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A Hopeful Voyage! [Reim to Magnostadt]

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Lying asleep within an inn room he purchased last night, a shining gold sun would begin to rise into the skies of the blessed morning, greeting Zana awake. Efforts have been made by Miracle and some others to drive out Sasan forces from the nation of Reim, halting Sasan. However, Zana would know the battle that Sasan initiated had yet to end. He knew they were looking for a dungeon to conquer. Zana did not know it would fair, or if that group of mercenaries of the name Miracle would succeed in the triumph of the dungeon before Sasan.

"I hope everything fairs well for both parties now. I cannot help but wish for both to follow the light, and do good."

Said the young Zana, picking himself up from where he had slept and looking at the window where light entered his room. He would smile, praying his family were to be well back in Sasan. However, there was no more time currently for thinking and praying. Zana had to dress and equip himself for a more than a month long voyage to the city of magic, Magnostadt. Thanks to his kind friend who he had met, Zana had got enough money board a ship aimed for Magnostadt. He would seek out a new home in Magnostadt and study there to better perfect his magic.

"Okay, let us see now, I come here..?"

Zana the timid boy asked himself as he examined a map and boarding slip that he was given after payment for his sea voyage. Skies of Portsmouth, Reim were fairly cloudy, with light winds rustling the map Zana grasped in his hands. He would follow his map, and come to a ship being filled up with cargo before anyone is allowed to set aboard its deck.

"Okay, passengers may now set foot upon the ship, one by one, orderly!"

"Oh, my queue."

"Hand your boarding slips to the man by the gangway!"

Men and women now boarding the sailing vessel, they would come with wands and garbs of that of a Magician. It seemed they were too seeking to study in the city of Magnostadt and develop their magic further. Zana would look in great astonishment at the vast blue ocean before him, dazzling bright under the gold sunlight upon it ever so radiant.

"We set sail now! From the Reim nation to the city of Magic, Magnostadt!"

Shouted aloud the captain of the vessel to everyone. Zana grasped his wand in hope of a great new adventure now that he was outside of the Kingdom of Sasan in which he once called his homeland. Perhaps there is better to be had in the outside world that Sasan did not offer. Zana would seize knowledge, and try to better himself. A new world awaited..!

A voyage of four weeks would take the young and hopeful Zana from the land of Reim to the eastern continent where the city of magic, Magnostadt would lie. Upon first reaching the city, he would be met by magicians requiring him to show his magical prowess and ability to use the innate power of Magicians, the borg. Sunlight radiated bright in Zana's face as he came off the vessel in which brought him to this city, greeting him.

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