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Sasan Kingdom Crusades X:erxes' Coming Challenge!

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It was a foggy morning, with not very much going on. Trently had just saw a friend of his set out the other day to board a ship in Portsmouth, Reim, sailing to the magic city of Magnostadt. Besides that, as previously mentioned, nothing was really going on. Trently had set up a small fort in the outskirts of the city of Remano and has been just having his men scout the area for a little while and bring back reports of any knights.

"I should locate a dungeon before they do or else we may be in some trouble."

"We need more knight captures. It is a must to defeat Sasan and King Xerxes in finding the dungeon."

Trently said to himself in his tent as it had begun to rain outside. The young man was adamant on defeating his foes. He could not let his knight emissaries get ahold of a djinn's power. It was now a great race for who will conquer a dungeon first. Trently sat at a table fiddling with reported rumors of a dungeon. They were very vague and unreliable. Trently did not have his focus on conquering a dungeon, but now it was almost necessary if he sought to defeat Sasan and Knight King Xerxes.

"A dungeon is back in the picture I guess~ Oh, fighting Sasan is like playing chess~ If I enter a new dungeon, will I find success~?".

The young man sang, resting his chin upon his open right palm. Sighing, he would say "I doubt I will find success but what matters is not allowing Sasan to conquer it". Trently would clench his fist and look at himself intensely soon after saying that though, and decide to have faith in his abilities and in himself.

"No.. I must.. I must find success! I must have hope and fight for all that is good!"

"I shall conquer a dungeon!"

Roared the warrior, his invigorated voice going as far as to his other guildsmens' tents. Torento Yanaihara was not to let his opponents get the lead on him. He stood up and would begin training in his tent, performing pushups until the rain outside came to an end. The spirit lying within Trently was burning hotter and hotter, bursting with a miracle vigor which came from his own iron will. Trently would train hard!

"Hraah! Xerxes, I am coming for you!"


After an hour and a half, it were to stop raining outside finally. A report from an officer would come in suddenly though. Knights of Sasan had been seen in the city of Remano harrasing local people. Trently were to grab his bag and katana and set out for the city with his flying carpet. The young man would look for his foes and deal justice, with his blade.

"Now, where should they be..?"

Trently said as he came to land in the city of Remano. He would set foot upon the street where his officer said the knights were, and look around carefully. The report proved to help very little in actually finding his knight emissaries.


Asking locals where the reported knights had gone yielded no good lead on them beside, one elderly store owner woman who had said to Trently that the knights had just gone to a tavern down the street thirty minutes ago. The young warrior were to follow the path the lady pointed out, and begin walking to his destination with his katana by his side.

"Sasan knights are a damn bother! Kou has better men coming over here than that Sasan does, and that is saying a lot!"

Said aloud a drunk Reim man, exiting the tavern with two others who appeared drunk as well. Trently were to come closer toward the tavern and peer his eyes inside, seeing if the knights had indeed gone inside. Upon setting foot at the step of tavern, a brigade of five men in armor were to exit and bump into the young Trently. The young man stumbled back a bit, regaining his balance and immediately seeing his enemies appear before him. "Watch it, kid!" An irritated man in armor were to yell to Trently.

"Your crusade ends here, men!"

Roared the boisterous Trently, clutching the hilt of his sheathed katana and drawing it. He would begin to drive his katana into the armor of the man he had just bumped into and attempt to cut him down here and now. "Kunren Tori" The ivory horned warrior let out from his chest. Trently would drill his katana and spin it viciously, defeating the knight with his special attack. This was an ability his grandpa once used against a rival warrior in Kina, Trently's grandma said years ago. Kutter's Katana would make its victim fall, grasping his arm in agonizing pain. Trently were to jump back and set himself in a defensive stance as the other knights would retaliate against Trently for their defeaten friend.

"Lance Charge!"

Exclaimed the four armored knights as they were to lunge at Trently. The blue haired young man from Kou in his defensive stance, would feed his katana his magoi for an ability. He would slash at the feet of his opponents coming at him with lances, and blow them up into the sky with a gust of sharp razor winds.

"Kaze Odoroki!"

Trently's attack would cut his armored foes violently with razor magic, and end the quick clash, barely able to be called a battle with just how short it had lasted. His foes none the less lied defeated now and captures of Trently that may be of use. That was yet to be determined. The men would be wrangled up, and be put under Trently's Dark Blood's magic later. It was very well possible his captures did not have valuable information he did not already have but who knows? Trently was learning a  little more about Sasan with each encounter he had with a Sasanian.

The blue eye dazzling warrior came to his guild fort here in Reim, and would place his captures down. He may now delve into his captures' memories and see if any valuable information lied in their minds. Trently would use his dark blood on each capture, but.. find not anything new. It was okay, Trently did not expect knights asking where a dungeon is to know where a dungeon is.

"I will not let you conquer a dungeon.. Xerxes.."

MAGOI: 320


Abilities Performed:

Kunren Tori
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Trently must be able to spin the hilt of his blade while performing the technique.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Torento must lunge or thrust his blade or sword into whichever direction he wishes while drilling the hilt and blade at the target. This causes extreme tearing of the skin and muscle that can greatly harm the target. The target has difficulty ignoring the damage and harm done due to the massive tearing, bleeding, and wounding of the whole technique.

Kaze Odoroki
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must slash his katana toward where he would like the ability to be aimed.
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user slashes their katana aimed toward a target either up close or up to 30m far and a razor sharp gust of wind is conjured where the target is and it blows on them with great force. It will blow on them suddenly without a warning and blow them up into the air 15m high if standing on a surface or bring them violently down 15m below. The gust of wind is 5m wide and 5m tall and will cut people and deal B-Tier cuts. User can control the direction the gust of wind blows.


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