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The Ominous Intents of a Crusade? [Plot/Event]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
"Constantine has set up forts across the outskirts of Reim, It seems as if the people there are providing little resistance at the moments but there reports of small groups fighting fervently. Mordred has begun his plan to infiltrate the nation of Balbadd, seems as if he's set up in the slums, and there have been no reports of aggressive encounters. Safir in the plains area has been going to a nation of magicians by the name of Magnostadt, he's claimed to have seen odd things while there but like the others, there doesn't seem to be many interruptions in the plans. Tor has managed to assemble a makeshift fleet, his found his way to a distant nation in the North, it seems to be known as Immuchak, and seems to be home to a race of large blue-haired humanoids. Plenty of the animals and resources seem viable, but he says there is something else there affecting the wildlife and keeping out for possible resistance besides the locals" His voice continued, the deep, and warm sound of his voice filled the room, it was youthful but spoke matter of factly, rather abrupt almost. "It seems as if Percival has been rather fervent in spreading the word of Solomon, however, the people of Heliohapt are seemingly fighting back with the help of a cult but that seems to be an issue they may have been facing, either way, there has been no significant impact. Tristain and his Hunters have had some people start efforts to oppose them, it seems they are at a nation called Kou which has recently found itself free from a civil war. Overall from the reports, it seems as if things are starting off rather well. From recent findings though I think it's very likely the Knights might face direct confrontation.[ and possibly delay our attempts, I think we'll need to-

"Itll be fine, we have Solomon on our side, God himself has willed that this world will be ours. Just bolster the troops, send out more appropriately to loss reports, if anything just try to spur the youth, the more who help reclaim our fate the faster we claim this world."

The interrupting voice, the roaring, slightly hoarse but still warm and booming voice of King Xerxes would continue slightly.

"Leon, My son, I know you may worry about your apprentice but we should trust them on their efforts, should anything happen fate will guide us to respond" His face stern, trying to provide assurance as a grin could only barely form, he loved his son but physical expression was not something he showed often.

Leon, The Crown Prince and head of the Major Knights began to approach his father. Across the dark blue carpet which went to the door, he would walk up to his father. The young man's short burgundy hair nearly seemed to flair slightly. As his brow furrowed he'd gleam at his father with his ruby eyes as words came out like daggers. "This is not about my personal feelings towards Constantine! We both know that we need to be more assertive to take control of the world out there, they need to fear us! They're impure, they need to be shown their place in the world.

Xerxes retorted "They should know their place yes, but it should not be through fear. They need to understand the will of God, not fear of Sasan. They will respect us yes, it will be with our guidance that they will come to understand this world was made for the faithful. They can have easier lives by doing so, and in turn, they'll learn they will never be as connected to the faith as us."

"If left to their own devices they'll just resist!" Leon would respond firmly, giving an irritated glare. "We need to make them understand it so fundamentally that generations after will know their place." His words were cruel, the Knight tried to compose himself more.

"They won't be left to their own son, you need more faith. They'll be there to persuade the people, to gain the info we need, for if we find the dungeon first they'll soon come to see." He tried to ease Leon, the young knight would relent, making an exasperated sigh.

"I know you've never lead me astray father, I trust you but keep in mind I will act if the plan steers away from the intended course, if they think they can hold back our forces they will learn our might." He would turn after his reply. The Prince would march down the halls, walking past the silver and blue pillars which lined the throne room. As he ventured out the king would stand, the sunset shining onto his back from the large window behind his throne.


The echo of his son leaving behind the massive castle door would leave Xerxes to himself again. "We've spent this long planning, I've spent this long planning, Solomon will see us through. Our people may have been hidden in fear, but soon, they'll see how we've prepared to face every impurity, this world will be cleansed."

He closed his eyes to leave himself to his thoughts. As the night would descend upon the nation of Sasan they would wait to see what would come to pass in the oncoming days. Darkness would fill the Azure Castle, but soon, the light would come to flood the entire world.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
A storm filled the court. Not a storm of weather or of men, but a torrent of birds. The black avian creatures flew in from every open window and door, surprising the people there for morning mass. The light danced off of their jet black feathers, contrasting the pieces of parchment clenched in their claws. These were the messenger birds of Sasan, Trained by Xerxes in order to stay in communication with his Knights during the crusades. Now here they were, funneling around the master, unloading a pile of tens of letters from squires, or apprentice knights out in the crusade.

