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An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 41jtqCwB9VL._AC_

Flecks of salty seawater danced across the ship's hull. Now riding in a gentle breeze into the end of their journey a sigh of relief would fill the crew. Most of their travels had led them into perilous sea storms, days of still travel, and creatures large enough to snap small ships in two! It had drained them, it had inspired them and most importantly it kept the bunch of them together. No this wasn't some band of Merry Pirates, they were merchants, meddlers, and mercenaries! This menagerie of misfits all followed under the flag of one man, vivacious and vicious!


An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 85cc25ef581b8bffa8b817db50fe062f

And what better than to present himself before his crew as the shores of their destination would be in sight. The horizon radiated with golden light as the morning began to crack, the sun saying hello to them all. Glistening, the light bounced, surfing the waves, riding up the smooth cypress frame of the ship, up to the wheel where the captain stood. He reflected with the sun's radiance, as it moved off of his golden hair, as it leaped from his elegant fabrics and pieces of jewelry which adorned his body. Wealth at the end of the day was just another presentation of one's power, of their influence. He had faced its subjugation, and now he stood with it, with his own decisions to make.

Another Thud!!!!!!!!

Harshly the wood creaked, carrying the sound of his cane across the floor. Sure he was clearly no older than a boy who had left home to fight in a war. Yet his years carried with him, a heavy heart hidden behind the facade of his bright smile, behind his passionate voice as he spoke to stoke the crowd.

"Attention men and women!" He would pause, his voice was bright like a singing bird but strong with conviction. "After 7 months, 7 long months we will finally be nearing the end of the journey! But as many of you know it's just barely the start of our adventure! As members, and guards of the Aqua Eye Trading Co, I expect you to be on your best behavior as we go to visit our guests. While they're not quite aware of arrival I think we show them great kindness, whether they be friend or foe we're going to meet in order to try and establish trade or take care of them by whatever means necessary."

His youthful eyes held his ambition like a jewel hanging by a thread. There were so many possibilities that dangled in front of him, fate and it's endless paths only pushed him, driving him towards his goal.

"Most importantly" he'd continue, finishing up his speech so soon they could prepare to dock "You all chose to band with me not over my strength but for my ideals, for my goals so remember the hard work we've put in, remember the lives that we have lost, and remember there are no such things as miracles!"

With the end of his words, a roaring "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" would come from this lips of his band of misfits. Ironically they were looking for Miracle, and with them, they brought their words and some of their best goods. Tools, weapons, and minerals from all across the map. He could either sway those that he wished to get, or he could try to crush them. While neither one of them was as large as some of the best out there he knew surely this upstart company had it's value just as much as he did. While he was ruthless he still had his methods, his still had his heart.

He would return to his quarters, he had left his home of Balbadd, hit Immuchak, and Magno, stealing goods from the Sasanids invasions on some locations. He had pushed and pecked at people who saw him as an outsider. Now once again he had to try and establish contact. He would write up a simple letter, attaching the parchment to his falcon Anya.

"Return in one piece my dear..., I'll miss you." As she soared into the breeze he wondered how the young Torentino would respond to his name reaching out. To others learning of his upstart, and wishing to have involvement of some kind.

Dear Torentino.
         I've traveled a great distance to come and meet with you. While this may seem as a shock, and a surprise, me and my men of the Aqua Eye Trading Co. have heard of your exploits, and the company under your name known as Miracle. With keen interest, I will be arriving to meet you within the next two days, but first, I and my men must restock on some supplies. However we come bearing gifts, and some of our best goods to show you. I hope you receive this letter in good faith, and I hope to safely meet soon. You'll know of our arrival by a caravan of blue silk leading the fray.

   yours truly, Ali Sekarr, President of Aqua Eye Trading co.



Showers of radiant gold light would begin to blanket the port city, known for trade with the outside world. Morning peered its eyes over the horizon, giving way to a dawn of a new day. Shimmering from the light, the port's waters attracted the eyes of Trently who would plan in departing to another guild hall, for he can check up on how his guild elsewhere is running. An ivory horn would protrude from the left side of his head, with three silver metal bands decorating it. A charred black tip of the horn faded into the ivory color. It was quite the odd look to many, but the horn was part of Trently now and who he was, whether he embraced the title the horn brought him or not. Lying atop his guild hall with his hands' fingers intertwined under the light weight of his head, Trently overlooked the dawn. It was often a beautiful sunrise. By his side, his green and black blade, a heirloom of his family and vessel of Furcas rested silent as the warmness of the light engulfed it. Trently smiled, breathing a deep breath. Furcas awaited his young wielder to tap into his powers and master his powers.

