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The Next Step In The Journey [ Travel | Heliohapt To Magnostadt ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Heliohapt -> Magnostadt

Jumanah grabbed her bag she had prepped the other night for her travels and looked over to the bed one last time, the bed that had become a safe haven and a temporary home along with this building a while ago after escape. The building and the staff inside had been so kind to her and so willing to shelter her in her time of need, never question her reasonings to do anything and just gave her food sometimes for free out of generosity. She smiled softly and walked down the stairs to the front counter pulling out a nice sized bag of huang and waited for the owner to be available with a warm smile. “You headed out kid?” He asks with a soft almost sad smile.

“Yeah I am, I want to thank you for all you've done for me, you and the others.” She said softly to him, making him smile even warmer to her, it felt like her heart was fluttering from all the compassion the man radiated. I reminded her other parents and how they would smile to her.

“It's alright dear don’t mention it.” He said softly though blinked as she set down the bag on the counter.

“I want you to have this… use it for whatever you need. This is some of the money I earned turning my time here and free” She said with a soft smile the man dumbfounded as she waved to him and started her way out. As she was mid way down the street she would hear a.

“This is way too much! Get back here and take this back!” Before the man raced out of the inn. Jumanah eeped and sprinted away shouting in return.

“Just take my money! Gez I’ve never met a merchant who didn’t want more money!” She was with a twitching brow as he chased her down.

“Oh hush and take it baaaack!” He said, flailing the bag about.

“NuuuuuuuuUUUUUU!!!” She retorted.

Eventually the man gave up and wished her safe travels between gasps of exhaustion while Jumanah handed her ticket to the boat owner and fell down on the ship in a similar exhaustion.She smiled softly to the man and he smiled back at her with a proud grin. JUmanah when she caught her breath rolled over and got up to her feet as the ship started to set off. She walked over to the side of it gripping her staff close to her as she leaned her other arm on the railing of the boat. A gentle breeze brushing across her face as she closed her eyes letting her hair flutter in the breeze taking in the wonderful sea air.

This was certainly way better than being in a cage in the storage of the ship for sure. She giggled, smiling a sad smile. It was a bad memory but oddly right now the thought just seemed oddly funny. Maybe she was someone who had a dark sense of humor? Or would become someone like that? “Mom, Dad, Amiz… I hope I make you proud… I won’t get caught this time… I’ll be stronger, faster, and smarter…. I’ll make you all proud.” She whispered to herself shedding small tears smiling more happily and determined.

The trip was thankfully relaxed and calm, she spent the time resting and just enjoying the trip. She would think of real and metaphorical battle plans later. She had promised herself the trip would be her real down time finally. And it was. And when she arrived she made her way off with the others and looked to Magnostadt. Home to the magicians. A safe haven. A place she had only read about in books as a child but always dreamed of being in. A place she was told was always a great place to go if you had nowhere else to go when growing up. And now it would be the place she would be as she got stronger so she could finally say goodbye and apologies to her people. Her family. She happily walked forward making her way fully into Magnostadt.

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