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Axion Muhamodo

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Name: Axion Muhamodo
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: Seventeen | April 1st
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

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Personality:Miscellaneous minds would have to wonder if Axion was the lighting or the thunder in the storm of men. For this young man is a kind soul with an enigmatic disposition and incredible zeal for all things combat and authority. The boy has a tendency to remain quiet unless spoken to or when he wishes to speak and rarely smiles. In fact, it is a rarity to even see him show many signs of glee or happiness. This often gives off the impression that this boy is mysterious when someone first sees him when that really is not the case at all. Axion is actually very friendly and enjoys good conversation even though he isn't very good at small talk.

Due to his upbringings, he isn't exactly to much of a saint either. This boy is fully willing the lie and deceive others when he deems such things are necessary but fortunately that is not very often. Despite being a thief, Axion actually enjoys peace and prosperity but he believes the only way he would be able to obtain such a thing is if he gains the means to live that way. This thought process is his usual motivation when he steals and the boy as a great hunger for becoming a important figure in the Kingdom of Heliophat so he could earn the respect he always thought he deserved. This leads us to fact that Axion isn't exactly the most modest kid in the world, he is can even be seen as arrogant most of the time if not boastful.

Life as a thief had made him kind of selfish as well however this is only because in the rough streets of the less prosperous corners of Heliophat, it is difficult to trust anyone. So if he sometimes keeps to himself, thinks about himself and his wants since no one was going to do it for him.

As mentioned above, Axion had a great enthusiasm for combat, so much so that he would sometimes allow himself to get caught in his crimes just so he could fight his way out. Brave and bold, the boy has little fear for the greater challenges and this often lands him in some dangerous situations that he had to use his brain and brawn to get out of.

Within the flames of glorious battle, Axion is noticeably calm and relaxed due to the fact that he is eerily comfortable when he fights. This is because he usually hides built in frustrations within himself and when he lets it out when he fights, it puts him on a bit of a high like he is on some kind of drugs. This in term developed a kind of "calm before the storm" state of mind, usually dodging and avoiding attacks until he finds that one opportunity to raise Hell.

Using his speed to get as much blows on his opponent as possible with his self - taught quick draw style of swordsmanship. To surround these traits, Axion has a maturity far beyond his years, normally liking to keep his thoughts to himself and not openly complain unless he gets excited. To even things out, Axion has much compassion for the young children even willing to get over his selfishness to provide a little something for a few orphans who are truly in need and can be rather hesitant in the situation where he have to fight someone who is far younger than himself.


  • Fighting: There are very few things that gets Axion's blood pumping as much as combat, for he loves to drain all of his worldly frustrations and anger so they can be used on his enemies to bring about a addictive sense of relief and temporary peace. He also believes that combat is a good way to show off, exercise or just past the time. Though keep in mind that he will not go out looking for fights and often sedates his urges through practicing his swordsmanship.
  • Peace: There is nothing greater in this world than true peace and that is something that Axion craves. The sensation of being devoid of conflict, anger and darkness has never failed to make him feel joyful and is one of the few things that can get him to crack a smile. Something that even combat is unable to accomplish.
  • Reading: Whether it would be out of boredom or to obtain a knowledge, Axion would gather reading material through legal or questionable means to enjoy a hobby that does not include physical pain.


  • Being Ridiculed/Insulted: Having an ego means that insults tend to sting you a bit more than others. This is true for Axion who often does show much anger towards the individual from the insult through his actions following the time it occurred.
  • Being annoyed: Everyone has a certain level of patience. Hit a Buddhist three times and even he will get angry. So annoy Axion for more than five minutes when he says he does not want to talk and you have pushed him past his limit when it comes to his patience. Conversation is okay but pestering, annoying or just down right lapping your gums for no reason with him is a no go since not only does it annoys him but it makes him feel comfortable since ninety- seven percent of the time, he won't be able to think of something to say back while at the same time, trying to keep the peace.
  • Bananas Too put it simply, he hates how they taste. He shows disdain towards their shape and color plus he does not even consider it an actual fruit. Nothing more than that I'm afraid.