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] FeqhzQz

Battles with Sasan were not yet over. Trently knew very well Xerxes' saga would not end here. Trently must hone his powers and newly received power of a King, for he can protect his nation, world, and combat Sasan when he comes face to face with Xerxes again one day. It is the great era of the Djinn and new Kings. It was a new era which began, not even now, but years ago when the first new King was crowned. It was unlike anything ever seen before, Kings being made with granted powers of great magical beings, the Djinn. However, not all who were crowned by a Djinn rose to much prominence on the world stage. It was up to the conqueror after that first victory if they are one to lead people and achieve great prospects, or if the conquest of the dungeon was but a simple mere fluke.

It would sweep swiftly through the air and wind, with feathery wings, entering a young man's view of an early morning sunrise. Trently smiled at sight of the falcon, liking the avian birds. He would begin sliding off his guild hall's roof, looking to the city to purchase a meat bun from an opening city street vendor nearby. It smelled with aroma, and Trently sought to have a bite of a few buns with eagerness. Trently had to start his day with good food. As the eager warrior slid off the roof, the falcon within his sight would jet towards him quickly with force. Trently noticing it, would dodge the falcon, and look back at the falcon that flew past his head. It would have a parchment attached to it! Trently seeming to feel it was here to deliver a message, would clutch onto the roof ledge as he was about to slide fully off. He would throw himself up with strength and into the air towards the falcon, carefully grabbing ahold of it and landing back on the roof before sliding back off the roof again, landing on the ground at last.

There, with a curious face he would detach the parchment from the falcon, and put the falcon down. Upon the steps of his city guild hall, Trently read to himself the message. His suspicions right in that the message was meant for him, leader of Miracle. Trently would read and finish the message, learning of guests that were to arrive soon here. Thus, young Trently's plans to leave for his other guild hall were cancelled, in anticipation for guests, and as for Trently can greet his guests with warmth and an outstretched welcoming hand. Perhaps it may be a good time for a banquet as well, and give his men who went with him on the counter crusade a celebration. May be nice for everyone.

Trently: "Ahh, okay, so I guess we could have a banquet. Could be a nice way to welcome these kind guests."

He said, scratching the back of his head whilst looking at the message. Now to begin preparations for the banquet, Trently thought. However, first Trently needed some fresh morning grub. This is where Yanaihara would now eat before working on plans for the festive party. With a bounce in his step, he ran forth for the meat bun street vendor where many began to gather around to bite into a savory delectable meat bun. After a long wait in line, Trently were to grab himself a meat bun, biting into its bun layer and inner warm contents. It was a nice tasty meal to begin his day off to.

Trently would sprint back in eager and excited spirits back to his guild hall for he may prepare a great banquet for his guests' landfall, his conquest over a dungeon, and victory against Sasan. Trently clenched his fist, raising it high for what lied ahead. In the coming days, Trently and co would prepare the banquet and await the guests known as none other than the Aqua Eye company. Trently awaited eagerly for his guests of Aqua Eye.

Trently: "Ali Sekarr, what kind of man will you be?"

Guaiwu The Red Ogre, Miracle General!:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Street_fighter___akuma___render_by_entemberdesigns_dchto5k-pre.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9OTQyIiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvYWFjYWZlNGQtZjExOC00OGFhLWJhOTMtYWNiZTI3NjUwNmJhXC9kY2h0bzVrLWQ4YTJiYTFkLTEzYTctNDkwNi1hNGRkLWFlM2E3NjA0MGRiNi5wbmciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9MTAyNCJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19

Name: Guaiwu The Red Ogre
Tier: A-Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-Tier
Description: A fanalis former bandit leader who was defeated and saved on the brink of death by Trently. His bandit group was absorbed into Trently's guild and now he and Trently have begun to be friends, having somewhat of a mentor and student relationship. He is grateful to Trently for giving him a new and better path in life and will support Trently's aspirations best he can. Guaiwu has a temper but he tries to not let it take over him. He is a rough and rugged personality with a rare kindness to only certain people. His fighting style is purely using his body and nothing else. The fanalis man is 6'6 with a very muscular frame. He is a body manipulator.
Weapons: None

Trait Name: Iron Body
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Body Manipulator.
Trait Description: Through excessive training of one's body, the character has developed a more resilient body that reduces damage taken.
Trait Effect: The character's body is resistant to damage of A-Tier and below. Damaging abilities that hit him are reduced by a single tier.

Trait Name: The Red Ogre's Will
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Body Manipulator.
Trait Description: Through extensive training of one's body, the character has developed a trait that triggers at will of the character.
Trait Effect: The character's nails become four 12cm black claws, teeth become sharp and pointed, and a 24cm black horn sprouts from the top center of his head. He can deal A-Tier ability damage with his claws, teeth, and horn. This trait lasts for two posts, and only may be used once per thread. It takes a short moment to transform, about a couple seconds.

