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The Crusades Entail VI: Providing Backup

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Job Name: The Crusades Entail VI: Providing Backup
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: The Crusades Entail V
Job Overview: A mercenary group from Kou is opposing the Sasan crusades in the eastern coastal region of Reim. Travel there and help fight off the enemies of Sasan's faith. Defeat five mercenaries.

Miracle Mercenaries:
Enemy Name: Miracle Mercenaries x5
Enemy Tier: D-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: An oriental inexperienced mercenary group of men and some women, using D-Tier katanas for a more light and mobile sword style. They came from Kou to Reim in opposition to Sasan's recent crusades.

  • Clean Strike- A mercenary lines his katana up with his opponent 2m before them and dashes past the opponent, cutting them as they quickly dash past their target.

  • Quick Dodge- A mercenary dodges out of the way of a D-Tier attack by rolling along the floor 2m away.

A dawn of a grand new journey was upon Zana and his future. Zana does not know it but he is destined to help bring a young man up to oppose the rule of his kingdom. He was not yet there in his journey though, no, but Zana neared ever closer to that fated day. The rukh had a great love of Zana, a love growing as he were to learn further about magic. A sunrise coming over the mountains of great and vast Reim, morning rays of light were to awake the young Zana from his sleep. Lying down atop a sleeping mat within his tent, he were to sit up and brush his eyelids with his pointer finger. Zana were to stand up from his sleeping mat, and stretch for this new day that would be ahead of him, smiling. He was feeling good after talking to that girl yesterday. Adora was much nicer than she had seemed at first.

With his wand and bag, Zana were to exit his tent. Greeting his other fellow knights who had got up early, Zana got some breakfast. It was the same old morning routine like usual, except this time he were to be told first thing in the morning that he had an important new task to take on. The leader of his entire knight group were to inform him about a situation escalating east of Remano. It were to appear that some more mercenaries had begun to oppose the holy crusades of Sasan. Upon hearing of this news, Zana were to question why it is that more mercenaries are trying to oppose the knights of Sasan yet again if they are just trying to spread the good word of God and look for a dungeon? It was quite a baffling situation Zana did not understand very well, but sought to.

"I will provide backup, no worries!"

Said the young Zana, internally a bit worried to go fight mercenaries again but not having very much of a choice. He were to prepare for horseback travel to the east coast at once, taking what he will need with him and some rations for the journey. Some other knights were to travel with Zana to provide backup but if the knights in the eastern coast were asking for help, Zana and the knights coming to assist in defeating the mercenaries may not be enough. Taking a horse, Zana and others were to ride out right after a morning breakfast. The journey west did not take very long for young Zana, but only a few days travel.

The new morning in Reim's western coast was quite calm at first but upon entering a small city, it were to be chaos. Knights were to be fighting against what seemed to be mercenaries, but ones with very strange clothing and swords. It was quite odd but Zana could not just sit around and stare at these foreigners fight and attack his comrades. He were to grab his wand tightly, and plunge himself into the action to help out! The boy were to hold a brave face as best as he could, albeit being nervous fighting. With his wand in his right hand, he began to cast a spell with some of his magoi. A group of five mercenaries noticing the magician boy aiming his wand at them, they would charge him.

"Bay Burst!"

Said the boy, fretful of his enemies and needing a way to quickly defeat them. Unmounting his horse, Zana were to tap the ground with his wand channeled with magoi. A wave of water were to appear 5m from him on all sides, and travel further 5m. The wave of water were to crash into some front line mercenaries charging. A pair of two mercenaries were to be hit by Zana's wave of water and suffer an injury but the other three were to have quickly rolled out of the wave's path before it could manage to hit them. These mercenaries were to prove quite agile and nimble fighters. Zana were to very hastily get atop his horse again, and ride away from the knights as he channeled magoi into his wand for a second time.

"Bay Blast! Let this be the end!"

His enemies would charge at him from three different sides, their katanas behind their shoulders as they charged. It was no doubt going to be a tough fight and perhaps a near death one. Zana was shaking in his boots, grasping his wand tightly and aiming his wand at someone coming from his left side. He were to quickly target at an enemy with no time to spare. A ball of water were to shoot from the tip of Zana's wand, Bay. The spell were to clash with Zana's enemy attacking, using Clean Strike. Zana's spell overpowered his enemy though and would crash into her with great force and defeat her. Zana were to ride past his defeaten opponent on his horse and try to not let the other mercenaries get to him. A pair of two men remained.

"Bay Burst!"

Bay, his holy wand by his side, he were to continue fighting and doing his best. He were to have faith in himself and his magical abilities. Zana were to ride forth to get his enemies in a range of him that they could not dodge, a range deep into his attack. Upon distancing himself a little bit from his enemies, he would begin to channel magoi into his wand. Zana smiled with confidence, and would hop off of his horse as he were to touch the ground with his magoi imbued wand. Zana's opponents 7m far from him upon Bay Burst being cast, they would not have a way out of this one. The wave of water would crash violently with force into his enemies who were to try and roll out of the way but could not get far enough to dodge.

All five of Zana's foes defeaten, he were to mercifully let them flee the scene upon standing up. He did not want to let his other knight comrades kill them. Zana still had doubts after all about his fellow knights and how just they were. He did not know for sure why these mercenaries were opposing Sasan.

MAGOI: 180

Abilities Performed:

Bay Burst
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must hit the ground with their wand.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 1
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Magoi

    User creates a powerful wave of water 2m tall in a radius of 5m far from him, that travels 5m meters farther out, hitting anybody in its path hard to do C-Tier damage.

Bay Blast [C-Tier Scaled]
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must aim their wand at the target.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi + 10 Magoi

    User aims their wand at the target and creates a 10cm diameter ball of water. It is then shot at the target up to 8m far and deals D-Tier damage from the impact of the blast of water.

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