Non if it was good news, reports were coming in from Heliohapt, Kou and seemingly even the plains area. Heliohapt seemingly had the worst results. He kept a stoic demeanor, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't surprised to hear how Percival was dispatched of. A bat-Esque man had just crushed and collapsed him within a quake of the earth. To add on the Zealots would have issues from the same man along with cult forces. It was inevitable that they would meet more on the battlefield, despite the dire situations things seemed better in the other two areas.

As his hands would reach down to pick up the parchment he would continuously look for the next. Trying to gather their information he could asses that both Tristain and Percival had lost their fights. It was disheartening to hear that about their holy mission. Thankfully it seemed there were no groups causing trouble for the Sasan invaders in either Kou or Magnostadt.

He did care for their lives as their king but they had done their tasks well. It seemed as if the witnesses for the latter two events had run, or at least left during a point of the battle. All the reports of Tristain's battle had varying accounts of how he died, some say he was crushed, others say he ended his own life. For Safir, some seemed uncertain. There were plenty of reports believing he was dead. Many of the claims stated that he had himself skewered.

Despite the gruesome outcome, they had done their jobs, and each knights group would carry on. He was pleased to hear that they had avoided spilling extra details about the crusade. Each group had its own reasons for the area they invaded. All the Minor Knights needed to invade, scout for a dungeon, and vigorously, and adamantly spread the word of Solomon. They were to infest, implant and spread their ideology.

"I want Neda, Aryan, and Armin alerted to the outcomes, send more troops out to investigate as well." Some would panic during the service, others would stay stoic. No matter the attitude all but the leaving knights would stay neatly, and quietly in place. Diligence was something the King did not lack on, he was prepared but he would not take loses without making a statement. As the doors would fly open the sounds of heavily armored soldiers parading out the castle doors would fill the air, along with a wave of crows, as they chose to vacate the building.

The troops would move quickly, supply trains had already been set up to help smooth the travel. This was a chance to get more info on those who hurt the children of Solomon. He would return to giving mass as his thoughts would wade off. If trouble like this continued he was going to have to the Major Knights themselves in order to deal with these pests. Things were only just beginning, and it was high tide.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Waves crashed unexpectedly. Lives fell with ease, and nations changed overnight. In the churning turmoil of the past few weeks. Reaching over the globe of the world his forces would continue to fail, resistance efforts would gather, mobbing around to overturn the acts his men had put forth over the world. Only the frigid north stayed contested, Xerxes was draped with disappointment in the failure of the execution of his plans, but he could still get a dungeon. The spark of the crusades was far from over, while the minor knights were falling flies.

Thunder raged through the castle doors as Xerxes slammed the iron door, the immense weight shaking the halls. Even being sunkissed by the evening sky shining through from palace windows couldn't calm the mighty Knight-King. He wasn't worried, but a fit of anger slowly boiled within him.  "My mind is iron, my mind is steel, my mind is clear, my mind is pure. My mind is iron, my mind is steel, my mind is clear, my mind is pure." A silent self prayer, things weren't an utter failure at least.

"These other nations seem to be formidable, a demon-boy and his gang disrupting our efforts within two kingdoms within the span of a month? It's ludicrous, I can't believe the knights have had so much trouble " He would think to himself.

Walking past the towering columns of the hall, he'd turn, heading not towards his throne but his personal study. It was the time that he spread the news, to distantly reach out with the hand of God. If there would be trouble then he'd just have to have his men be more fervent.

His thought would continue "Not only is Tor the only of the invading knights left but some of the Minor Knights enacting specific mission or choosing to hunt down individuals causing disruption to their operations. He had the attacks in Reim which were starting to see thwarting as their forts are forcing to see destabilization. Spy-rings attempting to form in Balbadd just failed and were routed out by the Casino industry with cooperation with that demon of a boy. Then there was that distant man, the one who brought darkness for from the sky like a low hanging sun.

