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Eliminate the Threats [Job]

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1Eliminate the Threats [Job] Empty Eliminate the Threats [Job] on 03/04/19, 12:06 am

Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht

@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Bandit Threat Elimination
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 EXP & 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Total rank must equal C or above.
Job Overview: A group of bandits has started minor trouble in and around balbadd. They always stay for only a short time stealing and breaking what they can. But never harming anyone while doing so just being a pest. Soon after a notice was put up for their elimination. At the reward of a small but sizeable profit for those in need.


Enemy Name: Bandit(s) x8
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 5 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Dodge: The bandit does a backflip of 10 meter backward to evade incoming attacks.
Throwing Dagger: The bandit throws a dagger that applies C rank damage upon impact.

Minku Jaht had just arrived in Balbadd. He had only been in the Capital for a few days, but things here were expensive. He wasn't use to the rules that were in place either. Minku Jaht was use to hunting for his own food and trading others for what he didn't have However, money was one thing he never needed. His rations were low from his travels and apparently one couldn't even fish here without a permit from the Balbadd government. This caused him a bit  stress, though he was not worried. Honestly, it was the least of his worries. He'd heard rumors of the Balbadd tribe. They were known as the Ai Ai. From what he learned they were proficient in trading and black smithing, but for some reason he could not find their location. Minku Jaht sighed to himself. He felt as if he wouldn't be able to find them. He walked through the port style streets thinking of what he could do for to recoup his rations. There were people of all ages running around him. Their attire all similar in some way. He, who was dressed in his homelands attire, stood out exponentially. He garnered looks here and their, but they weren't negative ones.

There were plenty of people here who were dressed in different style of clothing, but even some of them were similar in style. This was the first time in  long while Minku Jaht felt out of place. He wasn't upset, no this whole ordeal was just awkward. At one point he had wondered why his people would choose to integrate with the people of Balbadd instead of staying firm in their beliefs. Minku Jaht could now see why that was. This was the first step in the tribes progressing. They must learn to co exist with those who did not understand their customs.


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