  • Leather Belts: One of the things the bold Axion is afraid of are leather belts, the fear being beaten into him at a young age. It is so bad to the point that he would often hesitate at the first sign of one whether he is in battle or anything else.
  • Slavery: Being a former slave himself, Axion has an acute fear and hatred for even the very idea of being enslaved again. It is just something about being held against his will that bring out the worst in him; not like he is the only one.

Aspirations: Peace through Power: Axion's number one goal is to gain some kind of authority over the people of Heliophat so he could acquire the means to live in peace along with the Kingdom. Though if he was able to find this peace another way then he would shoot for that as well. There is also a desire to gain strength for the same reason, for if he would be able to become a more capable fighter than he would be able to take out whoever gets in the way of his quest for his own prosperity.

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Face-Claim: Jonah - Jormungand
Weight: 121 Ibs
Hair Color: White Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: Vermilion Iris
Height: 5"5
Images -+-
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Small scar beneath his left eye. Six belt wounds on his back.
Appearance: Axion is a short teenager with dark mocha colored skin and fairly short, white hair. There is a scar positioned diagonally beneath his left eye. His usual attire would usually consists of mostly linen. The most commonly used outfit would have tattered baggy pants with a wrap around short skirt called a Shendyt, which was belted around his waist.

For the upper body, he had a sleeveless tunic on and wore linen arm guards on his arms. When he would go pillage the rich in the night, he would wear a black mask around his mouth to conceal his identity. From a biological standpoint, Axion is a short teenager with a slim mesomorphic body with decent muscle mass where to really be expected. Though he rarely smiles, he is actually cute in a strange way.

Axion Muhamodo YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Axion's History:
It all began when a child was born to his enslaved parents under less than safe circumstances. For the mother had been worked to the bone on a daily basis, so she was extremely weak by the time of the infant's birth and she tragically died from the agony. The newborn pulled through despite his mother's tragic death, however; he was soon taken from his father by his master since through her paranoia, she worried that each new child would interfere with the worth of her property. So the infant would be put on sale within the black market and remain their until a new slave owner would purchase him.

As soon as he was capable of walking, the Axion was named and put too work. It would be in the gold mines where he would mostly work and of course, it took a great physical toll on his body. The boy would find himself knocking on death's door many times doing such back - breaking work but survived with the help of the men who went to great lengths to keep him alive. At this time in life, he was an extremely angry child who held much resentment not only towards his master as well as his own life that he was in.

This anger only grew from the additional years of beatings that he would get for his insolence and obedience towards his master. By now he was twelve and was already playing the role of the problem child, stealing from his masters and talking back in where he would find himself being lashed on his back multiples times for each act of defiance. The old fart would eventually show that he has had enough of Axion's behavior and put him back on the slave market. It was his second visit there that a great crime was committed, a band of thieves had infiltrated the slave auction with hearts of silver if not gold.

They pillaged the rich slave owners that were there of their money and valuables while the leader, a former slave named Sidrakk; had broke the chains that bound Axion and the other slaves together. Most of the slaves showed little hesitation in escaping the area using the confusion that the infamous gang of thieves, bandits and mercenaries known as "Cursed Helms" provided while Axion instead stayed close with the their leader. At first, the man rejected Axion's offer and take off with his gang but the boy would refuse to take no for an answer and tailed them. He would follow them out of the auction but one of the theives would quickly notice him and catch him. The gang leader would soon meet the boy face to face once again, taking a look at the hardened child.

In his pity towards the child and thanks to some encouragement from a few other members of the gang, the leader would reluctantly take Axion with him, much to the boy's joy since he was finally free. The years that followed would still prove to be tedious but happy for Axion, having learned more about life and thievery from gang leader and the other members. Upon his sixteenth birthday, the boy would  become an official member of the Cursed Helms and was taught how to defend himself.