He continued to ponder the recent events. 'Heliohapt was arguably the biggest failure. They gained a presence at first but with the skies darkening and a new group in town according to the reports. With a twisted Dark Palm gripping the nation it's highly likely we wouldn't able to do anything to breach a dungeon if one is found there." With his thoughts continuing his hands would begin to touch paper with fury. If the world was going to throw challenges as the strange events he witnessed he'd make sure his forces were gathered.

It was time that the nights would father, he would need his Major's in order to spread the true word of Sasan, in order to inspire them to avenge their apprentices. Their assistance was vital, they had sent their forces out for specific tasks, surely they'd want to make people pay. Who knew how long till there were no more of them left standing. It was a tumultuous thought, he kept a solid face. If some eggs had to crack it did, but he was going to make sure that each and every one of them ready for the chance to charge into a dungeon.

Often even in plain sight, we miss the things closest to us. The king was aware of this, but power was something he aimed for he needed to spread the holy word of God. To show the chosen people in his understanding to claim the world in which was his.

"The world needed to understand the purity of Solomon. Rain or shine, this world is ours!

In two days the Major Knights will all be gathered for the first time!

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
For the first time in days, the castle doors stood wide open. The Vast halls of the palace where empty, with the king himself standing at guard within the main hall, his eyes on the horizon. A sigh would part from his lips, the dawn had barely peeked over the mountains. Chirp Chirp Chirp sang out from the birds in the distance, the morning was on the way to come say hello. ”This isn’t like them, they’re running late” He thought to himself. His hands held firm around his lance, the object held in his hands like a cane.
His eyes rested on the edge of the road outside the palace. There wasn’t anyone on the path up the long winding road, or anyone to be seen lining the halls of azure palace as the sun arrived to bring out the beauty in the beautiful palace, through the glass window right above the throne. The beams of light danced around the pillars of smooth steel which stood guard, holding up the castle balconies dressed with the finest of Sasan azure wool flags. The rays of light walked further into the castle, their steps shining of the resplendent sliver floors. Darkness had been fully eradicated from the palace halls as the morning sun had filled the entire building with its big bright smile. It bounced around from the polished architecture to the fine metals and jewels which lined the walls and pillars. They found themselves land on the illuminate Xerxes who stood mighty and proud, with shadows at his shoulder, his gargantuan mount Corva stretched his mighty black wings behind him. A warm glance towards his beast would turn back towards the horizon as the first silhouette arrived in the distance. Marching its way towards the castle with a steady vigor.

Red crystal struck the earth as he tried to ease his pace towards the castle. Strength still resided within his aging bones but sometimes he just needed something to help the pep in his step. ”I swear the older we both get the earlier he likes to get up, I guess it can be difficult for him to get a full assembly right now” Aryan would ponder while stroking his rusted beard slightly. Now wasn’t the time time to be spent daydreaming! Back to the task at hand, his stout legs moved him like a hardworking horse trying to keep up the pace. They were all late but he’d make sure he was the first one on time. His eyes looked back, he could see them trailing behind, the path ahead wasn’t much longer.

”I’ll get there first, they can all move but I still ended up moving out the earliest so I think the first arrival will belong to me. He was back in his thoughts once again, the delusion being torn through by the sound bright, inspiring, and irritating voice. “GOOD MORNING! It’s Another fine day brought to us by the Lord!” His masculine but light voice the consistent buzz of a hummingbird.

“Good morning to you as well Armin, you’re right the lord has blessed us with a wonderful morning, the orchard of red which blossomed the skies this morning during the sunrise hint at auspicious news. It’s very likely the king has important news to share with us.” His kindling fire of a voice, deep but raspy, roared out in response to try and meet the energy of the young knight but ultimately failing.
He was only in the distance moments ago but the plain man decked out in his holiest of white had paraded his way up to his senior knight with ease. Belting out once again “Wise words as always sir! I’m glad to see you this morning, I hope the other knights can catch up with our pace soon!” The old magician thought it was obvious from his thought, they had heard reports of how the crusades were going, it was possible that a dungeon could have been found any day now. He would ignore making any sort of remark, he tried his best to be a guide for the young generation, he had to do his best in his age.