Trait Name: Perfect Balance
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Must have a Physical Combat Class
Trait Description: Being nimble and flexible are valuable traits, but they aren't very useful without the balance to use them properly. The character with this trait is very in tune with their sense of balance allowing them to almost always land on their feet, perform advanced acrobatics, and balance on even the smallest of footholds.
Trait Effect: Can perform advanced flips and other acrobatics without the use of abilities. Can balance on almost any footing/surface.


Ogre Impact [A-Tier]: Guaiwu punches a target with his right fist, his punch near lightning speed and making impact with the target. The target inflicted with damage will suffer A-Tier blunt damage and shattering of bones and be knocked back 10m far.

Acrobatic Dodge [A-Tier]: Guaiwu jumps into the air 10m far up and lands 10m away in near lightning speed, manipulating the muscles in his legs and making them larger to dodge acrobatically so quick.

Iron Armor [A-Tier]: Guaiwu manipulates the iron in his body to coat his body in an A-Tier layer of iron that will protect him against A-Tier damage.

Arm Catapult [A-Tier]: Guaiwu grabs a target with his right arm with A-Tier grasping that requires A-Tier strength to escape and throws tbe target 20m far with A-Tier strength.

Man Disarmed [A-Tier]: Guaiwu lunges for a weapon of a close target with lightning speed and pries it out of their hands with A-Tier strength force, throwing it aside 15m far.

Guaiwu's Magic Weapon:
Name: Valiant Knuckle
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magic Knuckle
Magic Type: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Appearance: A pair of silver knuckles with spikes on the actual knuckle, with the weapon seemingly 17cm across in length with a magic circle on the grip which has close, line carvings to signify the space.

  • A Knights Arsenal- By activating this weapon the user draws and shapes metal particles into an arm weapon up to 2m in dimensions in any and all directions, they then attack once with it dealing A-tier damage.

Magic Weapons & Metal Vessel:

Kutter's Katana | Magic Weapon:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Latest?cb=20140415221134
Name: Kutter's Katana
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Razor (Wind + Strength)
Appearance: This 100 cm long katana once belonged to Kutter, an adventurer from Kou who lost to against Caim's traps. The body of the adventurer was swallowed up, but the sword remained, absorbing the magoi of the dungeon and eventually gaining powerful magic. With a 75 cm blade length, 1.5 cm blade thickness, 25 cm handle length, and a 15 cm guard diameter, this sword is indeed as beautiful as it is sharp.

  • Subatomic Slice - The user feeds magoi into the sword using two hands, causing the sword to coat its blade in an immeasurably sharp razor edge. The next slash of the blade will send a flying edge of razor magic up to 20m through the air severing things with A-Tier damage. Things cut with razor magic are unable to be put back together again regardless of healing spells used on them for a minimum of 3 posts.. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Shuriken of Storms | Magic Weapon:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] FOQtMLY
Name: Shuriken of Storms
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Weapon | Throwing
Magic Type: Storm [ Wind + Lightning ]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: This shuriken is approximately .5 meters across and the magic circle is inscribed on the blue gem in the center of the blades. The blades appear to have streaks of lightning through them.

  • Stormfall - When the user throws the shuriken after feeding it magoi, it causes a 2m diameter disc of storm magic to spread from its center. The shuriken will stop above the target and the disc of storm clouds will glow brightly for a brief moment. The space directly beneath the shuriken is then struck with a giant lightning bolt capable of covering the entire 2m diameter. Anything caught by the bolt is dealt B-tier damage and electrical paralysis that lasts for one posts. The range of this attack is 10m.
  • Tempest Zone - The user activates this function by keeping the shuriken held in their hand with its center placed against their palm. Feeding magoi into the tool with that condition met causes thick storm clouds to form around the user. The clouds grow to cover a 10m diameter spreading throughout the area blocking the vision of anything within the area unless they are at least 1m away from each other. The electricity within the storm cloud detects the electromagnetic fields of living beings and informs the caster of their location.

Kaishi no Kinzoku | Furcas' Metal Vessel:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Furcas10

Djinn: Furcas
Theme: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Type: Katana
Appearance: Furcas' green bladed Metal Vessel is a standard steel katana known by Kaishi no Kinzoku and Ruki Zhanshi.  Its design is of golden and black on the hilt. Its hilt is about 20 cm long, allowing for much more room for grasping and defending. The steel blade is about 70 cm long and 6 cm wide. There is also a ribbon type chain at the end of the hilt. The blade with a dark green strike across a lighter green on the blade.
Description: It is Trently's first metal katana, as well as his grandfather's in his early years as a warrior. Its main name Kaishi no Kinzoku means Beginning Metal, and Ruki Zhanshi meaning Rookie Warrior's blade. It is a katana forged by a Kina blacksmith many years ago. Its green steel blade has been kept in good shape over many duels and stands firm and sharp. Djinn of Metal, Furcas, resides within the great katana and lends his power to its chosen master, Trently, when called upon.

