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The Sasan Crusades [World/Mini event]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Summary: The Knight-King of Sasan, Xerxes Uriens, has sent out his forces over the world in search of a dungeon! Believing it to be his divine right as one who serves so devoutly he has tasked six apprentice knights, each with their forces, to scout an area and find a dungeon for the king to claim. These mysterious knights mostly known as rumors are now swarming all over invading cities, farms, and doing what they can do gather information. While back in Sasan Xerxes waits, with his 6 Master Knights waiting for their chance to leap upon a dungeon. Will the Knights of Sasan find the dungeon for their king, is their attempt futile, or will someone else prosper from their raids, and rise to claim a djinn!

Overview: In this event there will be two major sides, the Knights of Sasan and those who aim to get in their way.  One apprentice knight has popped up in each area, Immuchak, Reim, Kou, Heliophapt, The Plains and Balbadd. They have 8 weeks to find the dungeon if they find it the King gets a head start of 1 week in the dungeon. If the players win the lead is theirs!

The event works in two stages and has two paths of progression based on player activity! The first stage is the crusades, an 8 week period in which an apprentice knight will pop up in an area, bringing jobs that grant extra rewards and plot opportunities for individual or group RP. Defeat the apprentice Knight in a dm'd battle to claim their weapon for yourself. However, be careful if all of the apprentice Knights eliminated by 4 weeks or earlier then their masters shall hunt for them, hurting those along the way that cross them.

If the Knights are finished on pace, and on schedule, the masters will wait with the king to appear in the second part, The Dungeon. Any non-killed knights will appear as well on the chance some were not stopped. In the dungeon, they will provide a harsh challenge and will do anything to ensure their king makes it to the final room, along with the challenge of Xerxes himself.

New Opportunities and rewards?!?!?

Coming along with the Knights crusade comes the chance to join in on the side of Sasan! Players will have the chance to create new characters from the Nation of Sasan, granting benefits from its side and double XP until B-tier throughout the event.

Of course, this wouldn't mean much without the new Sasan, country page. Minor countries like this will get their pages detailing them (With some of the current ones being updated to include more information like this one). A minor country is any country that is not lead by a player or is not one of the current 6 boards. People from these countries will get unique benefits, and rewards, along with their color group. In the future, you will see other minor nations that get their boards for temporary roleplay for those who show up, and jobs to gain XP. With the opportunity to train and meet with the master Knights to learn their ways and techniques.

For players fighting against the Sasan Knights they can acquire one of the unique B-tier magic weapons, and possibly the One of a kind A-tier weapon of their master before or during the dungeon.  Other rewards include minor magic items or weapons from jobs, plot opportunity based on the challenge each knight brings to an area, and of course the chance to win the next Djinn for yourself.


1. If you defeat a Knight you cannot gain another weapon unless it is their Masters.
2. These Knights can invade player threads with reason, like a previous encounter or being seen as a threat from excessive job completion.
3. Players may only have one Sasan side character, they can also join thread invasions once reaching C-tier.
4. Invading Threads or Defeating players from Sasan will grant XP equal to Tier.
5. The Sasan roleplay board will stay up for two weeks after the Dungeon, afterward the Sasan board will be archived till its next appearance.
6. A small sub-area near Reim will Remain for Sasan roleplay but will remain closed off to outsiders.
7. Any posts related to the event may be posted here to be included in the news. Important links to threads and things pertaining to the event will be linked below

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