The brunette would walk side by side with his senior major knight, they had a good pace going up to the towering castle, the hilled path often gave an overpowering presence especially with it being a paved pathway.

“I wonder if we’ll-” quickly he was cut off, “You two seem like you’re in a hurry but it seemed pretty easy to catch up to you all. Marcus who was pale as snow danced through the air as he seemed to gracefully land next to the pair of them. The sun wasn’t his best friend but he stood proudly between the two of them.

“I”m in no hurry myself, despite the fact none of us seem to be there and the king instructed that we all arrive before the sun had fully risen. He might be mad but whatever issue he’s gathered us for I’ll just make up for it there.” He taunted with his light, joking voice which poked like daggers. Aryan avoided looking at his wired stare and Armin provided a healthy grin, both giving their morning greeting to their fellow knight.

“I see you’re doing well this morning if you’re making jokes Marcus, the Lord has truly blessed you! I know how you hate the sun and mornings but here you are with us already.” His greeting was inviting as his prayer, Armin spoke consistently with his inviting warmth.

“Good Morning Marcus, I have no worries but when troubling news comes it is better to worry first rather than later.” He spoke out wisely, hiding his actual hurry well masterfully behind his raised voice to keep up with their tones.

“Yes yes, whatever you say, I don’t think it’ll be much longer till the beast gets here, he always seems to show up out of nowhere.” The assassin would continue on with his comments. ”He’s got no place to talk” Aryan thought to himself, they all appeared on him, a bunch of phantoms they were!

“Are you sure, I haven’t seen the prince yet! He’s normally prompt, or he’d be yelling at anyone else for being late. The Lord has his ways so I know we’ll all find our way there!” He preached out to them.

“I haven’t seen anyone miss a meeting no matter how simple the call, so things do have their way of working out.” The elder knight responded to Armin, giving him a glance before looking back at the approaching castle.

Sclooooooopghh! The oozing, bone-chilling sound of its heavy step would catch up to them. Each of them kept a professional quality of them but not many of the group were well acquainted with their towering green companion.

“Well, I wasn’t trying to be late myself.” Their voice came out like a firm command in contrast with it’s speaking manner. Neda did their best not too to seem to do strict but seemingly failed.

He marched among them catching up, with the path narrowing he stood on the outside back next to Marcus as Aryan and Armin took the lead with Aryan in front of Neda. A caravan arriving up towards the palace they continued their conversation.  The prattling chatter had it’s stall for a moment but no one wanted awkward sile lnce on the way to the king.

“I guess a bright future will arrive with a lively bunch such as yourself.” Aryan would be the one who broke the peace with his warm garner. He tried to get them all focused on the meeting ahead. He didn’t want to say or needed to say much more.

“Whatever you say old man.” Marcus joked, hiding his appreciation for praise.

“It’s the work of fate! I appreciate and God Bless you Sir Aryan!”

Even Neda would speak up in response “Thanks Sir! I really appreciate the kind wor-”

FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! would interrupt her words as forth from the sky with a great rush landed a blur. An unruly mess would surge forth with the forth of a mighty beast. The blur flew forth from the clouds running past them with a heavy thud. Each knight grabbing a hold of their stuff. The great man adorned who burned their noses with the scent of a wild beast proudly roared out to them.

“OHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAH, I AM NUMBER 1, I AM THE FIRST ARRIVAL!” His cheers would ring out with a voice filled with energy with a commanding, primal depth to it. Charlemagne roared with a commanding presence. He beat his chest in a victory, the four knights were only a few steps to the door, they had made their way to the threshold and here he was trying to make some sort of grand entrance. While he beated his chest in his personal victory danced they would all soon follow his example. While there wasn’t as much a flamboyant entrance from any of the other lot the gallery did make their own comments.

“Well, I see you’re blessed in health Charlemagne!” Aryan radiated as he slowly overtook the pace of the others, giving a wave to the beastly man.

“Well, sometimes thunder arrives before one sees any lightning, make sure to have some formality, good morning young Charlemagne.”

“HUH?!?, The morning may be nice and gorgeous but the best part is that I one, I’m just as bright as lightning.” He flared out in response, he was proud of his closeness with nature and the world.

