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Though she wasn’t too keen on doing a lot of physical labor, Serevi found herself accepting a job to do someone else’s job for them, and for less pay. The details of the job said that she was to meet her client at the harbor so that’s where she was, standing on the docks looking at the boats and waiting for her client. She frowned as minutes passed and there was still no sign of anyone approaching her for the job. Half an hour and finding a small crate to sit on passed before a stout man finally approached her.

“So, you’re the one looking to get paid?” The man asked her as he looked her up and down.

Serevie stood up, pat her clothes and smiled. “Yes! I’m here to-” Was all she managed to get out before she was rudely interrupted by the man.

“Whatever, here’s what you’re doing. I’m supposed to be doing a bunch of things today but I got other things that I want to do.” He points over to a ship at the far end of the docks. “That’s where you’ll be working for the day. Now listen because I don’t want to repeat myself.” The man then lists down everything that Serevie was going to be doing before patting her on the back and going on his way.

“I guess I better get started?” She mumbled as she watched the man leave.

Left alone to begin her work, Serevi mentally listed the things that she should be doing as she walked to the ship. Before she got on she stopped and looked at the rope keeping the ship from moving. “Well, might as well do this first.” She began tightening the knots of the rope, sometimes adding more knots when she thought it was needed.

She moved on to the next task that needed doing. Moving a few barrels into storage and then organizing storage after that. She found the barrels that she was supposed to move and tried lifting it. She got off the ground and was able to move it for a few short seconds before she had to put it down. “ going to take a while.” It would take most of the day due to her small stature and it’s not very impressive physical strength but she was able to carry the barrels bit by bit and rearrange the storage so it looked better. She didn’t bother trying to see what was inside the containers she was moving around, she wasn’t interested in them.

The last thing that she had to do was mop the deck, a task that she deemed easier than carrying and moving heavy things by herself. She found the ship’s mop and bucket and started to mop the deck as fast as she could without doing a bad job of it.

“You actually did it.” Serevi looked up from her mopping and saw the sailor standing on the deck of the ship. “Heh, lot’s of energy for someone so small, well you did a good enough job, here you go.” He walks over to Serevi and puts Huang on her hand. “Go, I’ll put the mop away.”

“Thanks?” Serevi pocketed the money and slowly got off the boat and back down to the docks. She looked back and saw that people were boarding or talking with each other near the ship. With nothing more to do she left the docks to find a place to rest in.


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