Magic Items:

Spriggan's Call | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Pbucket
Name: Spriggan's Call
Tier: A
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Life Magic
Appearance: The ring is made of silver shaped into amethyst-encrusted leaves, holding fast a larger amethyst in as the centerpiece. The magical circle presents itself as what would first appear to be cracks within the gem, but quickly seen as a lattice pattern that was created by design, not accident.

  • Nature's Focused Healing: The user touches an individual with the ring hand, providing A-Tier healing. 10 Magoi to activate| 5 magoi to sustain.

Asura Earrings | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Red-white-blue-crystal-earrings
Name: Asura Earrings
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Magic Earrings
Magic Type: Asura Magic [Life+Heat+Ice]
Appearance: These pair of blue and red gem earrings are very small at only 4cm long a piece. They seem rather plain besides the gems which glow with a magic circle when in use.

  • Touch Of Cold- The user pays 10 magoi | 5 to sustain allowing their hands to glow and radiate with cold energy. Allowing them to freeze things to the touch, or even cool down overheating bodies.

  • Touch of Warmth- By paying 10 magoi | 5 to sustain the user allows their hands to radiate with warm energy allowing them to melt metal after a few seconds of contact and warm up freezing bodies.

Lion's Pride | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] E9WnSEJ
Name: Lion's Pride
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Item - Artificial Arm
Magic Type: Strength
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain
Appearance: A standard prosthetic arm, made up of 100% pure titanium. The arm seems to adjust it’s size and weight to fit any user. The magic circle is directly on top of the hand, and will glow a faint black color when fed magoi.

  • Force - By feeding magoi into the arm, the user is then granted a powerful form of telekinesis; via strength magic. The telekinesis allows for simple radial movement but lacks the accuracy to perform any complicated tasks. Any inanimate object they may have touched within their last post becomes eligible to be controlled by them. As long as the object is within exactly 40-meters of the user, they are able to control it freely, moving it anywhere within the set range. If the object is to go past the set range, the user will lose complete control over it.
  • Handy - As long as the user has at least 20 magoi left in the current thread, this magic tool will work as a fully functional arm. If the user is below the 20 magoi threshold, the arm will no longer function until their magoi is restored. Additionally, this arm is capable of applying A-Tier basic damage equivalent to A-Tier enhanced strength. This arm does not feel pain, but will take damage like any other item would.

Universal Sheath | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] CMDxcjb
Name: Universal Sheathe
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Item - Sheathe
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: Normally a 75 cm long, 10 cm wide sheathe with aesthetics reminiscent of Kou style. This sheathe probably belonged to a regular soldier of the Kou Empire who ventured too far, but now the sheathe has been altered by the dungeon's power. The strangest aspect of this sheathe, aside from the magic, is the inside; it looks like a whole universe is encased within the sheathe.

  • One Size - If the user tries to sheathe any weapon into this sheathe, the sheathe will contract, shift, and warp its shape, size, and form in order to perfectly fit the weapon. Removing the weapon from the sheathe will revert the sheathe to its original shape, size, and form. No cost.

  • Fits All - If the sheathe is not in use and the user feed magoi into the void sheathe, then a powerful vacuum is created inside the sheathe. The vacuum force is in the shape of a 5m wide fan up to 1m in front of the sheath. Anything that weighs less than paper will get sucked into the sheathe, never to be seen again. No matter the size of the objects getting sucked in, the sheathe will compensate. This is generally useless against physical attacks with mass due to the weight limit, but is very effective against intangible attacks such as flames or gases. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Flying Carpet | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Webmaster-MagicFlyingCarpet_Ilustracije_full_2251_19259

Item Name: Flying Carpet
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Item
A magical flying carpet that allows the user to soar through the sky. It measures 2 meters in width, 3 in length, and about 20cm in terms of thickness, making it quite flexible.

  • This magical carpet gives a 25% word count reduction on traveling topics.
  • The carpet can fly at great speeds equivalent to an A-tier flight spell, up to a height of 60 meters. The carpet can hold up to 5 people at a time before being weighed down. This function is free in social situations but costs magoi to be used in combat or when under attack. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Large Backpack:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Which-rpg-inventory-system-icon-preliminary-steps
Name: Large Backpack
Tier: A
Description A backpack to hold your valuables in. Only one per character.
Effect: Allows the user to bring 4 extra items into a thread.

