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Building up a country pt. 2

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1Building up a country pt. 2 Empty Building up a country pt. 2 on 14/05/19, 11:44 am


"Hey guys! How's it going?" A familiar voice rang out above the bustle of a local pub just a few minutes after midnight. The assembled throng craned around to see what new information had been floating around about current events around town.

Jackie stood at the entrance, smiling smugly "Don't everyone get up at once." He felt the collective gazes rest on him as he pushed his way towards the bar counter.

"Look what the cat dragged in..." The bartender grumbled, pushing a fresh glass in front of Jackie. "Come to pay that outstanding balance? What do you want? Maybe I'll let you off easy this time..."

Jackie blanched, aware he had struck a nerve. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he blustered. "You know I'm good for it, brother! I just wanted to introduce you to someone interested in Balbadd's current situation." Jackie twisted around and waved towards the front door. "Hey, come on in!"

He swiveled back to face the bartender. " I found this guy earlier today in town. I think we'll benefit from his strength..." Jackie may have been a weasel of a man, but his usual sense of obligation was part of what built up his reputation as an informant. "This guy is the real deal, a Fanalis.I saw him in action myself while in the market up against three of those guys. They didn't stand a chance!"

Sirius had entered the room and a hush fell over the crowd.

"This is Sirius," Jackie told the bartender, raising his voice to make sure everyone heard him. "This guy is a Fanalis! He's said that he wants to help secure our city again from corruption we've all been victim to for so long."

The atmosphere changed indelibly. All eyes were now fixed on Sirius and Jackie. Jackie's eye's darted around the room. Everyone here was local people who wanted to form some sort of union to get a grip on Balbadd's criminal activity.

Sirius this whole time had kept quiet, keeping his eyes on the crowd while Jackie went on to talk about their goals and current attempts to gain support. There wasn't many of them, but there was enough. However, there was a particular presence in the crowd that he couldn't shake. Something ominous. Out of everyone that stood still there was one figure clad in black that slipped out the front door without a word. Eyes narrowed as the presence he felt moments ago dissipate. Though he hadn't a moment to linger on the figure as Jackie's next words brought him back

"So what do you say, Sirius? Are you ready for a fight?" Jackie had turned his attention to the Fanalis and gave him the floor.

"Y-Yeah. All I'm doing is beating up bad people, right?"

"Right." Jackie smiled sheepishly with a nod. Had he even been paying attention? No matter, his unique strength alone would give them the advantage, so he wasn't wrong. "Alright then, let's welcome Sirius to our cause and do our best!"

The remainder of the night was spent in celebration as everyone eat and drank to their hearts content. Before long, Sirius had become one of them, sharing stories, laughing and living in the moment. Without him knowing he had developed a sense of family and obligation to these people. It was familiar, like the caravan he lived with for so many years.

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