“There’s no need to compete, it’s unsightly.” Neda chimed in as they waltzed by, Xerxes' overwhelming gaze loomed over them all. They all began to file in more, lining the silver floors of the steel and iron castle.

“Winning is all that’s important, it’s how one shows dominance! Dominance is needed to assert strength!” He said with his refined yet beastly tone. It would spark a sharp response from the armored image of slime that was the major knight Neda. “Formality and respect are also important wouldn’t you think Mr. Shah?” The voice which came from the knight was once again monotone but reflexive in dialogue.

“I think you both make fair points despite every single one of you five being late. I could spend time lecturing you on being late but that would waste time, I know it’ll bother most of you to know none of you were the first, the winner arrived hours ago.” The king chided with his firm voice, he never seemed to scold them unless he thought there was something to teach. With his crackling voice which carried off to the halls a THUD! would crash down onto the floor upruptly from the rafters of the castle. A dark visage which appeared a phantom now vanishing into it’s sheath, but left standing was the prince. Xerxes gave his son a glance but the boy looked at each knight firmly, he on the younger side of the knights but he was their leader.
“It’s good to see you were all in a hurry to be late, maybe the pertinent subject matter of today’s meeting will strike some fear into your hearts.” His warm but biting voice would snap at them not sharply but with a cautious quality to it. Turning around he would lead the group of knights, his vigorous steps easily keeping behind with his father, Aryan would be slightly behind while Marcus and Armin stayed back following him while Charlemagne stayed in the back with Neda as the two of them gave clashing gazes which weighed down the atmosphere. While their own tensions rattled like a pair of ravenous wolves with a juicy sirloin the front of the line kept their eyes forward. No one dared to speak at the moment, it was best to wait till they were in place for the meeting. Xerxes was leading up to the towering position of his throne, atop of the staircase it could be seen that a table had been placed with the long oak side facing the throne. Decorating all across the addition for their meeting were documents, the pieces of parchment were organized neatly, they were letters and correspondences with knights all over the world.

One by one they lined themselves around, the pressure in the air seemed to thicken indefinitely. As their leader set down his weapon his pet Corva rested his massive frame on the throne behind him, the crow reaching down to nuzzle the king. As he gave the creature a soft pet as he swiftly moved into spreading out the information before him. A heavy thud would spurt forth as his hands hit the table before him. And outrage seemed to raise within his calm speaking voice.

“These reports right here are descriptive horrors of the tragedies your knights have gone through. In their zealous efforts to find a dungeon, they have seen monsters filling the world, walking abominations, creatures with the mightiest of magic control, heathens, and heretics which tarnish the beautiful world which God has so graciously gifted us with.” He would continue with his prattle, his words inciting reactions from them all. “Our forces have fought valiantly, I know you’ve heard reports of your apprentices, the lands they’ve set out on claiming for the missions I asked you all to handle. Your forces performed adequately but they were underprepared for the dangers out there. Even Tor the last remaining of the apprentices has had nothing to report but bad news of him. With things looking glum on the dawn of our glorious crusades!” With his voice filling each of their heads he would pass to teach of the major knights a report of their apprentices escapades.

“Armin and Marcus, both of your apprentices were killed similarly by the same man. A boy with the appearance of a demon who parades around with his own forces, he claims be of some kind of miracle it seems but our forces haven’t been able to get exact info, we do know that he’s managed to defeat both sets of your apprentices as well.” His words were sharp as he looked towards both, scanning their responses. His eyes secretly scanning their expressions to note their expressions.

The ever zealous preacher would don fervent frown, his anger and grief painting a clear portrait on his face.”O SORROWFUL DAY, TWO BRIGHTS STARS IN THE LORDS’ SKY HAVE BEEN LOST, BLESS THEIR SOULS AND MAY THE FIND PEACE ONCE AGAIN IN THE ARMS OF THE LORD.” His dramatics flaired but it was all sincere, while his apprentices were well trained, Darius being older than him he still couldn’t but feel pride for them, he worked hard with them and helped them with their piety fiercely. He clenched the notes firmly, his tears softly patting the paper, he would try to keep his lamentations down, with his sadness bursting forth he didn’t want to explode out anymore. He wanted to smile again, he would try to smile and know their dedication to the Lord and Sasan was not in vain.

