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October Staff Application: Lagi

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Name: Lagi
Position: News Mod Or Creation Mod
Details: Hey, Lagi again. I've been playing here for quite some time, the last of the originals if i do say so myself. This is my application as a creation mod or a news mod. The thing about me is the fact that i've made plenty of abilities to kind of know the limitations of what has been done or what can work in a way or not. My unorthodox play style could be what really adds a new depth on how abilities could be seen. I never necessarily made a weapon myself or magic tool unless you want to count Orie in some way shape and form and my spite bearer trick weapon, but I can learn to get the hang of it possibly if i need to make something. As for the news, the format is simple enough for me to be able to function with the news section. You are basically recurring the events that happen from within a country in summary form, as well as updating for breaking news when someone makes an application in regards to the things they have done that should take affect. I wouldn't want our admin and team to be burned out so i'm offering my help. My time of being a plot mod was short lived, but i do believe that I am able to possibly be a good hand (no pun intended) in the group


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