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A Day in Magnostadt, Dragonelle Bananza [Job]

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Job Name: Magic Gone Wrong I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the East side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

A Day in Magnostadt, Dragonelle Bananza [Job] Fs6mkUL

Enemy Name: Dragonelle x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: These small green creatures are just under 1 meter tall and can fly.
Abilities: These creatures do not do damage, instead they simply fly around and make a nuisance of themselves by knocking things over and landing on people.

A new sunrise meeting the city of magic's scenery, Zana's brand new adventure in Magnostadt were to begin. He would lie sleeping in a room of his in the academy, having been accepted to study at the academy yesterday when he first arrived in the city of Magnostadt. It was a magnificent nation with a lot to offer young Zana. He would awake to the sound of a knock upon his door and pick himself up, rubbing the corners of his eyes. Zana would yawn and shuffle his feet over to the door, opening it as he were to grasp ahold of his wand and see what he was being called for. A soft voiced woman would give him his class schedule, and notify him of the day off.

"Ah, why hello, Zana. I am here to give you your new prepared schedule. I welcome you to academy and wish you good luck in your studies. We have a day off today, so feel free to explore the city and academy. Tomorrow are classes."

"Oh, thank you, I appreciate the good wish and help. Certainly, I will see the beautiful sights Magnostadt has to offer and explore."

Said the boy, while cleaning and placing his glasses on his face. Smiling then at the woman, nodding to her as he took his academy schedule. He would bow to the kind woman, bidding her a farewell  until likely later when he meets her again. Alone now, he would close his door and look at his academy schedule. It appeared he would learn about the very history of magic as one of his first classes tomorrow. However, for now as he had the day off, he would ought to take a look at the city and explore around. With his wand and some money for food, Zana would depart for the city.

After some hours of exploring the city and sightseeing, Zana would find himself in the east side of the city. He would sit atop a bridge over a small river leading into a small lake when some students of Magnostadt would suddenly appear from the streets and seem to be scurrying around looking for something. Zana noticing the students looking for something, would ask if they need help or anything. Upon asking them, the students would tell Zana that some of their life constructs had escaped into this direction of the city somehow.

A teacher would appear, asking Zana if he could help look for them and knock them cold. Zana would scratch the back of his head and hesitantly agree to help find the life constructs, hoping they weren't dangerous. He would receive information on the appearance of the life constructs from a life magic student and grow slightly more nervous by how the life constructs were to be said to look like. They sounded intimidating to Zana at first.

Scurrying around the east side of the city to find the life constructs alongside some other students, Zana would dart his head around looking out for the terrifying sounding Dragonelles. Not seeing where he was going, Zana would suddenly bump into something, saying sorry to whatever he bumped into.

"Ah, sorry, I wasn't paying att-e-Dragonelles! I have found you!"

Said aloud the boy, having found the life constructs known as Dragonelles. He was astonished they were not as scary as described. This made it easier for young Zana but harder in another way for him I guess you can say. The little guys were kind of cute, however, Zana still had to do the task he was assigned.

Rising his wand in the air, Zana would lightly bump one of the Dragonelles on the head and knock it out. He would quickly sprint toward the other ones trying to fly away, and knock them on their heads with his wand to daze them one by one, all three Dragonelles. They would be knocked out and eventually disperse, as they were magic. The other students would surround Zana and sigh in relief they were found and defeated. Now they won't be bothering anymore of the city locals.

Bay [Starter Wand]:

A Day in Magnostadt, Dragonelle Bananza [Job] 9ae15ee9775546397e77d86c0573ccd1
Name: Bay
Tier: D
Material: A light silver colored wood, with somewhat of an azure tint.
Appearance: A 35cm long wand that swirls at the tip. It is an old but holy and divine wand blessed by a great priest of the church and crafted by one of Sasan's finest wands makers.

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