Ghastly Marcus would make a muffled tsk underneath his mask. His personal grievings would have to be held back for the moment. They should’ve known better, they were trained in the art of killing, of stealth. There were senior knights in the task forces his sent out, his dedicated line of communication should’ve had them prepared for any threat. He knew things were grim but hearing that his forces had fallen easily sickened him. “Well I guess they’ve returned, I can’t say how I feel, but soon they shall know the fear of death.”  His gaze was low, he tried his best to play his cool but his worries weighed him down, they also inspired a wave of useful anger.

The king continuing on with his report would move over to Neda, his words would come with a surprised and intrigued vigor as he spoke of the grim details. “It looks as if only Percival was defeated, Darien never made his out there thankfully. From the details in the reports some fanatically religious organization worshipping the coming of some god has taken routes in Heliohapt the country in which he had invaded. There the knights faced staunch opposition and were batted off after only a couple weeks of conflict. Percival himself was engaged by a leader of some sort in the group. It seems as if the man himself became a massive bat-like monster who easily broke the earth with just a step, furth accounts claim he had multiple tools or weapons of magical nature on his personage but it couldn’t be confirmed.”

“Well I can see we truly do have threats that we could’ve never imagined, we’ll have to adequately prep. I’ll make sure to prepare my forces properly.” The simple response in Neda’s average tone hinted at no emotion, but her rigidity in reply showed ever so slightly that it had her bothered. How could they not be, they put their blood sweat and tears in their skill form, their apprentices were a reflection of that, they were good and honest practitioners of the craft. Percival was a bright a shining example of knight, to hear he was crushed only crushed their heart. The armored blob would look at the king with a resolute stare, he could tell her feelings would be motivation in the task to come.
Xerxes was unsure how phased Charlemagne would be to hear about the impending defeat of Tor, the worry didn’t seem to spread when he first mentioned the news, even the papers seemed to lack impact on him. He did know there would be ways to intice the raging beast of a man, however. “With Tor in trouble and the expedition likely to crumble there won’t be new beasts for you to interact with, the word is filled out there, you’ve worked hard to raise strong forces but all I can see are losses.” His response trickled out, his warm voice keeping its guiding tone but still managing to eat its way into the brain of the man-beast that was Charlemange.

“HUHH?? I don’t lose!! I never lose! They weren’t prepared for the hunt, beasts have their prime territories! Fret not! I am the the king of the beasts and I shall demolish all and any threats to that title!” He fumed out with his roaring response. He would hunt down anyone who made a tarnish to the training of the beasts, of the ultimate connection to the wild. He continued his stomping fit, making heavy smacks against the metal floor he would be forcefully calmed down by a raise in the eye of Xerxes, his soft eyes giving a dominating glare.

His old friend would never need a reason to inspired to fight alongside him, but it was less about inspiration and more so about a duty to his companion. “I don’t believe you need me to explain too much of the details, I know you’ve read it thoroughly by now and just haven’t chose to say much.” His voice only held it’s warmth for a moment as he continued. “It looks as Safir took his life in combat in order to avoid capture, he died from bleeding out according to our reports, he fought valiantly in the name of Sasan.”

It was a shame when young people lost the bright futures ahead of them. He always tried to provide wisdom and insight, death was something he was scared deeply of in his age. Not of for himself but his nation, he was scared to see the hardworking, the able and passionate for his country die when they working so fervently. He could offer a prayer but for him, sentiment had sunk much deeper than that. Safir was a could boy, he was crass and certain in his prejudices but the aging Aryan worked hard to raise and train him. His emotions were swelling up, but he chose to mutter out with his kind but raspy voice. “Flames twice as bright really do seem to burn twice as fast, however, we must carry that flame so that future fires can roar as loud as possible.”