Backpack Items:

Dark Blood | Magic Item:
Name: Dark Blood
Tier: C
Type: Magic Tool - Ring
Magic Type: Clairvoyance/Life
Appearance: This ring is silver but takes on an appearance of blood red when worn, inlaid with a single dark purple gem 10.2 mm with two dragon head. If one were to look close enough they would see a magical circle imprinted inside the dark gem.

  • Memory Theft - Feeding magoi into this ring and touching a target creature/person, one of the two dragon heads on the ring will leave its position on the ring to then bite where contacted, the target would feel no pain as it seems to have numbing effects. The user must maintain contact with the target for at least one minute. The ring then allows its wearer to see the memories of the target up to 3 days prior, a week if sustained. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Necklace of Hidden Arts | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] Nim__s_pendant_by_aikurisu
Name: Necklace of Hidden Arts
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Item - Necklace
Magic Type: Ultimate Ninja Magic - Light | Life | Sound
Appearance: A neatly braided necklace with a shield-like metal emblem on it. In the center is a clear blue gem embedded into it with a magic circle engraved around it.

  • Cloak -  Feeding magoi into this necklace will cause the user and all the equipment they are wearing to vanish to anyone not in a 2m radius of them. Alternatively, they could choose to make a single inanimate object they are touching, vanish.  As long as they keep their breath under control and not attempt any kind of combat-related action, their presence will have vanished completely and is not detectable by normal means. If their breath becomes suddenly unstable or they attempt to strike their enemy during the activation of Cloak, the effect will begin to fade away. An inanimate object affected by this will simply revert after 1 post.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

  • Mirror -  Feeding magoi into this necklace will cause the user and all the equipment they are wearing to mirror a target of their choosing within a 5m radius. The users own actions will now be cloaked in a harmless illusion of the target's own actions to anyone within 5m of the mirrored user. If their breath becomes suddenly unstable during the activation of Mirror, the effect will begin to fade away.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Mask of the Damned | Magic Item:
An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 9dOCl8q
Name: Mask of the Damned
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Mask
Magic Type: Heat
Appearance: A white mask that conforms to fit comfortably on the user’s face, even when not worn. It has plain eyes ringed in black, a snout, and prominent red lips. On the back of the mask, placed between the eyes, is the Magic Circle that glows when activated.

    Once the Magic Seal is activated, black chord-like tendrils covers the user entirely. They grow up to 3m in height, albeit the newfound coat does not boost their defenses. Instead, they are now capable of breathing out fire up to a meter away or blasting it from various parts of their new body. They can deal up to A-Tier damage with their flames and still use objects in their "hands". The psuedo-transformation ends after 4 posts. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Amulet of Tlaloc | Magic Item:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] GX2Yb2M
Name: Amulet of Tlaloc
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Magic Item - Pendant
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance: A pendant that is approximately 7 cm long and hangs from a silver chain. It has 3 beautiful gems attached on this pendant that has a similar shape like a lightning bolt, a small ruby, topaz and sapphire. The magic circle is located on the back
[*]Magnetism Field – Feeding the magoi into the item will allow the user to create a magnetic field 3m in  diameter that can be used to attract ferrometals, such as iron, nickel and cobalt. (Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.) towards the field. The type of metal that could be attracted could be weapons, jewelry, and all things that is made from ferrometals except metal vessels. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Shards 1x:

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1


An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 35360610

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

As the procession of the Azure Eye would make it's way down the brick-lined paths of the streets. The men dressed in loose-fitting Harem pants and the silk scarves acquired by their leader. Through the few days of walking Kou's streets it's luxuries had caught his eye for certain. How they fine fabrics, so elegant in their texture shined with the sun's brilliance. His sash reflected his fine color and helped show how much of his opulent wealth had been dispersed through kou's markets.

Ali would grin because the caravan that followed him carried more than a couple of men with some souvenirs. His parade of men brought with them gifts. It was a custom from his land, it tended to lead to more gifts but what better sort of hospitality! In rows, there were men carrying platters with gold, from coin to jewelry adorned with fine jewels. It was nothing compared to king for sure but the fine spices and materials he carried as well! He also had his prized items, carried on the back of the black camel that had been brought with him.

"I hope the gifts we're bringing arent far too much."The merchant would chuckle. He had an influence for sure, and obviously wealth acclimated from hard work, but it was nothing to those who actually held real wealth. He got this much from trading, working up. Now he was on his way to a man who held great wealth and even more importantly power. There was something they both hopefully held that would be useful for one another but first came contact. As they bounced along the streets, bringing merriment to those they walked by he had hoped to make in impact. There was money in personality after all.

