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Building up a Country III [Job/Solo]

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1Building up a Country III [Job/Solo] Empty Building up a Country III [Job/Solo] on 08/11/18, 04:30 pm

Bass Mikiaru

Bass Mikiaru
Job Details :
Job Name: Building a Country Up PT3
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Reward:7,000 Huang 100 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Pt 1&2
Job Overview: After going to the meeting and signing yourself up to join the cause to help clean up the town, word of this group has been spread throughout the city. A local Bandit gang has sent some new member to kill you and the group you just joined. STOP THEM!

Enemy Name: Bandit Newbie x3
Enemy Tier: D
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description: These men are tall and a tower of muscles, this gives them the thoughts of being unstoppable, their outfits are long black cloaks with a skull on the back.

Slash: The user attacks with their dagger, slashing across their targets bodies attempting to cut them. Dealing D tier.

The meeting would start and Bass would start to get to know people.  While in the midst of shaking hands the door would be kicked down and a group of men enters the room. Screams filled the room as the men killed a few in the room. Bass turned his head to see bodies dropping to the ground, quickly grabbing his bow he'd fire a spear  like an arrow from his bow sending it flying through the air catching one of the bandits in the chest and sending him into the air hovering off the ground before slamming to the floor. Bass would now be the main target of the next two bandits.  

The crowd in the building was starting to panic, causing for tables and chairs to be knocked over one of which had candles to light the room. The flames of the candles would catch fire to the cloth that once sat on the table. Smoke would start to fill the room.  

Having only a hunting knife he could use for close combat he needed to get further away.  The two bandits would rush him.  Bass would reach into his quiver and grab a spearhead and fired a grapple shot it behind him into the roof.  Bass would run and leap up letting the steel rope carry his body as he swung across the room.  With his keen sight, he would pinpoint where he needed to fire, grabbing two arrows he fired his double shot send two arrows out one at each bandit hitting each of them in the chest and putting them down into the ground.  

He was lucky to have this bow, it gave him strength.  He knew that he was placing a target on himself but fighting with his face open to the public. For now, he needed to help these people get out. "Everyone, hurry and leave before the flames spread too far!" he yelled to the crowd.


Bass Mikiaru

Bass Mikiaru
While the crowd started to disperse and flee from the area Bass would run over to the bandits who tried to attack him. Looking at the marking he had never seen them before, perhaps a newer gang trying to start up and get their name going. Why did other wants to try and achieve power in these place, were there not enough evil-minded people here to flood the streets? Where were they even coming from?  If too many gangs would start things would get even worse for this country he had to do something to save the city and its people.  This is where he could start to make a difference and spread that out throughout the country it's self. People needed hope, the needed justice, they needed a  hero. Why wasn't anyone trying to save their own people?  In a fit of rage, he punched the ground thinking perhaps it was better if he just returned to Kou, to his homeland. But then...Who would they have? Sometimes it felt like there was something controlling the law enforcement here and making them turn a blind eye. Perhaps it was them being paid off, but for now, he had to go.

He'd make one last search through the building as smoke would cover the entirety of the room and building. Breaking through the door, the flames would grab out at him trying to pull him back in, but the only three victims of its touch were the three bandits.  Bass' clothes were burned and scorched, black marks covered his clothing from the fire. He could hear from the group of people surrounding him many people thanking him.  Standing to his feet he smiled cheerfully at them, they were like-minded people before this he hoped this didn't discourage them as it did him.

"See, I knew this was a bad idea. Who are we to try and change things, we should just leave the country while we have a chance. They knew about this location."

Bass looked down as tears would come to his eyes. His emotions would be switching from happiness to sadness than anger.  Grabbing his bow firmly he looked up as he yelled out.  "Giving up? This is your home, your city! If you, you don't think it's worth fighting for than who will? Notice how this building has been burning for a few minutes and yet no cops have shown up to aid you! You think this is some sort of lack of numbers of the police force?" He would pause as he wiped his face of his tears.  Bass turned to face the group he understood the defeat they felt, but how could they turn their back on their good memories.  "Look, this was done because the group you started is a threat to them. They are scared of what you are accomplishing, what we are doing has power. Don't let this be a step back but look at it as a challenge. If you thought you were going to do this with no fighting then you are simply confused.  We need a Revolution within this country, and that won't happen in one little fire is enough to spook you. I can promise you there is a lot to come, way worse than this. Tonight we were lucky no one died here.

Bass looked through the crowd as they formed around him, even the man who felt defeat was nodding his head.
His words were getting through to them. "Let's get out of here, we can find a new place to meet within the city that's safer. " Somone likely let the info slip, he doubted they had a traitor among them the group wasn't even that big. Even if there was Bass just joined, tonight was the first meeting he wasn't sure who to even to trust or suspect. The only thing he knew was he needed to leave the scene.

Like a swarm of rats, the group scattered, the building burned down to the ground. He wondered where they would meet again, in the mean time he had to find these gang member's base.


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