With his emotions somberly setting deep within him, the king moved on to talk to his son. He knew the child, rather man, well but his reactions were something that his spawn seemed to keep more hidden with his age. He wasn’t looking to illicte a reaction from him, but it would be interesting to see if he was phased or if he’d just to mirror any anguish for the situation. “Even Constantine had fallen, from our reports it looks as if one of his forts was raided in the middle of the knight. During one of his sermons, he was attacked but some strange women, Quickly in the flash of knight he was kidnapped from what I heard, I doubt that apprentice of yours would spout any secrets but who knows how persistent the enemies could be in torture.” His response was almost like a little fly, nothing threatening but the buzz was annoying, it was certainly annoying to the king’s heir.

He would make a sly glance, he didn’t want to give too much into his father’s teasings. There was no need to place games right now, and he didn’t want to get into one of his long disagreements. His angry eyes would stab at his father with no doubt, but it was his sharp tongue that he held back. The knights didn’t lose because they were unprepared it’s because they were weak. It’s because those who were going on the crusades lacked putting fear in the hearts of those who threatened them. He would’ve been more fervent, they should’ve shown those out there the plagues that would come. How the fires would dance in the sky and blood would run the streets making rivers of the lost in the pits of chaos. Fear is what ran the world, they were all fools, they needed to make a safer world, they needed to control the fear which protected everyone. “We must move forward with haste than shouldn’t we?” That’s all the prince would respond with, they did need to move out after all.

With looming eyes, the other knights would look at with a gaze searching for validation. Each of them seemed ready to move out to hunt for those who tarnished their names, who ruined the legacies of those who they trained. It was obvious that the fires of passion burned within them. The king had gotten what he wanted, he could see how the patient Aryan in his worries was ready to secure a future for the young, and he was ready to help his friend. His proud son surely wanted to show Sasan’s might and the king couldn’t agree more. Charlemagne wanted to win and that was a core feeling in them all. Armin understood the true glory in doing it for the glory of God! Raising his lance in cheer he would prepare his next speech. Neda’s came approach but desire to protect the future was something the king was happy to see within his example troops. They had trouble showing up on time sure but they were a bunch that were dedicated in their causes, their iron bonds each latched onto Xerxes.

“I understand the enthusiasm within you all but they will likely come to us, in fact I think our threats will be within reach very soon.” The king would speak playfully, he enjoyed having fun every now and then. He held a reserved stance as he continued to speak out to them all. “You see, from scouring the earth we’ve been finding reports or rumors of a dungeon which may have arisen. We haven’t found the sources but torn and burnt reports of shaking the earth and strange objects standing in the sky with resplendent sheen have been found. We’ve put all the knights into search parties and have expanded groups with rotating caravans and gather information with messenger crows! The dungeon shall soon be found, and glory shall soon come to Sasan!” Corva from behind the king would let out a mighty caw. The bird was certainly excited by his rousing speech.

The faces of everyone else seemed to bounce around with an odd mix of elation and anticipation. Teeming like a pack of wild animals in search of a fresh meal they all began to clamor up, but before any coherent argument or questions could be formed by the group who all wanted answers the king would let out a roaring “HALT” His voice bouncing around the halls, out the wide-open doors of the vacant palace. He needed them to stew. With his words set in stone color drained from their faces, even chalk-white Marcus! Their emotions would be the perfect fuel from them once the dungeon had been found. He’d give them their closing commands, they were up, they had time in the day. They had all the upcoming time to plan for their eventual encounters.

Xerxes commanded “Alright, go to your daily duties, there’s no need to rile up right now. We have the search efforts working at an accelerated effort, with the glory of God on our side and good old fashioned Sasan hard work the mission is certain to pull off. Make sure any search resources you have are being expended on the dungeon hunt. Reports back here in a few days, we have a message on the way from Immuchak, I feel we’re going to hear more news from the battle of Tor and the natives of that far off icy archipelago of glaciers and banded tribesmen.” His words would trail off in the distance as all of them but the prince would leave the castle. The assortment of silhouettes would surely find itself in the distance noticeably quicker than they had found their way to the meeting. He wasn’t going to worry over the sentiments, things had gone the way he wanted, even now with bad news being the only news anticipation still danced in his body.