Life had become grand for Axion but in time but despite all of his ventures, what had been broken by his years in slavery could not be completely fixed. There was a certain void in his life, a urge for both spiritual and physical fulfillment that he could not fill no matter what he tried. Frustrated by this almost insatiable hunger could not be sated. When he spoke with the leader about this hunger, he grinned saying that all humans have such a thing and for as much as he knew, nothing could fill that hole in them. Axion was not satisfied by this answer and had his own theory on how to fill this void, derived by the advice of a high ranking enforcer of the gang. Apparently he thought that peace and prosperity was the way, something that he knew would be difficult to obtain. The question now was, where would he start?

Role-Play Sample:

Old Post from Thread Titled "Spotty Memory:

The response was given. The ears were open and the way down the road continued, step by step. From the sound of things the spirit had gotten what he had gotten what he wanted after all - sorta kinda. Though due to his own choice, things were far from office just like the Asuachi mentioned before. The information was starting to sound more important from each word that entered his ear drum, so much so that he had stopped walking and turned around to face the spirit once again to make sure he had heard every inch of it.

"Right." was his response to the spirit mentioning what would happen if he failed for the third time. Even though he was honestly getting a little tired of him repeating that fact, he was grateful for it since each time just made him more sure of his decision due to the fact that it was a uphill battle past this point. After his barely audible little remark on the alignment of the spirit's abilities, the gentleman ghost had reached into his jacket, Dante's eyes following it when that very same appendage had came back out with his pistol.

Wt was this then? Like a wild fire, the pistol com-busted and the eerie dark green aura had shifted into a sinister metallic colored aura with black, ink like outlines rising out of it. The newly colored reiatsu coated the pistol before it released a quick flash when it transformed. Surprised, he held his form arm over his eyes to shield them from the flash before he slowly lowered his limb to notice that the pistol he had always used had now become a hunting knife with a hilt that was as black as ink. The blade was curved near the top with a silver line going down the blade and into the guard of the weapon. After his finger twitched, the youth took the knife by the hilt when it was handed to him. The youth questioned just how difficult this new journey was going to be just off the fact that he was handed a knife instead of his pistol. Other than the basics he could think up from the top of his, he had no idea how to use this thing. Not to mention that because of his inexperience with knives will force him to depend only on his athleticism and speed.

During his inspection of his weapon, he'd hear what else the spirit wanted to inform him about. It seemed that not only will he have to find the difference between a soul reaper and a human being, he must actually find the spirit himself and-- wait. Something was a miss; for the Asuachi's body would become translucent in front of his very eyes before his physical form had broke apart into red particles that slowly rose up into the divided sky, all before he was able to finish saying what he needed to say. With his chin raised as he looked at him depart, the youth sucked his teeth being a bit irked that something like that happened. From there he shook, his head and turned around to face the road once more. "I'll have to find out on my own I guess." He thought before a bright light had fallen from the dived sky, bright enough to catch the attention of the young Irishman. It fell like a meteor on the ground father down the path, an energy erupting like a volcano and from it, a door where the true quest begins. Shortly after, there had been sutbtle vibrations in the ground that quickly grew stronger to the point where Dante's knees had slightly lowered themselves before a massive snake rose out of the ground in front of. Small peices of rock flying in his direction and he held up both arms with a tighten grip on his knife but the debris vanished into thin air before they hit him or anything else.

"Hm!?" He glanced up at the serpant specter who had began this whole thing, gleefully reminding him that he still owed her a great sacrifice before she warned him of the dangers that lied ahead. When she sunk back into the hole that she had created and the hole itself was patched up by the ground like nothing even happened. Great, now that was something else he had to think about. He really hoped that this whole thing isn't going back fire on Tai, Tsubasa and himself like a typical deal with the devil. With these three objectives now weighed down on his mind, he would soon pick up his pace and run towards the door. This way, Dante would make quick work of the distance between and stopped when he was now face to face with the large door that just stood in the middle of the road. There was nothing behind it but it might just be where he needed to go next. It could very well lead him deeper into the more dark parts of his soul, the parts tainted by his own sins.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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