workers gently pulled her into a hug rubbing her back and paid her shortly after the group sympathy hug helping fix up her now wild hair letting her head off after collecting the snakes. “Stupid tree danger noodles…” She grumbled walking off back into the kingdom.

( 1,109 / 1,000 Words )
( 130 / 200 Magoi )


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