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OOC: Sail East With Your Heart Compass

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His soul wavering to the east, he began a new journey.

It was sailing day at last, and the young man had been out in the sun for the past month strenuously at work on a vessel he could venture east with on the waters. With his eyes set on the east, he smiled as he was to soon soothe his curiosity. Tossing his items and weapons aboard his sail boat, he would pounce up onto the deck and hum a sailing song his grandma used to sing to him. With the peak of dawn, his journey would now begin with setting the sails! He had made sure to bring lots of food for his voyage and even if he ever ran low on food or water, he could use his magical gourd to create more. Anyways, it was time to sail forth~!


A new great adventure he would set on, he would smile cheekily and scream at the top of his lungs "To the land of the rising sun!". He could not wait for what beauties the new unseen lands would bring to his twinkling blue eyes, looking to be captivated by the eastern island nation, Kina. As an adolescent, he often heard horrific but great stories of the lands east of Kou from his grandfather, he would hope he would experience more of the latter but he would not be surprised if horrors was captured instead. He felt somewhat guilty for leaving his home country of Kou that was suffering from famine, but he also did try to help the situation improve if even slightly. However, the issue still stood unwavered by his efforts. If he remained in Kou for any longer though, he may have gone insane, truly insane. His mental state was deteriorating and his efforts for the past year and a half had been all put on the Kou Empire, efforts that far exceeded his limits. The times were changing and he had to think for his own well being sometimes. He only hoped that someone, anyone, would be able to help make the situation a little better while he was gone. His moral compass had to be open to changing, and allowing Trently to take a break. The efforts he was putting forth in Kou was not good for a young man his age, it was burning out his fire. He had to remember the advice of his grandpa to take breaks and not burn your fire, because it will burn faster than you lit it. Trently vowed to return to the Kou Empire in due time, to solve all of his loose ends of his story there and the famine issue. He had plans to see Yoshiro Zu, and tell him of what happened on that tragic day. His opinion of the emperor had changed, and he realized he was only trying to make a kinder nation, a better one than ever before. However, it was clear he was just inexperienced and perhaps not as stupid as the Gao Yuan Zu faction had made him out to be. Anyways, the Kou Empire was still his home but so was the world, and he wanted to see all the corners of his home, the world. Trently saw his family in Kou before he left, and in fact, they were the people who prepared his food for him before he departed on this new adventure of his. Kasai left a fair amount of wealth for the Yanaihara family before his death. Trently told his family what happened, and how his father saved his life. They bawled their eyes out, crying and sobbing hearing the story. Trently felt like a demon for ever being in support of Gao Yuan Zu, even if he was not really, he still was involved with the faction. But that was now past him. All he could do now was look forward, and venture on. Trently left a portion of the gold he earned from the dungeon with his family and so they were well off. His sails ruffling in the wind ever so violently, a storm was kicking up. Braving the gusts of wind with his arm in front of his face, he smirked. Then, from the corner of his eye, he would see the waters near him begin to swirl. A whirlpool! Who knew the ocean waters of the east were so vicious!? Touching his vessel with his metal arm, he would enchant the boat with strength magic. Lifting the sail boat from the water, the boy would point to the east with his metal finger and the vessel would fly into the air, escaping the clutches of the whirlpool. With his arms then folded, he would laugh and sail the skies with his sail boat for a moment before landing back onto the ocean surface. In the time that followed, a beast from the sea would rise from the waters and try to take a bite out of Trently's sail boat, however, this did not sit well with Trently. The young sailor would pounce from out his rocking sail boat and shock the beast with electricity, paralyzing it long enough for him to sail away from it. Trently proved to be quite a good sailor, able to stand his own within the harsh and cruel ocean waters. In the days that followed his departure, he would find himself in a variety of situations but none he could not brave. If he was low on food, he simply just made more by using the Bottomless Gourd with magoi. It was so fun and calming for him being able to relax out on the ocean blue waters and leisurely sail the eastern seas with ease ...


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