With his merry band making their way to Miracle anticipation was flooding out from him. In his eyes, Ali's eyes, he and Torentino were both young upstarts, acquiring a gain in popularity in their own regards. His rise was slow to start at the first war, but with time waging, and plunder entering markets he had struck it luckily trading things slowly, big market goods with a bit of luck. Things got even better when the stars started to fall! Yet alas he didn't have time to reminisce too much, as they were arriving upon their destination. One of his birds, now resting on his shoulder her would stand before the doors of Miracle Trading Co.

My name is Ali, Ali Sekarr, I hope my letter arrived in good faith, I've come to enjoy the coming summer tidings." He would say with a boyish charm, the young man carrying an almost naive smile upon his face. He had no ill intention, at the moment, but even when it came to friends it was better to have a nice front than to be a shrewd businessman, and that's what he was here to do after all, make some friends.

He would continue to speak, only for a moment hoping to gather his men, and quickly usher himself and the others inside. "I've brought some gifts, spices for a feast, and some of my favorite wares to show you. We are grateful for this opportunity, and we hope to party into the night with you, it is an honor for the Azure Eye to visit Miracle."

Interest in Trently was the cause for the voyage, the man behind every venture lead to more possibility than the business itself. This merchant wasn't a big fan of fate himself, he believed in his own hard work, ingenuity and passion to get him this far. He wanted to know, to figure out what type of man founded a Miracle, an impossibility in a bleak world. He had hoped to see who else would be stepping up in this world stage.



It was a festive time. Looking over the city yet again, in the very early morning, the young man of business continued to set his sights on the sea before him. It was the south east sea, a largely unexplored region of the vast world and said to be a very dangerous one. Trently could not help but always wonder every morning, as the sun was rising, what new adventures could be waiting? With a smile upon his face, Trently lied down on his guild hall's roof, excited for a great banquet. Any moment now men from a company named Aqua Eye should be coming. Trently had been up most of yesterday preparing for a welcoming and fun banquet.

Great cooks were hired for such an occasion, and Trently's men from his counter crusade were all here. It was a priority to ensure his men and his guests had a great night. However, young Trently was greatly interested in conversing about something with his new guest, Ali Sekarr. Eagerly, Trently awaited for his guests he hoped were nice people and had great spirit. For now, Trently made sure everything was in order. Trently made sure he could provide alcohol, despite he himself disliking alcohol.

Trently: "Hm.."

Guaiwu: "Oi! Trently!"

Trently: "Yeah, Guaiwu?"

Guaiwu: "They should be here soon. Just remember, we don't know who are guests are."

Said burly Guaiwu, pouncing atop Trently's guild hall roof where he lied. He would remind young Trently his guests were people with unknown motives. Trently nodded, noting what the older man, Guaiwu, would say. However, Trently was not a cold person when it came to people who interested him. He liked interesting people very much so. This Ali Sekarr looked like quite an intriguing person but, more would be seen from him in only a matter of a few hours now. It was a moderately warm day, with clouds overcast to where it was not too hot out. Trently enjoyed a sea nice breeze early morning. Yet, it was time for him to now get up and attend to his guild duties as the guild master. Trently would look to Guaiwu, and bump fists with the man.

Trently: "I got it! No worries!"

Guaiwu: "Okay, I trust you!"

Parading along city streets, suddenly, caravans of blue silk began to wheel along. People found such caravans and foreigners intriguing. From the bustling of the streets, the attention of some of the members of Trently's guild would be captured. It would not be long until Trently's very attention as well would be attained by Aqua Eye. Trently was in his office, when suddenly a man of his guild would knock on the door, informing him of the guests coming very soon. At the very moment the man said Aqua Eye was here, Trently smiled, rising from his seat quickly with no moment to dawdle.

He would walk over in his office, and grab a special designed kimono from his office wardrobe. His office doubled as his living quarters, as well as where most of his work and meetings occurred. Trently would garb himself in his special kimono which had bolt patterns underneath cloud patterns. It was a blue and white kimono, designed by a Kinan man living in Kou. With his new garbs on, Trently equipped his magic items and tools, and left his office to greet his new guests. His sandals pattered across his wooden floor as he walked through his guild hall. His guild members looked on in anticipation. Trently would call one of his officers over, and ask the man to inform any guild members in the city to come for a banquet.

Trently: "Please call any loose guild members that are not busy over for a banquet. This is for our conquest of a dungeon, and our new guests. It is a very special occasion. Thank you."

