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bandit contract (job solo)

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1bandit contract (job solo) Empty bandit contract (job solo) on 22/05/20, 12:36 pm

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Job Name: Bandit Threat Elimination
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 EXP & 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Total rank must equal C or above.
Job Overview: A group of bandits has started minor trouble in and around balbadd. They always stay for only a short time stealing and breaking what they can. But never harming anyone while doing so just being a pest. Soon after a notice was put up for their elimination. At the reward of a small but sizeable profit for those in need.


Enemy Name: Bandit(s) x8
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 5 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 10 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.
Throwing Dagger: The bandit throws a dagger that applies C rank damage upon impact.

The silver haired assassin was currently heading to the location of his latest contract. A group of bandits have been causing trouble around various parts of the city. They have mainly just been stealing and breaking various items, more of a nuisance than an actual threat to others. However they were beginning to escalate slowly in violence and aggression. In response to this the guards had put up a notice for the group of bandits to be eliminated. This contract had found its way into some more unofficial channels where it was found and accepted by the assassin known as Silva.The reason the contract was open for so long was because it was such a low sum for most bounty hunters or assassins. However, the aged magician was working his way up in the assassin world so he was willing to take any contract if there was a chance to get his name out there a bit. His goal was to spread the name of Silva the assassin all over the world. He had yet to make much of a name for himself yet he kept doing these small time jobs for the money and for his own enjoyment. He did not view himself as a killer or anything like that, he was a professional who killed in style and enjoyed the action of killing. He assumes this is a feeling he developed during his years that he has completely forgotten about. Now he was on the trail of finding the group of bandits.

He was in the area where they were last reported to be seen. He wasn't sure if the group was still here but that was why he was scoping the area out. If there were signs that they were still here than they shouldn't be all that hard to find. He went around observing the destruction and vandalism of the nearby shops and homes as well as asking locals about the bandits in order to throw a couple of feelers out there. According to the info the assassin could gather, they were no longer in this neighborhood. The bandits and packed up shop and left just a couple of days ago but they weren't sure where to. This sounded credible enough so the man known as Silva decided to start searching other areas of the city. It seemed to be fruitless work for the most part. The there was little to no information on such a insignificant gang and what scarce info he could find would be too late to find them. His hunt would end up taking him to a noble section where the rich and wealthy liked to live and party it up. Apparently they had just started their normal antics in this area yesterday meaning that the assassin had plenty of time to find and exterminate this group of thugs. After hearing various different accounts of their exploits he found the perfect target for them to strike so he decided to hide on a nearby roof top within view of the residence ready to strike. Once night came the old man began to see movement across the street. There were four shadowy figures moving swiftly and entering the house he was watching. They were clearly the bandits he had heard about but there was only about half of them. Unless he wanted to spend another couple weeks chasing the rest be better watch and follow this group. Hopefully they would lead him back to the rest of the group. So he would wait for the next hour or so till they started moving again, this time with large sacks slung over their shoulders. He would smile and begin to follow them, which would be easy since they were unable to move quickly. They would lead him to an abandoned warehouse which must have served as their temporary home till they moved again. As he watched he could see 2 bandit guarding the entrance so he thought he would go ahead and handle them first.

The two bandits were currently on watch duty keeping an eye out for guards or anyone else unwanted. People hardly showed up in areas like this so it was a dull time that they had to kill with idle chit chat and such. They would hear a clatter of footsteps coming towards them. They look in time to see a massive, muscular figure charge at them. He was unlike anything they saw before and they weren't even sure if he was human. Before they could react the guard on the left and his head blown off by a massive fist. Another fist was coming towards the 2nd guard who would dodge back flipping several times till he was five meters away and begin to shout for help before turning and running off in fear of the assassin. The mage would chuckle as he raises his staff and chants Raigeki shooting a small lighting bolt that goes straight through the man's chest leaving the slight smell of burnt flesh. Silva would grunt in pain as he looks behind himself and sees a dagger in his lower bag as the leader had appeared to us a throwing dagger on the hulking assassin. He would also notice that he was surrounded by the other 6 remaining bandits all armed with their daggers. He would chant Denki-kyū and put more energy into it to create 6 orbs of lighting that would move quickly towards the 6 small time bandits leaving the leader by himself. The leader would glare throwing daggers again which were blocked by his borg giving the buff magician time to move at great speeds catching up to the man and grabbing him. He would lift the leader up and fall backwards performing a suplex as he slams the leaders head into the pavement making a gross squishing noise. He would get up grinning at the site of blood before leaving to get paid.

Magi 195/240

WC 1010/1000
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: offensive
Range: medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Chants the name of spell and aims the staff. Uses lightning magic.
Scaling: Damage. Increases 1 tier in damage for every extra 10 magoi.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 magoi
By chanting and aiming the staff a small 25 cm long bolt of lighting is shot from the tip of the staff in a straight line for 15 meters dealing d tier damage

C-tier Abilities
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Chants the name of the spell and traces a circle in the air with his staff two times. Uses Lightning magic
Scaling: Hits. By spending 10 more magoi he can create 2 more spheres.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 magoi
After chanting and using his staff to draw two circles in the air creating two 1 meter spheres made of electricity form at he end of the staff and shoots them off for 10 meters dealing d tier damage each for a total of 1 c tier damage. He can also choose a different target for both spheres.

Tier: D-Ω
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi
A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

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