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Meeting of the Jaguar Tribe

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1Meeting of the Jaguar Tribe Empty Meeting of the Jaguar Tribe on 04/02/19, 10:40 pm

Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht
Meeting of the Jaguar Tribe 52a43310

Infantry Man 2: “Lead us to your tribe. We have warned you several times to leave this area. The kingdom wishes to place a post here due to the recent war.”

Obviously it was a lie. Minku Tao was not so disconnected from the Kou happenings to be unaware of the end of Kou’s civil war. “Lies.” He reply’s sternly.

Infantry Man 2: “I insist you comply.”

He stepped closer to Minku Tao. Following the soldiers who’s idea it obviously was, two of the other soldiers step forward to pressure Minku Tao more. Minku Tao gripped his bronzed sawblade.

The sun indicated is was mid-day. There was a calm breeze. Bubbly clouds rolled across the sky, providing shade every so often. The sun reflected off of Shu-Fangs Mirror. 7 Kou soldiers encased around a lone Minku. Tattoo a-kin to Jaht covered his body. He wore a jaguar head as his crown adorn with feathers. A bronzed saw blade gripped tightly in his right hand and gold shield decorated with fur and feathers. Around his neck a specialized pendant. Minku Jaht walked through the small thicket that had grown from the riverbed. He overheard talking coming from somewhere in his area. He had no intention in stopping to see what it was however he was on a mission. Little did he know fate had other plans.


Meeting of the Jaguar Tribe 89b82710
Name: Minku Hawk
Tier: D
Type: Tomahawk
Material: Handle: Wood Blade: Iron
Appearance: Full Length the Minku Hawk is between 61cm and 76cm long. The blade is a rough 15cm in length and about the same in height. There are two feathers tied to the handle using a string. There is padding around the handle for better grip.

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Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht
Minku Jaht saw the tribesman being harassed. He had two options. The same options he always comes down to. Help or continue his journey. Seeing as he wanted open communications with the various tribes of the world, Minku Jaht decided to help. Minku Jaht was behind the group of soldiers.

Minku Jaht got within sight of Minku Tao, causing his attention to shift. When it did the sound of a twig being stepped on alerted the soldiers. Three of them turned to see Minku Jaht within a few steps of them. “He’s been stalling for for his backup!” yelled out one of the soldiers. Although their garb and tattoos were clearly and completely different they were assumed to know one another. “You aren’t wrong about me coming to help.”

Jaht hides his hand behind his back as he approaches his target. He then swings his arm in a surprise attack that sweeps horizontally across the soldiers neck who spoke up.

Stamina : 100
Ability Used:
Minku Blitz
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Prior to swinging his arm, Minku places it hidden behind his back.  
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

    Jaht hides his hand behind his back as he approaches his target. He then swings his arm in a surprise attack that sweeps horizontally across the target. The attack only deals a single D tier damage varying in type based on whether or not Minku used a weapon. Scaling or Sustaining this ability allows a follow up horizontal swing without the need to hide the arm behind the back first.

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Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht
Caught off guard he was unable to block. His throat split open and his body dropped. Two others rushed Minku Jaht.  He clashes blades with one, as the second attempts to stab at his side. Minku Jaht disengages and steps back. Using his tomahawk Minku Jaht cuts the arms off of the soldier. The soldier hollers in pain and falls to the ground due to blood loss. Minku Jaht re-engages with the Soldier. Once more locking blades with the remaining soldier. Minku Jaht allows himself to be overpowered. Once he starts getting pushed back Minku Jaht side steps the soldier. Allowing the soldiers momentum to carry him Minku Jaht lodges his tomahawk in the back of the soldiers neck.

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Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht
The remaining four rushed Minku Tao. Three of them in front of the last. Three of the soldiers surround Minku Jaht. He takes a single step and swings his blade horizontally at their chests. Taking a step back slowly as a Jaguar about to pounce, he stabs forward. The soldier hesitates. The saw blade stabs into the soldiers chest. Minku Tao slowly pulls the blade from the soldiers body. The body drops, falling partly onto one of the other corpses. Minku Tao stops their silently watching Minku Tao. “Call your self Minku.” Minku Tao adjusted his body slightly. “What do you know of the meaning of that word.” Minku Jaht holstered his tomahawk.

He raised his arms to show his tattoos. “As you I am a Minku. I come from the Plains of Magnostadht.” Minku Jaht lowered his arms. “I have come to open communications between our tribes. I offer support for your tribe in return.” Minku Tao holsters his blade on his shield. “You may ask the elders of what they desire. I can send word when we return to the village. if your words are true why?”

“We will not be lost by time. I intend to do the same thing across each Outland. We shall be able to trade information and resources.”

“It sound good. However what makes you certain we all would be ok with this?”

“In all respect Minku. My tribe will be alright, regardless. If they want to not get snubbed out by time i think it nessecary. If not they will be removed and we will place someone there. Simple.” Minku Tao began think about what he had just heard.

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Minku Jaht

Minku Jaht
“As long as my tribe is safe I can get behind your plan.” Minku Tao approached Minku Jaht and held out his hand. “The only time I will need your help is during war. Jaht.” Minku Jaht outreaches his arm. “Tao.” The two lock for arms to shake hands. “I will show you to the village. Tell me more of how you think this can better our tribes.” Minku Tao begins walking. Minku Jaht follows slightly behind him. “The kingdoms grow stronger, yet we remain the same strength.” Minku Jaht saw no problem in the tribes stay where they were while growing.

“I would prefer not to move like the rest of the tribes have been doing.”

“I was actually thinking the same thing.”

Time passed and the two walked in silence. They eventually reached the village.


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