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Ariel | Staff Application [Sept/Oct 2018]

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As per required, my staff application can also be found on the Discord server here: [link] .

Name | Ariel
Position | Creation Moderator
Notes | This application is notably rather late. As such, I can only hope it will be considered. The cause of the delay was in part due to my hesitation, as well as another reason  (that being, a certain prerequisite before I could even consider applying needed to be met but could not be met, of which was mostly outside of my control). However, since then, circumstances have changed allowing me to apply. As likely expected by most people, I intend to apply for creation moderator. I have plenty of free time that is currently being wasted on YouTube videos and would, quite frankly, be better off used on Magi. Since you want someone who can help ease the workload, that is exactly what I plan to do.


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