Said young Trently, patting his officer on his back. Trently grinned in excitement as daylight hit his face once again. It was perhaps five hours before the light would fall. Trently was looking forward in meeting Ali Sekarr. Guaiwu noticing quickly Trently's guests had come, he would come with Trently right by his right rear. Men assigned in housing guests would follow suit as well on his left rear. Upon exiting his guild hall, Trently's eyes would be pleased and excited for his guests thus far. It would appear his guests had brought swathes of wealth and riches, a gift? Trently could appreciate it very much if that was the case. It was a certainly nice gesture. Lying his eyes before Ali Sekarr and his crew of men, Trently could not help but smile wide, and allow his amazed eyes behold the beautiful view.

It appeared Ali Sekarr was a young man, about his own very age, Trently's. It was now apparent maybe why he came to Trently. There may be commonalities in Trently and his potential new friend, Ali Sekarr. However, Trently cared little for what commonalities he had with him, but what differences and interesting prospects he brought with him to Kou. Trently would meet eyes with Ali Sekarr, and walk down his guild hall steps at a slow but steady pace. His kimono wavered very gently, as his earrings jingled, and magic items rested on various areas of his body. Trently rose his hand, and gestured hello to Ali Sekarr with warm eyes and a welcoming smile. Outstretching his hand to him for a shake, he would exchange some kind words with the man. It had finally come, his meeting with Ali Sekarr.

Trently: "Pleasure to meet you, Ali Sekarr! I have been anticipating you excitingly! We have arranged a banquet for our men, to welcome you to Kou, and to celebrate a special occasion!"

Guaiwu: "I am Guaiwu, a General of our here guild. Welcome, Ali Sekarr."

Trently: "I thank you for the gifts and in return, I hope to give you and your men a great banquet and party! I would like to learn more about you shortly, and talk. I welcome you and your men inside!"

Trently said as he would welcome Ali in his guild hall, leading him and his men inside. After some conversing while climbing his guild hall's steps, Trently and his guests should make it up to the guild hall where early lunch would begin being prepared rapidly. It was nothing much compared to what was set up for the actual banquet's dinner and amenities. With much of lunch being whipped up by hired cooks, the blue haired conqueror gestured for Ali to join him in his office if he did not mind meanwhile for now. His earrings lightly jingled as Trently walked with a small pep in his step, excited by a guest.

It was apparent Ali was a man of jewelry, and so was young Trently in a sense, though not quite exactly. It was more of just his essential gear than much more beside that. He was not one who liked to look very wealthy, for it proved less useful. If bandits saw a wealthy man, bandits would strike the wealthy man. If you walk into a bar with so much jewelry, you will be treated other than a normal man. Trently walked with his gear for necessity. Was this jewelry of Ali accessory, or more? Trently was curious of his style, and reason.

Trently: "Would you like to join me in a meeting meanwhile? Is that too abrupt? They can bring our meals during."


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

"Well that sounds lovely! We can enjoy our meals while we can discuss things. It gives us a chance to get to know each other." His voice would roar with a haughty laugh, he'd pat his fellow trader on the back. Wealth was a life he was new too, but it was one he had to offer for others. It was as opulent as it was necessary. He had a wild claim to prove, and his evidence, his rewards were the only proof he had for his words. As he followed after, his eyes exploring the walls of the guildhall. It certainly showed that the young Torention had fine taste.

"I'm more particular to the architecture of my homeland in Balbadd. It's a nice hall, I hope if trades go well I can show you mine as well." Ali was humble, he tried to act like a rich man but even seeing another person's tastes he could not help but take them in with his gaze. Examining the frame, color of the walls, and the boy's personal taste of ornamentation. Rather than asking questions, he took it in as he would keep his ears open for what Trent had to offer.

As they approached the meeting room he would take the chance to get comfortable, waiting to hear what offers Trent may have. After the chance to speak would come up he would wait for his chance to speak, before uttering a response the was a small tidbit he would wish to share. He had something he wished to share. "What if I told you I had something which could guide the world to wealth so that all can share in pleasure, and more importantly comfort." It seemed like a wild accusation but he would continue. "I've been able to acquire wealth, and item quickly with the power of an item I bring with me here today. I would like to show you the Azure eye so we could form a proper partnership."

While waiting for his words to be absorbed he would then wait for the true meat of their conversation to unveiled. Hopefully, he had an appetite for the opportunity, hopefully, their hearts would be set on the same path as well.



Upon his face lied a keen smile, for the idea and proposition he had been floating around within his head for quite some time now. However, how did the young guild leader wish to present this unique offer? He would scrummage about some of the office papers and smile as the time had come to discuss with Ali Sekarr. It made the blue haired man quite ecstatic. It were papers of different jobs, but one set of papers were details of something far more than mere jobs for the guild mercenaries to take up. It were a set of outlined plans, consisting of maps of the south east sea that were very incomplete and inaccurate. It was a harsh ocean out there, before the great continent of Kou and the main land. What is young Trently hinting at or has his eyes on? Perhaps a very ambitious expedition.

