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[ToM] Fog of War No more

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
With one door slammed shut hundreds, more are now open. So much failure, so much hard work ended. There were many new frustrations, some old ones which managed to survive, despite the fog of war being cleared out. The light had won, the war was finally over.

Who knew how long the scars would linger on the nation. It was the wounds of the war on Reim, which ultimately brought the pain which allowed for such turmoil to occur. It would be more difficult for someone to stand up to Yoshiro now. Regardless of whether or not a new antagonist would rise for him, Kou still had its troubles to face. There would be factions, families ruled by their own pride, and nobles blinded by the pursuit of power. Darkness crept in the corners.

The world had moved on despite the war. One war could hold things down and surely affect thousands. It was obvious that Kou would need to join back into the world soon. The people of the plains could now focus on the resurgence of slavers and invaders. Allies and travelers could return to their homes.

If the world was to be more prepared it would have to be more open. The vacuum would soon be rushed. The contractor knew this, he also knew that every renaissance needed its motivators. It'll all depend on who would be there to guide the rebirth.

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