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Mega Man X: Evolution, the Bio-roid Wars

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Magnus (MMX Admin)

Mega Man X: Evolution, the Bio-roid Wars Zerobutton2

Enter the world of Mega Man X as you find yourself discovering challenges that even the Class S Maverick Hunters themselves could barely handle...the threat of the new artificial species, the "Bio-roids". Even humans who possess the power joined in on the fight for the sake of their future. What's your stand in the middle of all of this? Will you fight, submit, or just do whatever you desire?

Any character type that falls under the species list is available to play in this era that is placed between Mega Man X8 and Command Mission, yet on an alternate timeline.

-Make your own weapons if you're tired of the standard buster and beam saber, for everyone could use some creativity every now and then.
-Earn Zenny (in-game currency) in various ways to purchase items, Force Metal, or even more custom made weapons of your choice.
-Personal plots are welcome
-Take part in "Major Arcs" that land heavy impacts on the story. Even YOU can run an arc.
-Either fight against the Bio-roids, or be on their side and be one of them. But some Bio-roids aren't evil, you know!
-Level up to become even stronger than you originally were. Keep it up and you'll eventually become just as strong as Mega Man X, Zero, and Axl!

So what are you waiting for? Click the link above to get started!

(Sorry for the late Link Back!)

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