“You know, we were right to fear the danger out there.” His son would interject as the king tried to sit upon his throne. It was very much like his son to make those comments. He was right in that regard, venturing out in the world was an overwhelming gamble to be certain. Significant losses were already starting to make a dent in their nation, but a dungeon would provide. The king had no desire to stay rested in fear. Swelling inside of him was a desire to make that world his. “You have a point my son but this world is our, fear is no longer the shell we need to live.” He would respond to his son sharply saying back “Yes it’s our place to put them in fear!” His sickly sentiments needed to be ignored for know. “They should know the place God has willed for them, I’ve no time for arguments now though boy. Go and prepare, the climax is not far from my child.” As their two tones battled like a pair of fires there truly was a whole day to continue. The skies continued to move and life danced across the earth, even the land itself would make way for what was to come.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Black feathers drifted in, resting on the cold floors, drifting past the shadows which hid behind the pillars. Only the pale moonlight danced through the halls. The lightly illuminated path guiding the way to Xerxes. Leaning against the throne the raven cloaked man would be greeted with the friendly caw of a messenger. He stood next to his throne, gazing out the window, his eyes fixed on the moon. His thoughts needed to rest, he had a bad habit of thinking in the middle of the night. It was probably 1 in the morning, that was the king's guess. It wasn't the most convenient time for his messenger to arrive, thankfully he was awake.

"I see you bring me a letter, thank you for your effort young Corva." His voice kindly inviting the creature to rest on his shoulder. His hands grabbing and unfurling the crinkled parchment. As the paper crackled open his eyes would scan the hasty, near chicken scratch writings.

Standing in lands far to the west, not too far from the mountains of Sasan stands a tower of pure silver. Taking the appearance of a winding tree, the resplendent dungeon sits amongst a land of broken materials and rocky earth. With no markers the towers stand in solitude, scrapping the sky. I feel it beckoning to me, the winding bands of silver reaching out as if they were saying my name. I have sent multiple copies of this letter to your fellow minor knights, tracking you by the weapons granted by the king. Follow past the cities of Reim, further than the machines lost in the war, and deep within lands untouched. With such a treacherous journey please prepare adequately.

It was hasty, it seemed to be ramblings of a discovery. There were hunting parties out looking for the dungeon. He could only assume that's the contents of the letter was detailing. Excitement rose within the king, the hairs of his body lifting. A deep breath managing to keep his nerves in control. "There's no need to get overexcited" he thought to himself. With his mind focused the devout knight knew what needed to be done. "Things have come to together where it's time for decisive action. I can't send any more minor knights, I have to continue forth with the major's joining me." There was always the minor knights who were close to the succession of the majors but the elderly knight knew his best option was to bring his older more experienced forces.

He would pat the crow on his head. It truly was a blessing that this bird had arrived. There was no need for his people to die anymore, he could go claim the power of the dungeon for himself. Even adorned in nothing but a wool burgundy sleeping gown and cap the king would start to hurry down the steps. Thudtudtudududud! He really moved in the moonlight with vigor, his hands knocking open the doors bursting him into the open knight. His eyes were wide with the sight of his kingdom, the stone, and steel buildings before his eyes glinting with the constellations.

He took in the image, he would be leaving for quite some time. He wanted to move now, even looking down on everything from the Azure Castle's view. He could see the barracks near the palace area from her as well. his legs would pick a pace making their way there. For years the king trained, fought, and speak trying to find a guide a path for his people. They were devout, they prayed, and it was his duty to make sure those prayers were answered.

His thoughts continuing to go off. His pace slowing to a walk as he approached the L-shaped fortress of stone which held his men. "We don't have enough viable land, we don't have the size to conquer land. I just need to get more for us, to get more for Sasan. I will be stone, I will be steel, I will be the sword and the shield."  His thoughts were about of encouragement. He never did reflect his thoughts much, even approaching the door he kept his body stern, a walking tree of a man.

Xerxes just had to be the proper king, the king to guide and lead Sasan in the image that was fit, that could lead them in Solomon's fate. His warm and hearty voice echoing with authority. SLAM! inviting his voice with a heflty swing of the barrack doors. "IN THE NAME OF SOLOMON WE MUST MOVE! The dungeon has been discovered in lands to the west of here and Reim. Gather your gear, gather your thoughts and make your prayers. For we move out at once, Have your best men collect a months worth of food and water, rally the beasts and load a caravan. With great and swift action we must move!"

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