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Visitor from the forest

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Lumina Alkori

Lumina Alkori
Job Deets:
Job Name: A Man in Need
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3000 Hung + 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/a
Job Overview:
You will be going about your everyday life when you bump into a rich guy who needs help. You must visit his house at least once during the mission.

He will need one of the following everyday tasks to be done:
1. Helping him look after Kids, which he has been given the task of babysitting.
2. Household Chores
3. Cooking for an important Guest
4. Shopping
The job should take at least 2 hours to complete depending on what you pick.

On completion, he will pay you for your help, whether you like it or not.

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Lumina Alkori

Lumina Alkori
Many years had passed since Lumina had come to reside inside the forest, while she had abandoned her humanity it didn't mean she had not interacted with others. Her home had seen many intruders and visitors, one, in particular, had become somewhat of a friend. An old man who lived on the edge of the forest in a rather fancy house. Many years ago Lumina had gotten sick and if not for the man kindness she would have perished long ago, the medicine that he had provided had not been cheap but he had spent it to save a stranger. Since then Lumina had remained in contact with him over the years, dropping by every now and then, but this time was different. A few years back, when the elderly man had lost his wife they had set up a way for him to get ahold of her. a simple burning of a scented log and Lumina would come as quickly as possible. It was in the early morning that Ume picked up the scent, sitting fully upright and poking the still sleeping Lumina with her snout.

"Hmm? wha?" Lumina snapped upright alert and ready for anything. She glanced and Ume who stood up and let out a short bark. "Burning wood and herbs? OH! the old man... let's go" Lumina didn't question further and mounted Ume. The two set out at a full sprint, Lumina was a bit worried about the old man. It had been a year since the last they had seen him and the last she knew his sight was going. It was not till the first light had graced the forest with its warm embrace that they arrived at the gates leading to the man's home. Outside stood the man butt-lur waiting.

"Miss Lumina, Miss Ume." The well-dressed man opened the gate and let the two though. "Thank you for coming so quickly."

Lumina slid down Ume's flank and stretched out. "What's going on butt-lur?" She stood up like a normal human, an uncomfortable position for her. The Butt-lur motioned for her to follow him, he would likely want her to bathe before entering the house and she was spot on."

"As per usual I will request you bathe first." The gentleman said as he opens the door to the small guest house which sat on the property, inside sat a tub full of warm water. "while you bathe I will wash your... garments..." The man knew better than to try to get her to wear what he considered normal clothing, something the two of them had argued about in the past. Lumina simply walked past him stripping down as she did, the butler picked up the clothing without batting an eye and left leaving Lumina to bathe.

"well at least if feels good..." she jumped into the water, causing it to splash on the floor. Lumina picked up the soap and the brush that was left on a little table next to the tub. "heh, it been a long time..." She had not always been willing to bathe and had been more than one time been forcibly cleaned by the old man's wife. Lumina smiled lightly and started scrubbing down, the water turning a dark brown with all the dirt and grim she had picked up since the last time she had washed. Lumina had just finished washing when the butler returned with her coverings, simply walking in.

"Done? good... we don't have much time, Master Donnar wishes to speak with you." He approached the tub as Lumina stood up, handing her a towel. He stepped back as Lumina stepped out of the tube, he sniffed the air around Lumina. "Well it will have to do... please at lea..." He stopped as Lumina shot him a glare, sighing he turned and started out, "when your done getting dressed Master Donnar is in his study... you do remember where that is yes?"

Lumina glared at him again, "yes I do, go clean something." Lumina got dressed in her now clean clothing, which now smelled of flowers. Lumina sniffed her shawl and hood, "Damn it he sprayed the smelly crap on them again..." The two had constantly fought over the years, to everyone's amusement. Lumina walked out of the guest house, her balance was off due to walking as humans do but Ume kept close to prevent her from falling.
The two enter the main house, earning greetings from the servants the knew them and looks of confusion from those who didn't.

The two reached the door to Donnar's main study when a voice called out "Come in you two." Lumina made a face and opened the door. "I put out some food for the both of you." Lumina stepped into the room, the old man was sitting in his usual chair sipping tea. Lumina Glanced over to the well-stocked table and grinned, she knew that he had gotten her some new food to try. She moved to the table and grabbed a piece of some heavily spiced meat, tearing a piece off. Her mouth was on fire, it was super spicy to the point she audibly yelped in surprise. "Ah yes be careful some of it is quite spicy."

Lumina swallowed and responded through tears. "Late with the warning..." She glanced toward the old man, "so....whats up?" Lumina fidgeted a bit.

The old man didn't respond right away, simply drawing on his pipe deeply. "My grandchildren are coming over... they are quite young and well...."

"You want me to be here to play with them again..." Lumina responded flatly. "again...." lumina sighed and stood up as the elderly man nodded.

"With my vision gone it's hard for me to keep them entertained, but they took to you very well... I also wanted to speak to you but that's for later." There was a knock at the door followed by a stampede of feet as two children came bursting through the door.

"GRANDPA!" The two children ran up and hugged the old man. "We missed you!" The old man hugged the two back and then pointed at Lumina, both turn in unison to see what he was pointing at. "LUMI!" The two came sprinting over and nearly tackled the small girl.

"Ack!!! Hello, you two... please let go you know I have issues standing..." The two let her go as Ume stood up and licked one of the children eliciting a squeal. "So what do you to want to do today..."

"can we go to the stream? I wanna go swimming."

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