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Sunshine on Portmouth [Open]

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1Sunshine on Portmouth [Open] Empty Sunshine on Portmouth [Open] on 28/02/20, 10:39 pm


Tatara, get up. Get up, boy! “ His mother spoke in a harsh tone. Shaking him awake, leaving her hand across his arm. She would push violently making him rock viciously in the bed.  The young blue haired boy, flick his mother's arm away from pure instincts, causing him to quickly arise feeling her skin against his knuckle. “ Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. “ His words sound raspy, but only getting cut abruptly as her heavy right found his jaw this time sending him through the inn’s wall. Bursting forth from the wall, into another room of naked women, and one man. Their voices squealing at the sudden surprise of an young man, with a blue haired woman standing in the hole furious.  “ Now boy. LISTEN! “ The fire behind her teeth almost spewing out into these strangers' rooms, even shushing them. “ You get out of here, and go get some supplies for the next few weeks with this huang! If you come back with another piece of garbage weapon, or the wrong thing. I won’t just be putting you through a wall. “ She says, before leaving the hole, and heading towards the bar in the lobby.

Tatara, had no time to reply to his mother nor collect an article of clothing. Standing up looking at the scene of naked women aroused him. Partially naked from waist up, he would grow embarrassed and dart from the room out the door in a matter of seconds. “ Sorry~ “ Left his plum colored lips. Moving to his own room, using his bed frame to cover the newly made hole shaped in his muscular body.

Near to an hour later~

Emerging on the streets in clothing similar to those native to Zou culture. Tatara, had just gotten himself some new threads, as his old attire was outdated for the busy folks of Reim. The Portsmouth were all local business was done from fish trading, cloth marketing, and essentially naughty bars for those to drop a quick coin. The boy had been there for more than a month, fighting in the coliseum to line his own pockets, and mother’s. So walking down the cobblestoned streets was relaxing at least. He wondered to himself about current weather in Imuchakk,, but quickly brought himself to today’s task.

Mother wants fresh trout and bass, deer skin, and a vile of snake venom. “ The list was such a strange one, but he dare not question why this woman needed snake venom. She had such monstrous strength, and couldn't take another one of those punches like this morning. Making his way towards  the first stall, he’d wonder if today would be a day for making new friends?  Maybe an old one, or a coliseum partner at that. Only time would tell, as he was ready to pick up the fish from the sea side stall.


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