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The Genesis Project: Breeding Storytellers

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The Pantheon

The Genesis Project: Breeding Storytellers Gp212

The Zero Moment: all of existence was created. Gods, demons and angels were born within the Void, an infinite and metaphysical darkness that fills in the cracks of the Omniverse and rests between Dimensions, Universes, and Multiverses. Then, Mortals and Energy creatures began to inhabit living dimensions as a result of the Infinite Lives event. The world was expanding.

Then came the Eden Resonance. Emerging from the catastrophic merger of a living and dead dimension was a tyrant unlike anything before or since. Thanks to two brave warriors he was put down after a reign spanning millions of years and thousands of dimensions. A law drafted to bind the gods' hands, the Regenesis Virus surfaced and the infected were exterminated, the String Incident caused Sin Eaters to evolve from parasitic annoyance to threat. Beyond that was the greatest of all the threats: a war caused by the outbreak of the Dissentientibus. It destroyed the souls of billions of living beings, forever damning them to limbo. At the center of it all stood Alexander, a man without a soul and the target of Death's rage. One month later, and the embers of Omniversal War are being stoked once more. Populate the Omniverse with wild, silly, and powerful characters while exploring deep themes and writing with others who share your passion. Our site is small, but the goal is big. An in-depth view can be seen in our small but expanding Site Lore Category

Welcome to a world that dares you to be creative. Our four golden rules are the only solid things our members must abide by, while our list of expectations set the things you should expect and ask for of staff and each other.

Currently, we have several active dimensions, and are looking for members to suggest and be responsible for more!

  • Nyst is world in the far-off future, where earth has been totaled by a large asteroid. Some ninety years later, Humanity lives primarily inside Babel, a giant tower constructed on a forest planet designated ION-XIX. Space travel to two other settlements is possible, but the native Drage have a bitter taste in their mouths after the initial arrival of humanity, and wield a terrifying power long lost to humans: magic.

  • Tedranog is a high fantasy world inhabited by Dragons, Humans, Elves, and whatever else you can imagine. Two warring nations clash for supremacy, but may soon descend into all-out war if pushed just the right way.

  • Radix is a magitech world that takes place in a pcoket dimension as an asylum created to be free of war. Literally brimming with some of the most powerful beings in the Omniverse, the creatures that stumble into Radix have either come by accident, or to escape the perceived Tyranny of the Gods. Divided into six districts with their own themes, Radix is a diverse world with mysterious origins.

  • Amara is a dark fantasy world inhabited by strange creatures called Amaranth, hybrids of various mortal creatures and various extra-dimensional demons that have for years mingled into a single, volatile race. Prizing war and lead by a being named Orion who wields positively terrifying power, they gladly invaded another dimension when it's inhabitants accidentally breached into their own.

  • Crisis is just as it implies: a world in crisis. The world was the same as our own until the year 2003, when scientists running a military experiment in Antarctica accidentally compromised dimensional barriers and allowed the Amaranth into the world. After ten years of extended scouting and scrying, they made their move from the other side of the world and crushed most of Europe. With rebels now engaged in heavy combat against a seemingly insurmountable force, the rest of the world prepares itself and sends it's forces to push back against the Amaranth.

The Genesis Project intends to answer one question: What Will You Create?

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