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A land unknown is just a new place to learn [Open/Social]

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Each afternoon in this strange place brought a new learning experience. There were the people with red-hair vibrant as the sunset. He learned of some of the multiple ethnic groups that existed within this country of Reim. There was news of coliseum matches. Delectable trails of smoke leading to new meats and the sweet air of fresh fruits tantalized him each time he passed through the market. So many wonderful things happened here! Today it was a fire-breather that caught his attention.

Entranced by the dance and show put on by the young woman, spewing forth reds and yellows which flickered forth with ferocity. The heat rose both in the area and in the crowd as cheers were thrown out to congratulate her. It seemed rather fun, it was interesting for sure. He could do some interesting things by controlling his body but this precision seemed wonderful.

"Bravo, Bravo!" the boy of brimstone complimented with a cheerful smile followed by clapping as the dance of fire continued around her.

Stepping away from the crowd he wished to get himself a break, possibly something to eat since all he'd done on this day was explore the city. GGrrgghh rumbled forth from his stomach, it was clear that his body was in a unanimous decision. His amber eyes would begin scouting around, looking for a suitable place to gather a snack.

Roasted boar is what sounded good, or that was rather the first thing he came upon that looked delicious, he spoke out to the vendor."Can I get 5 Skewers?" "Sure can do for yeah. that'll be 200 Huang." He was still unsure of the strange currency that he heard seemed to circulate through plenty of the nations in the world. He wasn't sure if the values were right but he exchanged it with no issues or change, so he'd just continue with his snack.

"This smoky tasty and tender texture is wonderful!" He would think to himself. Tearing into more of the meat skewers the young man plopped himself down on a wooden bench, there was a fountain behind him and statues in which the folks weaved between decorating his view. The people here seemed interesting. It was strange, it was hard to accustom to but the Sasan Knight did desire to meet and possibly communicate with some of the people from the outside world. He wanted to make some friends if he could with the people of Reim, maybe the conflict of interest was just too high.

Worry and anxiety would only make him stand out, so thankfully it wasn't visible. He would throw away the thoughts, just returning back to his lunch. It was best to enjoy the cacophony, the song, and dance of the crowd, there was always a show in the actions and interactions of life here it seemed.

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