Being located within the south west side of Kou, on the edge with the south east sea that lied very unexplored and hidden, the ambitious rising leader sought to explore what the cobalt blue waters had to offer. None before him had went on such an expedition or sought to fund such an expedition. It may prove pointless, but Trently was very certain something must be out at sea. He would like to set sail for the seas, and investigate long standing rumors of islands and terrifying creatures out at sea. No sailors or ambitious souls had yet to venture forth and see what the sea offered and return. If any did, they were unable to conquer the great south east sea, for it was too vicious, only bringing back mere rumors of it.

Trently: "Azure Eye..? I am interested in your proposition, but very vague. How would your Azure Eye guide our world for we can share wealth in pleasure, and comfort? Please tell more on your Azure Eye, rather than showing me just yet."

He would sit down, and look at Ali Sekarr with gem like blue eyes. Trently were to smile and be very intrigued by the young man's words. Gaps in wealth were very prevalent everywhere. It was a good ideal to lift the people in poverty up. What is the Azure Eye though? Anyhow, once his new friend would explain the Azure Eye and Trently could understand it well enough, now was for the young Trently's unique proposition. Perhaps his offer may interest Ali Sekarr. It was an offer unlike any other. Trently was elated for a seafaring man coming here. It was just what the young man sought out for his ambitious idea.

It just required the funds now. However, he was capable of the funds, just not on the scale of what he would like. It was not easy funding the likes of expeditions nor journeys. Yet, with the wealth from Furcas, his idea was capable on a smaller scale for now. If the man was interested enough, maybe Ali Sekarr would invest into it. However, now for the discussion at hand which Trently was eager to discuss with the man from the country of Balbadd. Unraveling a scroll, an incomplete and inaccurate map of the east south seas would show itself before Ali Sekarr. It was a dangerous sea, some parts of it very uncharted. Trently would slam his palm of his hand onto the uncharted sea, and look on at the other man with unwavering conviction.

Trently: "I have an offer like no other. Ali Sekarr, I am sure you are aware of the rumors of people being led astray paths to Kou and Balbadd by vicious storms, yes? You know of the rumors of the terrifying creatures lying in the south east sea, yes? It is very difficult to not hear about such rumors whilst being within our shared region."

Trently: "I propose an expedition like no other! I propose a collection of voyages out into the south east sea to chart the seas and see what it has to offer! I seek to find new lands! I hope with others of golden heart, I may erect a new state! I wish to trade our goods we find from the voyages with the world!"

Trently: "If we carry on with ingenuity and an iron will, we can forge a brighter fate. That is what I believe. Those are my ideals! What do you say, Ali Sekarr? Are you interested in my offer, Ali..!?"


An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 35360610

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

As the man of Miracle would finish his grand speech Ali would take a second to absorb his words. it was almost humorous. He had invited him here on a proposition from the winds of fate. Hoping that it would help guide them together, to follow fate and it's path. "KhaHeahaahhaaha! Marvelous" The young man would chuckle, wiping a tear from his eye. Continuing "I'm sorry, but it seems either way fate had the chance of bringing us upon this path together!" As excitement glared on his face he felt the needed to explain further.

"I too wish to explore these areas, they hold plenty of unexplored secrets. It may have been what brought me too you, it's what we must find out. For you see the Azura Eye is what guided me, it's more than just my company." His hands would reach inside his blouse, as a chained object would unveil itself.  A brilliant set of blue gems affixed to make a necklace. With intense ringed patterns to the stones, it seemed to stare into the eyes of those who gazed upon it. "Fate has guided my fortune, it guided my path and I believe it brought me here knowing the opportunity you'd bring!"

An eye on Miracles [Plot/Private/Trently] 5916b6da020b20844b010d19daa936d0

He would wait, giving Trently the chance to absorb everything he had just been told. The strange objects glimmer would shine in the halls. "I'm not very good at fighting, and my forces are mostly expeditionary. But, if they have their use I will join you gladly on your trip to these islands. This Azure Eye guides to rich opportunities or goods, using clairvoyance magic to show those who use it the paths or concentrations of Rukh. While the future is not certain, we can still guide us towards things for a more certain one."

With the last of his words, he would wait to see what else Torentino had to say or offer. There were certainly risks of bringing his beneficiary with him. But he wanted to see things, to join him in this. He would gladly share the paths and power of his Azure eye if he was allowed too.

DM notes: I didn't have much more planned than sharing the Azure Eye and offering trade plot, but you opened a better opportunity so if you wish for this plot Ali Sekar will join you as a special Non-combatant A-tier Plot NPC. (He may have abilities some of which are plot and social, but most likely only a weapon to defend himself)

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